Final Fantasy Blog: Dimensions

Love Final Fantasy? You're in luck! I'm going to be starting a series of blogs going over games in Final Fantasy starting with the app store exclusive: Final Fantasy Dimensions. If you haven't heard of this game, try it out. It's free! At least, the prologue is. But the rest is worth the money.


2. The Other Side of The Story


     This is actually a short entry. Mainly because this is the shortest segment in the entire game. Still, it saves me some effort and time. Though from here the chapters get ridiculously long, so long that I think I need to elaborate how I can shorten out some of the non important parts in the future. But that's the future's problem! We got a chapter to review now!

     So leaving were we left off, we actually go backwards to find out more about the second party encountered in the Crystal Temple. But first we meet Final Fantasy's most reoccurring character, Cid.


No you idiot! That's SID!

That, is Cid.

     So Cid does what he does best in these games, working for the enemy and acting like a complete douche. In this game he's flying a ship to Harmonia to pick up some expendables who will steal the Lux Crystal for the Empire.

     So we arrive in a new place called Harmonia, which judging by what we're shown seems to be a gulag for the Avalon Empire. Kinda similar to how Russia used Siberia as a place to send undesirables to work. And it's just about that time again to compare this to FFXIII. YAY!

     This time the focus is on cruelty. In FFXIII, one of the main conflicts was between Cocoon and Pulse. Or was it Cocoon and L'Cie. Hell, I still don't know what the conflict was in that game. All I know was that Pope looking guy was evil. Moving on, there were moments where we see that the soldiers of Cocoon being oppressive to people accused of being L'Cie and send them to Pulse, which is supposed to be to world outside Cocoon. But the reasons why they're being sent away is so muddled and outright confusing that it's near impossible to care. Here in Dimensions it's a lot more simple, but hey I can at least follow what Harmonia is and why it is such a horrible place to go.

Why is this ^ easier to follow than this v

     We then get introduced to three new party members: Abla, her twin brother Dusk, and Nacht. First being Alba who is the spice girl of the bunch, and the only one bold enough to give orders to her imperial captives. I can't tell whether to call that stupid or gutsy.

She's a pretty spunky character providing some comic relief. Not funny all the time, but makes more sense than the humor that comes from another FFXIII character, Vanille. Boy do I hate Vanille. I know some people do like her, but I don't. Everything that comes out of her mouth doesn't qualify as a good joke. More like bunch of high pinched giggles combined with the over naive, sunshine attitude in her lines that infuriate me to no end. I would be a little more forgiving if it wasn't for the fact that she narrates the story and is involved in everyone's flashbacks. It suggests that the story is her point of view, but she never does jack, other than to be the polar opposite of Hope.


     I can even argue that Rikku and Selphie, yes even Selphie, played more important roles in their games despite having the very similar short-comings Vanille has. Alba here is part of the uncanny valley. She's not to annoying, but she's definately got the most personality out of all the characters. Like I said before, sometimes she makes me actually laugh.

     Dusk, being her twin brother seems the opposite. He's a little more refined and isolated, but is in no way the wet blanket *insert emo character* is. Also he talks to a flower like it's a walkie talkie.

That ain't suspicious

     Nacht is the most silent character in the game, his dialogue consisting mostly of "..." This would also make him an easy silent protagonist if it wasn't for the fact that all the party members share an equal amount of spotlight. He's made out to be another badass like Aigis with a more tortured past behind him. But he isn't incredibly distant from the rest of the group and is more of the man of action type.

     Back to the story. The three are called to the airship to be sent on a mission against their will. Not before you get a chance to explore the village of harmonia to experience things I've already talked about.

      In the airship we meet our fourth party member, Sarah, a prisoner of the empire, who is also sent on the mission with you. The best why to describe her is quiet and kind. Yet she's pretty bleak at times.

     Something about these kind of characters usually fall under Mary Sues, which brings to my next comparison to FFXIII: Sarah vs Serah. A big criticism about Serah in Final Fantasy XIII, and in most stories, is that she is a Mary Sue character. Mary Sues are characters who are perfect in every way, have the story revolve around them, and on most occasions solve the problem. Plenty of characters exist with these kinds of traits, but Mary Sue characters completely override the story. In that sense Serah is not completely a Mary Sue, but is she a good character? NO!

      Other than the Mary Sue accusation, Serah still does little to nothing in the games. The first thing she does in the game is turn to crystal and get captured without giving any reason for us to care. "But Snow and Lightning care about her." I can see why Lightning would. They're sisters. But Snow is an older guy she met a month ago, who she decide to marry. Snow's entire pursuit in the game is to rescue her and get in her pants.

Somebody better call Chris Hansen. Fast!

          Sarah, with an "a", doesn't fall into the lines of a Mary Sue. She's not OP, she doesn't steal the story from other characters, not everyone in the game takes a liking to her in the way all Mary Sues do. She's not devoid of character either. At this point she's slightly mysterious.

      Cid drops the four off near Mt. Lux to steal the Crystal. Not before getting some equipment from the soldiers to use. So this is actually a lot shorter to go through than the prologue, because no there are no stops, no cutscenes, until we reach the temple. But first we go through the mountain, even reaching the top.

      Going into the temple is the same as before except we use the back door, strange enough. Finally when we reach a dead end we go right were we left off, and Nacht busts through the wall.

       So now we get to fight the Watchbeast again, only this time it's actually defeated.

Talk about the kiss of death.

     So the Watchbeast is beaten, but the Crystal Blows up anyway, and do I need to recap? That's it. Next Chapter.

Coming in another week. Maybe.

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