The Assassin

a young woman helping out her parents on their farm finds her mom killed and her father gone. She rides to find help when she sees a wanted poster with her picture on it. a highly trained assassin offers his help but he keeps to himself. can she trust him or is he leading her to her death?


8. The Inn

Aela turned around to see three men with their swords drawn and weird confused looks on their faces. Aela leaned back into Jason feeling defenseless. Finding his voice one of the men spoke up. "Um... let the woman go you sick monster." he shouted. Aela reached for her sword with her left hand.  Jason didn't swatted her hand away quickly. "No its not like that." Aela said quickly after retracting her hand. The men lowered their weapons and gave her a doubtful look. "No really its not he's my friend I swear." Aela said. The men raised their weapons again when Jason shifted. "Hey Aela that might have actually been convincing if you weren't pushing up against me." Jason said giving her a smile. "Shut up Jason." Aela grumbled. Jason moved next to her giving her a teasing nudged with his shoulder. The men looked at each other confused. They made some gestures to each other before turning their attention back to Jason and Aela. "Looks like that's rehearsed." the middle man said. Jason rolled his eyes and rested his hand on the hilt of his sword. The men clutched the hilt of their swords harder and came closer. "Come Aela we have to go." Jason said. He turned to walk the other way and so did Aela. "Don't you think you can just walk away with her!" the third man said. Aela saw Jason ball his other hand into a fist but continued to walk away. "Just ignore them." He said quickly. The first man rushed forward pushing Jason away from Aela. The man bumped Aela's arm making her cry out. Jason snapped into protective mode drawing his sword and attacking the man. "Get away from her!" Jason snapped. He swung his sword at the man with inhuman force. the man tried to block but the force knocked the sword out of his hand. The man stumbled back as Jason advanced on him. The other two men jumped in front of their friend to block him. "Get out of my way." Jason growled. the men shook their heads. Aela ran down the road so Jason could block her from the men. Jason slid between them and blocked their attacks. "Would you bone heads knock it off." Jason snapped pushing them back. They stopped when the third guy picked up his sword and stood. "Would you find your brains and stop attacking me and my friend." Jason growled. He blocked another blow. Aela stood behind Jason rubbing her arm. They all stepped back when Jason slashed at them with anger. Two of them stumbled over each other's feet. Jason turned back to Aela. "You ok?" he asked. Aela nodded. "What about them." she said nodding to the men behind him. "They're untrained we're fine." He said shaking his head. "You sure your ok?" Aela nodded. "I'm fine but it hurts like hell sometimes." Jason nodded. "Ok then let's go before I snap with those men behind us." Jason said. Aela nodded and turned starting to walk away. Jason turned back to the men behind them. "Follow us and you won't see tomorrow." he growled. They stumbled over each other and gulped. Jason turned and followed Aela down the road. "Anyway before we were interrupted  you said you could help with the pain." Aela said. Jason nodded and sheathed his sword. "Yes I can but first we need to find a town to stay in." said Jason. Aela held her arm across her stomach. "Alright but we won't make to the nearest town before dark at this pace." Aela said. Jason rested his hand on the hilt of his sword while they walked. "Hey I might be able to help with the pace as long as you keep from moving that arm." He said. Aela thought for a moment. "Deal but what are you going to do?" Jason gave her a smirk and stopped walking. He turned into a black stallion within seconds of stopping. "I could get used to this shape shifting thing." Aela said. Jason snorted and knelt down so Aela could climb on. Aela climbed on and shifted into a comfortable spot on his back. "Ok let's go." Aela said patting his neck. Jason snorted and started forward in a trot. They trotted along quietly for a while. "I think we can pick up the pace." Aela said. Jason snorted shaking his mane. "Come on please." Aela asked. "I'll give you a carrot." Jason snorted again and narrowed his eyes. "Sorry for the carrot joke but please." Aela said. Jason snorted and sped up. "Thank you." Aela rubbed the side of his neck. Jason went into a gallop. They raced down the road kicking up dust as they went. They raced until sunset. "Alright I don't see a town do you?" Aela asked. Jason shook his mane again as he slowed to a trot. "I'm getting really annoyed with your little head shakes." Aela growled. Jason shook his head again. Aela narrowed her eyes at him. Jason turned his head perking his ears. "What is it?" Aela asked. She reached for her sword with her left hand. Jason pawed the ground and started to trot off. He went into a gallop quickly. Aela rolled her eyes. They galloped for hours. Aela was leaning forward as she was starting to fall asleep. The sound of Jason's thundering hooves began to get quieter as she drifted off. When she woke up