The Assassin

a young woman helping out her parents on their farm finds her mom killed and her father gone. She rides to find help when she sees a wanted poster with her picture on it. a highly trained assassin offers his help but he keeps to himself. can she trust him or is he leading her to her death?


2. Wanted

Aela clutched her mother's necklace in her hand as she ran. It was a small silver chained necklace with a small red ruby. Tears flew from her cheeks as she ran. She ran straight into town not noticing a piece of parchment with her picture on it hanging on a wall. She went to the tavern where her father normally went to to find work or hang out with some friends. She dashed inside pushing the doors open and stopping in the middle the room. Everyone in there stared at her. all but one lone figure in the corner of the room his hood covering his face while he drank his ale. The bartender was the first to speak. "What troubles you child? A young girl such as yourself shouldn't be in here." Aela whipped her tear stained cheeks. "H-have you seen my father, I need to find him." She mustered between deep breaths. "Well I haven't seen Stenvar in a few days but-" The bartender was cut off when a guard burst inside with a young man. "That's her sir, the one on the poster outside." The guard looked at Aela before nodding to the young man. He left the bar glancing back at Aela before going out of sight. "Come with me ma'am." The guard reached out to take her arm. Aela stepped back confused. "Why? do you know where my father is?" she asked hopeful. The guard didn't answer. He stepped closer to her and roughly took her arm. "Your under arrest."  Aela tried to pull away from him. " What for? I haven't done anything wrong!" She exclaimed in disbelief. "Ma'am I'm just following orders." He started to pull her toward the door. Aela pulled against him dropping her mothers necklace. "Wait you dropped this." A young man said. he leaned down from his chair and picked up the necklace. The ruby lightly touched his palm. He let out a scream dropping the necklace. On his hand there was a burn as if he had been touched by fire. The guard released his grip on Aela and picked up the necklace with the tip of this dagger. Aela reached out and snatched the necklace away from the guard. The man and guard looked at her confused because she wasn't being burned. The guard grabbed Aela's arm again and started to take her outside again. "Hey let me go!" Aela yelled trying to pull away again. As she pulled she noticed that the dark figure that was in the corner was gone. She didn't see him get up. The guard yanked her in front of him and pushed her outside. "Let's go move it." he said forcing her forward. Aela stopped struggling knowing she couldn't break free. They went to where the horses were. Aela clutched her mother's necklace tightly as she was waiting for the guard to help her up. An arrow whizzed by hitting the guard in his chest killing in instantly. Aela looked around for where the arrow came from. She could have sworn she saw someone ducking off the roof of a nearby house. The man that hand disappeared from the tavern appeared on one of the horses. He reached his hand down to her. She cautiously took it. He pulled her up onto the horse. He backed the horse up and raced off. Aela held onto him tightly so she wouldn't fall. several guards appeared behind them. Aela held on tighter feeling frightened. Aela felt the horse slow and say the guards getting closer. Aela loosened her grip a little. The man looked back at her reassuringly. What was he trying to tell her? He handed her the reins of the horse and started to stand. 

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