The Assassin

a young woman helping out her parents on their farm finds her mom killed and her father gone. She rides to find help when she sees a wanted poster with her picture on it. a highly trained assassin offers his help but he keeps to himself. can she trust him or is he leading her to her death?


7. The Storm

The storm was getting worse and showed no signs of letting up. Jason and Aela sat on the pile of hay. "Do we have any spare clothes?" Aela asked. Jason shook his head. "No, but you can use my shirt as a blanket if your cold." Jason offered leaning forward. "No then you would be cold." Aela said. Jason took off his shirt and shook his head. "No its fine here take it." he said handing her his shirt. Aela reluctantly took it. She spread it out the shirt over herself as a blanket. Jason flattened out the hay that they were laying on so it was more comfortable. "I think I can make a fire with this hay so its not so cold in here." He knelt down and started to dig a small hole. Aela noticed some scars on his back. Once the hole was deep enough he put some hay on the ground. Jason went to the saddle bags to grab the spark rocks. "Shit!" Jason growled. Aela sat up looking at him. "What? What is it?" she asked concerned. Jason tossed the soaking wet rocks across the barn hitting the wall. "The stupid rocks are soaked so I can't start a fire." Jason growled. He rubbed the back of his neck frustrated. Jason looked at Aela and then to the fire pit he made. "But you can." he said looking straight into her eyes. "What do you mean I can?" Aela asked. Jason walked over to her not breaking eye contact. Aela stiffened quickly as he neared her. He stood in front of her his hands in his pockets. Aela leaned back relaxing a little as he shifted backwards a little. Jason sat down next to her placing his hand on her cheek. Aela pulled back a little in surprise. His touch was gentle and warm. She felt reassured by it some how. Jason slid his fingers down to her collar stopping when he found Aela's mother's necklace. Aela felt her heartbeat quicken and her skin grow hot. this was the closest she had ever gotten to a man. Jason ran his finger down the necklace until he reached the small ruby. "You still never answered my question." Aela breathed. Jason pulled the necklace off by the ruby. Aela jumped at his sudden movements. He stood and walked over to the small fire pit. "Be careful please that's my mother's and um it burned the last guy who picked it up." Aela said. she stood and started over to him. "You know you were blushing." Jason said. he knelt down and placed the ruby on the hay. "I was not!" Aela pouted. "Don't be so defensive. Did you think I was going to do something?" Jason smirked. Aela crossed her arms and sat across from him. "What do you want with my mother's necklace anyway?" she asked. Jason reached for her hand. "This." He took her hand and placed it on the ruby. The ruby started to warm up quickly. Soon it began to glow and the hay caught fire. Aela retracted her hand quickly and so did Jason. He put more hay on the small fire. "How did? Why did? So confused." Aela said. Jason reached in and snatched the ruby out of the fire. "It's a long story." he replied. "We got time. We're going to be in here awhile." Aela countered with a small smile. Jason stood and dusted off his pants. "Alright fine but your think I'm going nuts afterwards." Jason said. they went back over to the hay pile to sit down. Aela sat down next him ready for his story. "So, A really long time ago there were I believe three sages. They each controlled a certain element." Jason began. "They created what they believed to be a pure source of nature that could take any shape of form as long as its living. The descendants of these sages were given a necklace with a small ruby on it. Each ruby was the color of the element it represented." He paused to let the first bit of the information sink in. "You ok so far?" Aela nodded slightly. "The "Pure Source" as they called it was given the name Shape Shifter. They tried to control this creature to use it for getting rid of those who they thought were bad, most of the time they only went after those on wanted posters. They gave the Shape Shifter a necklace with an ever changing color ruby." Jason continued. " Now let's jump some years forward to now. You are the descendant of the fire sage and I am the descendant of the Shape Shifter. That's why you were able to start the fire." Aela stood and paced back and forth. "So wait, what your telling me is that I'm the descendant of some sage and your some Shape Shifter?" Jason nodded. "And that's also why you were being arrested back home. They king wants all three of the new sages so they can call the Shape Shifter to him. He wants to use me and my brother as weapons that he can use anytime he wants that's hey I helped you." Aela rested her head in her hands. "So much is making sense now but I still find it hard to believe." she said. "I do have one question though." Jason crossed