In the Dark

"You don't even know me."



She liked to think of herself as beautiful. Not beautiful as in 'hot' or 'sexy', but beautiful as in ethereal, an unhuman beauty like the sun setting to let the moon take over the sky. The worst thing about it was that no one would argue with her about it. Another thing she liked to think of herself as was a great love of the world. The sky would cherish, the clouds a warm embrace, the sun a blazing kiss. The earth would nourish her, its minerals her food, its quakes giving her power to live.



And the final thing she liked to think of herself? It was the only one everybody knew to be true. The girl everybody hated.


Now, it wasn't that she wasn't dreadfully kind, or polite or beautiful or anything she thought she was. She could make friends with just about anyone in her world, she could smile and cheer and have fun like anybody else. She could waltz around, snatching the stars from the skies, and nobody would ever stop her because they just needed to believe that somebody could actually have the power to do such a thing.



It was sad, really.



Everybody hated her because of her perfections, and in the end, that was probably the reason why she became perfect not at all.

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