The Assassin

a young woman helping out her parents on their farm finds her mom killed and her father gone. She rides to find help when she sees a wanted poster with her picture on it. a highly trained assassin offers his help but he keeps to himself. can she trust him or is he leading her to her death?


5. Silverreach


Aela heard growling and snarling in the distance from where she had come from. There were some yelps and clinking of swords. It went quiet after a few minutes. She hoped that the man was alright. Aela hadn't moved wondering if she should go back to help or wait. Suddenly there was some loud snarls coming from the camp. the trees around the camp shook some even falling down. Before long the trees stopped and the sound of horse's hooves coming her way. It was the man. He was scratched across his face and arms mostly. "What happened?" Aela asked concerned. He shook his head. "We need to move now." He trotted up next to her. "Why what's going on?" Aela couldn't stop staring at his wounds. There were a few really bad ones and a ton of little scratches. there was a rustle in the bushes behind them. "We have to go now." he urged his horse into a gallop. Aela followed quickly not wanting to get lost in the woods. they kept up this pace for a half hour letting the horses rest from time to time. they finally made it out of the forest and onto a dirt road. "You still never told me your name." Aela said breaking the silence. "its Jason." he replied bluntly. "Hey can I get my robe back?" Aela realized she was still wearing it from this morning. She took it off and handed it to him embarrassed. "There's a town a ways down the road we can make it there before dark if we hurry." Jason said. he slipped his jacket back on pulling the hood on. Aela nodded. "Alright race ya!" She urged her horse into a gallop. Jason only shook his head and raced after her. She was going to be a hand full. They made it to the town of Silverreach by sunset. "I totally won." Aela argued. "No I clearly won, I was in front of you." Wow he is actually talking to her now. why the sudden change? She was glad he was talking to her more now. They continued their argument until they trotted up to a tavern. "Stay here I'll be right back and don't talk to anyone." Jason said dismounting. He started for the door but stopped. "I almost forgot, here put this on and keep the hood on." He pulled a thin robe out from his saddle bag and handed it to her. "Don't ask." Jason said rubbing the back of his neck before heading for the door. The sign of the tavern read The Iron Knight. Jason went inside his hood covering his face. Aela slipped the robe on and pulled the hood over her head. Her hand rested on the hilt of her sword while she waited. Jason came back out a few minutes later and mounted his horse. "Come on there's no inn's here." Jason said. "It's getting dark quick where are we going to stay?" Aela asked. they were talking in a whisper for some reason that Aela didn't know. "We keep moving before-" Jason stopped talking and looked around. He could feel them being watched but didn't know from where. "Come on." he said instead. Aela was confused but followed him. they left the town and started on their way once more. It was pitch black now but Jason seemed to be seeing things just fine. He guided them off the road to a river. "We can rest here for the night." he dismounted and started to make a fire pit. Aela dismounted and tied the horses to a tree. She gave them each an apple and a clay bowl filled with water. "We should have got some food and water while we were in town." Jason had started a small fire and started to set up the tent. "We were being watched we didn't have time." Aela took out the bed rolls from the saddle bags. "So we were being watched what's the big deal?" Aela asked. Jason finished with the tent and went to the fire. He was about to answer but Aela gasped. He turned to her concerned his hand on the hilt of his sword. "I forgot your hurt!" She came out of the tent and went to him. "I'm fine." he protested. "No your not come on." she gently took his hand leading him to the water. "I'm fine really." he protested again but made no move to pull against her. He sat down by the water. Aela wet her rag while he reluctantly removed his torn shirt. "This might be cold just warning you." She squeezed the water out of the rag over his arms. He shivered a little. Aela wet the rag some more and started to clean his wounds. They didn't seem as bad as before. Her touch was gentle and soft as she tried not to hurt him. Jason sat unmoving. "There see all clean." Aela grabbed one of the dry pieces of cloth that she took with her and wrapped it around his arm. She tried her best not to let her fingers linger to long on his firm muscles. She went to his other arm and started to clean that one. "So you wanna tell me what happened back there at our camp?" She asked breaking the awkward silence. He shook his head and looked down. "You wouldn't understand." Aela  nodded slightly. "Can you move your arm?" She asked. He did as he was told. Aela leaned over and started to dab the scratch around his eye. "What the hell happened?" Aela asked. Jason flinched as Aela touched the scratch gently. "Nothing you would understand." He stood and started to walk back to the fire. Aela stood and went after him. She grabbed his arm like he had done to her that morning. "Hey you can tell me." Aela said gently. Jason turned and looked back at her. He looked like he was about to speak but instead he pushed Aela backwards. She tumbled backwards and fell. Several arrows whizzed by seconds after she had stumbled back. Jason drew his sword quickly. He lowered it listening to the surroundings. A low growl came from the direction where the arrows came from. Jason took a step toward it narrowing his eyes as he did so. The growling stopped just after he stepped forward. There was some rustling before it all went silent. Aela slowly stood and and drew her sword. "What the hell?!" she snapped. Jason looked hard at the place where the arrows came from before turning to her. "Sorry about that we should be safe until tomorrow but then we have to start moving again." he said sheathing his sword. Aela gripped the hilt of her sword tightly. "What the hell was that?!" she growled. Jason tossed another log on the fire not answering her questions. Aela sheathed her sword her hand resting on the hilt of the sword. "Answer me, what the hell just happened?" she walked over to him. Jason turned to her his back to the fire. "It's none of your concern. We leave at first light tomorrow so I suggest you get some sleep." He said walking past her going to the water. Aela snagged his arm stopping him. Aela's back was to the fire now and Jason was looking away from her. "It damn well is my concern since I was almost killed just a few minutes ago!" she half way shouted. The fire sparked and grew slightly bigger. "If I wanted you to know I would have told you." Jason said tensing up. Aela tightened her grip on his arm. "I have a right to know after what happened." She said firmly. The fire settled down but rose higher. "You will know in time. and don't ever grab me like that again." Jason growled pulling out of Aela's grip. Aela glared at him. "I will find out sooner or later you might as well tell me now." she loosened her grip on her sword. Jason looked at her. "You may find out sooner then I anticipated." He walked off toward the water the wind blowing his hood off. Aela sighed knowing she wasn't going to get an answer for awhile. She walked over to the tent and went to sleep. 

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