his arms. "Alright what is it?" he asked. Aela felt her skin grow hot. "How come you put your hand on my face and stuff." she said her cheeks began to blush. "You don't know how to use your powers yet so I needed a way to heat the ruby so it would make the fire so.." he replied looking toward the fire. Aela nodded and looked toward the fire as well. Lightening light up the sky once more this time it struck the barn. The figure reappeared outside. It moved over to the barn doors. The figure raised his hands and the earth outside the door rose blocking the door. "Hurry get the door open the horses are freaking out and so am I." Aela said her voice shaky. Jason rammed the door several times. The fire began to spread quickly. "I can't the door won't move." Jason said. He started to punch the door in frustration. "Hey maybe I can control the fire like you said I can." Aela offered. Jason turned to her quickly shaking his head. "No don't that's what she wants." Jason said. "Just give me a moment." He started to ram into the door again but it did nothing. The wooden door cracked a little but that was it. "Jason we don't have a moment!" Aela shouted. "If we don't do something soon then we're toast." Jason punched the door his fist covered in scales. Splinters shot from the door making the crack bigger. "I know but your shouting isn't make this any easier!" Jason shot back. The figure could hear their argument from the outside of the barn. The figure smirked and walked back a few steps. "Well I don't know what else to do!" Aela shouted. Jason balled his hands into fists. The scales spread across his body quickly. The back of his shirt began to rip and his shoes began to stretch. Aela backed up when she noticed his face was covered in black scales and horns began to sprout from his head. His shirt ripped and a pair of wings popped out. His mouth shaped into one of a dragon. His shoes ripped showing his talons. Jason's nails turned into long sharp talons. Aela stared in awe and fear. Jason roared and spread his wings. "Holy shit you were telling the truth." Aela said. Jason nodded his reptilian eyes watching her. "Yes I was now stand back." Jason said. his voice was deeper then normal. He turned to the door taking a deep breath. He blew fire on the door burning the wood and the earth. A wooden beam fell behind them setting the pile of hay on fire. Aela jumped forward scared the beam was going to hit her. Jason stopped what he was doing to make sure Aela was ok. The horses bolted out the hole Jason made in the door. "Come on we have to go." Jason said. He reached out his hand to Aela. Aela went to take it but another beam fell down knocking Aela backwards. "Aela!" Jason roared. He beat his wings as more smoke filled the barn. Jason picked up the beam and tossed it aside. Aela was on the ground unconscious. Jason bent down and picked her up putting her arm around his neck. He put his at her waist so he could hold her up. "Just hold on." Jason said. he lifted her off the ground and held her like a baby. Folding his wings Jason ran outside through the hole he made. Once outside he spread his wings and took off into the air. The rain began to cease. They flew for hours that day. Aela stirred in his arms as she began to wake. Jason spotted a road going down toward it. As soon as they landed Jason returned back to his human form. Aela stirred again and opened her eyes. Jason knelt down setting her on the ground. "Hey you ok?" He asked. Aela groaned and shifted. "I think so." She groaned. Aela went to rub her neck but a shooting pain went through her arm. She cried out in pain retracting her arm. Jason jumped at the cry. "What happened?" he asked concerned. "My arm." Aela said. "Pain so much pain when moved." Jason ran his hand along her arm feeling for where it hurt the most. Aela winced every time he moved his hand on her arm. "You probably broke it when that beam fell." Jason said. Aela leaned on him more. "Well that's swell." Aela grumbled. "Alright let's stand up so my legs don't go numb." Jason said. He grabbed her hurt arm by the wrist and wrapped his arm around her. "Try not to move your arm." he said. They stood slowly so Aela wouldn't hurt herself. "Oh I almost forgot I still have your necklace." Jason said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out her necklace. "Thanks I'm glad its not lost." Aela said. She went to reach for it with her hurt arm but Jason stopped her. "Hey you trying to hurt yourself again?" Jason asked. Aela glared at him even though she wasn't really mad at him. "Let me put it on you." Jason let go of her wrist and slipped the necklace on her. Aela tucked the ruby in her shirt with her other hand. "This sucks so hard." Aela pouted. Jason let her wrist go. "Hey I might be able to help with the pain." He said. Aela's face lit up with delight. "Really how?" she asked. Jason opened his mouth to speak but closed it quickly and nodded to something behind her. 

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