The Assassin

a young woman helping out her parents on their farm finds her mom killed and her father gone. She rides to find help when she sees a wanted poster with her picture on it. a highly trained assassin offers his help but he keeps to himself. can she trust him or is he leading her to her death?


9. Learning about the past

They went back to their room. Jason tossed his robe on the small chair and went to the window. Aela sat on the bed and watched him. "How do you know my dad?" she asked. Jason shook his head. "That's not important right now." he said. He pressed his hand on the window as if seeing something. He quickly closed the curtain and went to the door. "Jason where are you going?" Aela asked. Jason shook his head and disappeared into the hall closing the door behind him. Aela sighed and took off her robe. She went to the window and looked to trying to see what Jason saw. She didn't see anything out of the ordinary. She was about to walk away from the window when she spotted Jason. He was crouching behind some barrels. His head was barely visible as he popped it up every now and then. "What is he doing?" Aela whispered scared that me might hear some how. He ducked behind then barrels again but this time he didn't come back up. A large gray dog padded out from behind the barrels and into the crowd. A similar color dog came up to him. They both pinned their ears back snarling at each other. Aela watched confused when she noticed Stenvar creeping up behind one of the dogs. Stenvar grabbed his sword and hit the dog in the back of the head with the hilt of his sword. The dog fell to the ground and turned back into a human. Aela couldn't see the face of the person but she recognized the clothes. "Jason!" she shouted. but she couldn't do anything but watch them drag him off. Aela tore herself away from the window and sat on the bed. "What am I going to do?" She whispered. She looked around and noticed there was only one bed. She got up and went to the corner where she saw a blanket on the ground. There was a pillow on the ground and more blankets shoved in the corner. Aela decided to clean it up wanting to clear her head and think of a plan to find Jason. She started to fold the blankets neatly and place them on the ground next the pillow. Aela noticed the corner of a book sticking out of a floorboard. Curious she picked up the floorboard revealing a nice looking book. It had not title and had nothing written on the inside cover. It had a nice leather cover with lines going around the borders of the book. Aela turned the a few pages finding nothing written in it. She closed the book and turned it so the open part of the book was facing up. Some of the pages were burned and some were bent. She opened the book to those pages. Sure enough there was some writing. Most of the words were to burned to read and some were smudged. Still Aela did her best to make out what it said. "I've been hot on his trail for months now......kill.....him....find her......powers...." she read aloud to herself. She was only able to make out a few words in the sentences but it wasn't enough to make sense. "He destroyed everything I had..... pay..... his daughter.... Dragon form.... dangerous." Aela shook her head confused. "What does this mean? he destroyed everything? and who's him? and this Dragon form?" Aela asked herself. But they were questions only the owner of the book could answer. She didn't have a clue who it could belong to. Aela sighed and sat down. "I need to find him." she said. She got up almost instantly knowing what she had to do. She grabbed her sword and belted it to her waist. She took her robe and put the hoodie on leaving the room. She needed some answers. Aela went to the lady who checked them into a room. "Excuse me, can I see for how long my friend put for us to stay?" she asked politely. The lady rolled her eyes and handed her the piece of parchment.  Aela immediately recognized the hand writing from the book. She followed it to the name. Her eyes widened as she read the name to herself. She shook her head in disbelief and confusion. She quickly handed the parchment back and left the inn. She raced to the spot where she saw Jason being taken. Aela used her tracking skills to track the movements where Stenvar and that other dog dragged him off to. It led all the way out of town and down a dirt road. "Damn it!" she growled balling her hands into a fist. She raced back to her room and grabbed the book and their blankets. Aela didn't want to get into anymore trouble then she was in already so she walked after them. "This is the worst thing that can possibly happened." Aela sighed. She had no horse and not much food and water left. But she was determined to get her friend back and find out the truth about him. It would be days before she would be able to catch up to them. With a heavy sigh she moved down the trail. Her feet ached from all the walking she was doing but she had to find him. Meanwhile much farther down the trail Jason laid unconscious and tied down. Stenvar stood over him smirking. "Looks like it's over for you boy." He said harshly before kicking him in the ribs. Jason groaned with pain. The dog laughed and shifted into a human. A guy with scars on his arms and thick messy black hair. A cool thin blade was pressed to the unconscious man's throat. With one swift move it would be all over for him.

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