she was in a room. There was a window with the curtains open. There was a blanket on the ground in the corner next to the bed. Her sword was leaning on the dresser next to the bed. Aela groaned as she sat up. Her felt much better then before. The door opened. A hooded figure came in the room closing the door behind him. "Morning." he said taking his hood off. Aela relaxed seeing that it was Jason. "Morning?" Aela asked. Jason sat on the bed next to her. "How's your arm?" Jason asked. "Fine, there's only one bed in here." Aela said looking around the room. Jason examined her arm to see if the bruising hand died down. "Calm down I slept on the floor. Your arm looks likes its healing just fine." Jason said. Aela nodded. "Where are we?" Jason looked up at her. "We are in the town where your father is." he said quickly. Aela's eyes grew wide with excitement and nervousness. "Are you serious?" she asked. "Yeah, after you fell asleep I picked up on his scent and followed it here." Jason said. Aela crawled out of bed grabbing her sword. "Whoa where do you think your going?" Jason said standing up. "I want to go to my father." Aela said. Jason stepped between her and the door. "Are you sure your up for this?" Jason asked looking dead in her eyes. Aela nodded firmly. Jason stepped aside opening the door for her. Aela walked out with Jason right behind her. They walked outside with their hoods on. "Remind me why we're wearing our hoods?" Aela asked. Jason guided Aela down the path. "Because most of the people here know who you and I are." Jason answered. Aela nodded understanding. They were quiet for most of the walk. Jason led her around a corner into an ally way. He slipped his arm around her waist. "You better hold on." Jason said. He jumped off the ground and onto the roof. "Why are we up here?" Aela asked letting go of Jason. Jason pointed to a few men with hoods on over on the other side of the roof. Jason put his hands behind his back. The wind blew off the men's hoods. The man in the middle was Aela's father. He had claw marks across his face and a scruffy beard. Aela was speechless. "H-how." Aela stuttered. "I found him yesterday night and basically talked him into coming." Jason said giving her a small smile. "I wouldn't say talked into it." Aela's father growled. Aela gave her father a smile. "Dad I just can't believe your actually here." Aela said. She walked toward him a little. He gave her a smile and held out his hand to her. Aela took it and gave him a huge hug. Jason kept his eye on the men next to him. Aela broke out into tears. "What's wrong sweetie?" he asked. Aela whipped her tears away. "Mom's dead and you had run off that's what's wrong!" Aela cried. She pounded on her father's chest. Aela's father was watching Jason closely while he talked with his daughter. Jason glared back at him but stood there silently. Aela pulled out of the hug whipping away more of her tears. "Why did you leave like that? How come I wasn't told?" Aela asked. Jason came forward. "I believe I can answer that." He said taking his hood off. "She wasn't asking you young man." Her father said defensively. "Yes but odds are you won't tell her the truth." Jason shot back. Aela's father glared at him. Jason glared back and turned to Aela. "He ran because of what he did." Aela took a step back confused. "What do you mean what he did?" Jason pulled out his necklace. "He knows what he did and so do you but you don't want to acknowledge it." Jason said. Aela didn't understand what Jason was getting at. She caught her father eyeing Jason's ruby. Right then Aela knew what Jason meant. "Oh no." Aela said. Jason nodded and tucked his necklace back in his shirt. "No no no no no." Aela cried. "You? but why?" Stenvar came closer to her. "You don't understand sweet heart just let me explain!" he pleaded. Aela shook her head a fresh wave of tears streaming down her face. "How could you!" she cried. Aela balled her hands into fists as she continued to scream at him. Jason noticed that the other two men had disappeared. "Aela we should go." Jason said. Stenvar grabbed his daughter by her hurt arm. Aela continued to cry and shout at him pounding on his chest. "Let me go I don't know you anymore!" she cried. Jason snarled large sharp fangs and a wolf muzzle shaping on his face. Stenvar let go of his daughter horrified of what he saw. Aela stepped backwards. "Aela you don't know what you've done." Stenvar said. Jason shook his head returning to normal. "You ok?" he asked gently holding up her arm. Aela flinched at his touch. "I fine." she said. Jason placed his other hand on top of her arm and pressed down. Aela tried to pull away put Jason wouldn't let her. Jason exhaled and closed his eyes. A faint green light illuminated under his hands. Suddenly the pain from her arm disappeared. Jason let go and opened his eyes gasping for air. "Better?" he asked. Aela nodded. Jason turned to Stenvar and glared at him. " Reach for her again, I dare you." Stenvar starred at them in disbelief. Aela watched them confused. "Do you know each other?" she asked. Both men nodded balling their hands into fists. Stenvar stepped off the roof disappearing. "Come on we better go." Jason said. 

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