This isn't a love story and it doesn't have a happy ending. This story is about a girl named Essie and her deep fears, can anyone help her?


3. Dinner Guest

 Essie's POV

Just as the dinner table, as if he timed it, there was a knock on the door, Danny answered it. I heard the laughter of two friends so I’m guessing my date or rather what Mandy would call them our “dinner guest” had just arrived. As I walked into the room Danny introduced us, “Hey, Essie this is Jason, a very good friend of mine and he would be joining us for dinner this evening”. I shook his hand but remained quiet. Then he spoke, “I don’t like visiting someone without bringing a gift to the table no matter how small”, he handed over to me a bottle of wine, this was a very kind gesture and from the label it read ‘Hugel et Fils’ so I’m guessing it’s a French wine.

Jason was cuter than most guys I had been hooked up with but my mind was already made up about dating no matter what Mandy thought. He was almost as tall as Danny and that means he towered over me with about two and a half heads. He had strawberry blond hair which was styled nicely to the back; he had this nerdy look to him because he wore glasses that looked like that of Harry Potter, which is very attractive if I must say. He had blue star color of eyes which are framed by long eyelashes. He wasn’t really on the hairy side but had a mustache. He wore black jeans and a polo t-shirt with a blazer on it with some very nice snicker shoes. He has a very good dress sense, I will give him that.

We’re halfway into dinner and live figured out several things already;

1) Mandy is a great cook, but someone needs to teach her how to clean up the mess she creates.

2) Danny is use to Mandy and her disorders; we only need to keep the new guy out of the kitchen.

3) This dude must have been brought in by Danny this time around, Mandy is a horrible actress, but she seems genuinely interested in him.

4) This new dude has a name and it’s Jason.

5) Jason is a horrible actor.

6) Jason and Danny must have talked about me, because he seems interested in a lot of things as I am, but like I said earlier, he is a horrible actor.

7) Like others, this idea is pointless.

“I made crepe for desert, I hope you like it” Mandy enquired of Jason before she got up from the table. Without waiting for a response, she asked Danny to help her with the preparation for desert. I have no idea when two people are required when getting a simple desert. The table is silent as I continue to ignore Jason like I’ve been doing. He is a nice guy, but obviously trying too hard and I resent guys like that. I sip my orange juice more slowly than necessary and hope he gets the hint that I am not opening a conversation. Unfortunately, he’s as daft as they come.

The silence is broken by a tone signifying someone had gotten a text and it was for Jason. At that point Mandy and Danny chose to grace us with their presence after what seemed like an eternity.

“Hey mate”, Jason said speaking to Danny but in a way we all could hear, “I’m really sorry but I really have to go, Mandy I’m sorry that I wouldn’t be able to have some of your crepe, I was dying to have some but have to go and pick my cousin from the airport”. From the look on Mandy’s face she was disappointed, but that was quickly replaced with a smirk, Mandy had an idea, I thought her idea would be to pack some of her crepe for him to go with but rather she said, “Essie, why don’t you go along with Jason to the airport to pick his cousin. The drive from here to the airport is far, it would be nice if Jason had some company as he drove”. I was really upset and gave Mandy the death stare but I knew it would be rude to decline so I went along with it and reluctantly said yes that I would go along with him.

On the car ride called me by an entirely different name, but I chose not to correct him, just to let him play the asshole he is. As we continued the ride he kept on blabbing and blabbing about random things but I tuned out his voice and blog about cloths and other random things on my phone.

At the airport I excused myself and go to the bathroom while Jason went in search for his cousin. On my way there, I get this feeling that I’m being watched. It is quite unsettling but I ignore it. No matter how hard I try to ignore the feeling it was getting stronger and stronger and stronger.

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