The Assassin

a young woman helping out her parents on their farm finds her mom killed and her father gone. She rides to find help when she sees a wanted poster with her picture on it. a highly trained assassin offers his help but he keeps to himself. can she trust him or is he leading her to her death?


6. Family Issues

Aela felt someone shaking her gently. "Come wake up we have to get moving." Jason said. he shook her a bit harder. Aela sleepily opened her eyes. The tent was gone and the fire was out. The horses were saddled and ready to go. "You packed the tent while I was still sleeping?" She grumbled sitting up. Jason stood and took a step back. "I let you sleep in be thankful for that." Jason said helping her up while handing her her sword. "Where are we going exactly?" She asked strapping the sword belt on. Jason rubbed the back of his neck. "Come on we have to go." Jason said rolling up the bed roll. He looked around as he packed it in the saddle bag. "What's wrong?" Aela asked mounting up. Jason mounted his horse. "Nothing, its nothing." he said breaking his trance with the bushes around them. They pulled their hoods on and went back up to the road. They walked side by side silently. after a few minutes they heard the pounding hooves of several horses behind them. Jason gripped the hilt of his sword and Aela did the same. A few horses could be spotted coming their way from both sides of them. "Ambush." Jason whispered. they were surrounded by six men. Two of the men had bows out while the rest had swords. "What do you want we haven't done anything wrong." Jason said once they were completely surrounded. "Ah, but you have. We know what you are boy and we know what you do." one of the men said. Jason's eyes grew wide and the grip on his sword tightened. "I bet every coin in my pocket that your lady friend doesn't know what you are." said another. Jason unsheathed his sword quickly. "Either leave with your lives or stay and die." Jason snapped. Aela drew her sword as well. The two men with bows aimed at them ready to release their arrows. "Ah ah ah, you make one move and you die." the leader laughed. Jason narrowed his eyes lowering his sword a little. "Grab the girl." the leader said. Two of the men dismounted and pulled Aela off her horse. "Don't touch her!" Jason growled. He leaned over to attack one of the men grabbing Aela. One of the bowmen released his arrow piercing his arm. Jason dropped his sword and clutched his arm. "Try it again and the next one goes in your heart." the second bowman said. Aela struggled against the men. "Let me go!" she yelled. Jason grabbed the arrow and snapped it. He winced as he grabbed the arrow head pulling the rest of the arrow out. "Jason!" Aela called out. she barely knew him but he was in pain and she hated to see him like that. Jason tossed the arrow piece on the ground. his wound healed itself like it didn't even happen. Aela stared at it in shock. she then noticed that his scratches were gone as well. "What are you?" Aela asked shocked. The rest of the men dismounted and pulled Jason off his horse. "Your about to find out sweet heart." the leader said. He balled his hands into fists and started beating on Jason. "Come on big boy give us a show." he laughed. Aela pulled against the men. "Leave him alone!" she screamed. Jason fell to the floor obviously trying to keep something from happening. "Stop it your hurting him!" Aela screamed pulling harder. There was a loud snarl and then a black cat like figure came out of no where tackling the leader of the group. Jason punched the nearest man knocking him backwards. He then unsheathed his sword and blocked a second blow with his blade. The cat tackled two more men. Jason raced over to Aela to help her. The men holding Aela back let go and drew their swords. Jason blocked each blow and returned the favor. Aela stabbed one of the men killing him while Jason finished off the other guy. "That's an Onyx Tiger why is it here?" Aela said walking over to Jason. Jason sheathed his sword. The Onyx Tiger snarled and ran at them. She leaped forward and scratched Jason on his arm. Jason put his hand on his arm putting pressure on his wound. Before Aela could attack the cat backed off and snarled. "She's harmless to you now mount up we should go." Jason said walking over to their horses like the Tiger wasn't even there. The Onyx Tiger snarled and dug her claws into the ground. "How do you know its a she?" Aela said gripping her sword tighter. Jason mounted his horse. "She's well, she's my sister." Jason mumbled low enough so Aela did not to hear. "What did you say?" Aela asked going over to her horse. "Oh nothing." He said. "Let's go." He started to trot off. Aela followed after him. She looked back but the Onyx Tiger was gone. "We better pick up the pace if we want to reach our destination by tomorrow night." Jason said going into a gallop. Aela's eyes went wide with surprise. Were they really that close? She was excited and nervous. They passed several small farms as they galloped through the country side. They were quiet for the whole ride. It then began to sprinkle a little. Neither one complained about the rain so they kept moving. Soon it began to rain harder and lighting began to light up the sky. "Ok we need to find a place to get out of this storm." Aela said. "And fast before it gets worse." They pulled their hoods on trying to keep dry. "Look there's an abandoned barn over there." Jason said pointing to some thin fog. Aela couldn't see anything but a large dark shapes. "Alright let's move then." Aela said. She stayed close to him so she wouldn't get lost. Jason looked back every few seconds to make sure Aela was still there. For a minute Aela thought she thought Jason's eyes looked like the same eyes on the Onyx Tiger from earlier. They slowed down as they neared the barn. Jason dismounted and opened the barn door. Aela lead the horses inside where it was warm and dry. Jason closed the barn doors and took off his soaking robe. "How long do you think its going to rain like this?" Aela asked removing her own robe. "I don't know but it came out of no where. The sky's were clear just a minute ago." Jason said. He took the saddles off the horses. "So what we just stay in here and wait out the storm?" Aela asked. he plopped down in a pile of hay. "Yes unless you want to ride in the rain." Jason said. Outside near the barn was a figure in a black robe. The water was bouncing right of the robe. "You won't be leaving for a long time." the figure smirked. It disappeared at the strike of lighting. 

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