The Assassin

a young woman helping out her parents on their farm finds her mom killed and her father gone. She rides to find help when she sees a wanted poster with her picture on it. a highly trained assassin offers his help but he keeps to himself. can she trust him or is he leading her to her death?


3. Escaping


Aela could only see the eyes of the man but she felt she could trust him. She released her grip on him and held onto the reins. The man stood on the saddle balancing himself. the guards were getting closer. The man jumped off the horse and landed on the horse of one of the guards. he kicked the guard off before he had time to take his sword out. he moved closer to the guard on his right and kicked him in the gut. The guard slowed down and swerved almost running into a house. Aela slowed down so the other guard was right beside her. She reached out and punched him in the face making him almost fall. The man helping her rode up next to her giving her a nod. Should I follow him? he did save me... Aela made up her mind nodding to him.  they raced off in that direction. I better be on guard he seems highly trained. A few more guards were racing after them but they had already gotten a head start so the guards cursed circling back. Aela had some many questions for this mysterious man but she dare not speak, for she didn't want to push him without meaning to. He took her deep into the forest. He still did not speak but Aela didn't mind. She did wonder where he was taking her. After a few more minutes She saw a small camp. there was a small tent with a bed roll inside. A small fire was dimming in the center of the camp. There were a few bags on the ground next to the fire. The man tied his horse to a near by tree and walked to the fire. Why did he bring me to his camp?  He got off his horse grabbing the reins from Aela. he led both horses to a tree and tied them there. He moved to the fire and added some wood making it blaze once more. There was a small pitched tent with a bed roll inside behind him. Aela dismounted and sat by the fire on the other side. Remembering the necklace in her hand she slipped it on and tucked it into her shirt so it wouldn't show. The cool metal giving her goose bumps as it came in contact with her warm skin. Aela stared at the fire watching the hypnotic movements of the flames. She was snapped out of her trances by the sound the man dropping his sword on the ground next to him. She hadn't realized how long she had been zoned out until she realized how dark it was. wow have I really been zoned out for the whole day? that can't be right. The man stretched his arms and stood. he walked over to her and offered his hand. "No I think I'll just stay right here for the night thank you." Aela said firmly. She was grateful he helped her but she didn't trust him so much. He nodded to her arm seeing the bruise where the guard had grabbed her. Aela covered it quickly with her hand and looked away from him. He retracted his hand and walked to the tent ducking inside. He came back out with his bed roll. He placed the bed roll on the ground next to the fire. Aela looked from him to the bed roll then back at him. He smoothed it down and went to the tent. He reappeared again with a dagger. It was sheathed so Aela relaxed a little. He tossed it on the ground next to the bed roll. He nodded to the bed roll before sitting down on the other side of the fire. Aela hesitated before going over to the bed roll. She was tired and didn't really care so much about sleeping in a strangers camp. She rolled over her back to the fire and the dagger tucked close to her. She slowly drifted off to sleep. 

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