This isn't a love story and it doesn't have a happy ending. This story is about a girl named Essie and her deep fears, can anyone help her?


5. Home Sweet Home

Essie's POV

I woke earlier than I usually do to get really for my flight this morning, I was finally going home after a year, I know some people would be wondering why I’m so excited and to be honest I’m not sure myself but I am. I hadn’t heard anything from Jayden since two days back, although I didn’t really expect him to contact me; I mean he doesn’t have my contact so how would he? But there was just that part of me that somehow prayed he would text me. He was the least of my problems today though, I had a plane to catch in three hours and I wasn’t completely ready, when I was finally ready I was waiting for Mandy to finish dressing because she was driving me to the airport and Mandy is very slow at dressing especially when she wants to look her best, why does she want to look her best when she is only going to drop me at the airport you ask, well that’s because as soon she drops me off she is going to meet Danny. She is moving in with him, I don’t know if it’s permanently or if it’s just for the while that I wouldn’t be around, she doesn’t know but I hoped that it was just for the time I wasn’t in the country, I would be lonely without my best friend. I was grateful that I had checked-in online but I still needed to be there early. “MANDY, DANNY WOULD LOVE YOU ANYHOW YOU ARE DRESSED PLEASE COME DOWN!” I shouted from down stairs. “I’m coming, I’m come” she said as she walked down the stairs. She had on some neon pink shorts and a shirt and I think a t-shirt inside with some wedged sandals with her hair in a messy bun. She had a way of making a simple outfit look hot. In her hand she held a duffle bag no doubt filled with her cloths that she would be wearing out at Danny’s place. “Finally”, I said under my breath. The drive to the airport was long but we didn’t notice because firstly; we were going through the things Mandy was meant to do while I was away. “Mandy please don’t forget to visit the house at least once a week to make sure everything is in order and please cleans up, I can’t afford to come back to a dusty house…” she interrupted me by saying “Yes I remember, you have allergies. We have goon through these entire things best friend, I would not forget” and secondly because Mandy was speeding and in a hurry for me not to miss my flight. As we arrived at the airport Mandy and I hugged goodbye and I raced into the airport to settle-in before my flight. I am sure the reason behind Mandy hurrying up to drop me off is not because she didn’t want me to be late but rather so she could race to Danny, don’t get me wrong I’m not mad at all, on the contrary I am very happy that she has met someone who loves her just as much as she loves him but I dare say more, he loves her more.

In not time my flight was called and I was boarding. As I boarded and sat in the business class cabin I braced myself for the 10 hours flight, this is why I leave this journey for only once a year. When I was settled with my     carry-on luggage in the over-head compartment I saw that the next seat to was vacant, I had the window sit which was very comfortable, and the fact that I was alone in that sit made everything even better although lonely but at least I could sleep and wake up at will without some stranger wanting to engage you in a conversation and wanting to know your business. The business class was more or less empty. As I was getting more comfortable facing the window so view Manchester for the last in a while. As I continued looking outside the window someone came and sat next to me, “I think you have the wrong seat” I said as I sensed someone sitting next to me, “No, beautiful, this is my seat”, I froze and my body went well cold as I recognized the voice, surely it wasn’t possible. I forced my cold body to turn and look at the person who said that. I knew I recognized that voice anywhere, sitting right beside me was Jayden. This fact made me even number, I think he noticed it because the smirk he gave me said it all. He knew he still affected me the same way he had the first time we met and it showed that he was pleased with himself. I felt tongue tied, then an announcement was made that we would be taking off shortly.

I couldn’t believe my luck, I was sitting next to Jayden for 10 hours, it was both a scary and an exciting thing because I would get to know him better, but everything seemed strange, how was it that he was travelling to the same place as I and strangest part is how was it that he had sat right next to me? I knew something was wrong; this coincidence was just too much, I was fine that we traveled on the same day but for the fact that we sat next to each other…someone must have tipped him. Thinking about this now, if he actually found out and made an effort to travel all the way meant he might like me, because it is one thing for you to know and it is another thing for you to walk on that knowledge. As I continued to look at him the only thing I could say was “be my guest”, mentally face palmed me because I knew I was acting like a little who had the chance to talk to her crush. The only thing he did was to replace that smirk with a smile as if he was having compassion on me.

About an hour or so after we took off and were stable in the air Jayden tried his best not to make things less awkward for us by bringing up various conversations, but me being the shy girl that I am, I replied him in a way that showed that I was interested; I was acting all dull like I just wanted him to shut up, although deep down inside me I didn’t want him to stop talking, I loved to hear his voice and the way his accent sounded just found a way to keep me calm because I personally don’t like flying. I think Jayden got tired of trying so at a point he just kept quiet and I knew I had to step out of my shy circle and just and talk to him, I knew I could be an interesting person when I choice to be so I chose now to be the best time to be interesting because weather I liked it or not he was sitting next to me and it would remain that way for about 8 more hours which wasn’t a small time at all.

“Jayden?” I called, he just looked at me and smiled, I was so happy because I thought he would be a dick and say something like “so you actually talk” or “so it’s now you choose to talk to me huh?” or just ignore me completely. As he looked at me and smiled which gave me the zeal to ask my question, “Why are you coming to Montreal?” with the same smile he answered, “well I’m here on business, I’d be here for a month or so” oh wow it was as if we planned the trip together because we might be coming back at the same time, he noticed the smile on my lips and said, “tell me we are coming back around the same time and confirm that we are meant to be together”, we both laughed, I love the fact that he has a good sense of humor.

To my surprise when I started really talking to Jayden we found out about each other and the flight seemed a lot shorter, I felt like we hadn’t been given enough time, so what we did was exchange contacts. When we landed and collected our things from the conveyor belt we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways; he went to his hotel not too far from my house and I went we my family house.

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