The Assassin

a young woman helping out her parents on their farm finds her mom killed and her father gone. She rides to find help when she sees a wanted poster with her picture on it. a highly trained assassin offers his help but he keeps to himself. can she trust him or is he leading her to her death?


4. A Plan?


Aela woke up early the next morning uncomfortable sleeping on the ground. The sun's rays were weakly breaking through the trees casting shadows all around her. Aela wearily moved her hand pulling her blanket up more. She felt another fabric on her. She recognized the feeling of the fabric as the man's thick robe. Aela was confused. When did he give me his jacket? why did he give me his robe? Where is he?? Aela pushed herself up with her elbow. Wearily looking around the man was no where to be seen. She started to slip back down again sleep starting to take over. A loud snap echoed from behind her. She snapped awake clutching the hilt of the dagger tightly. She looked around but saw nothing. it was quiet once more. the only sound was that of crickets nearby. Aela stood up slowly. she wrapped the jacket (cape thing) around her still kind of cold. She unsheathed the dagger and looked around once more. A figure appeared from the shadows of the bushes. Aela took a step back the dagger in hand. The figure came closer and closer. Aela held the dagger out so it was visible and moved forward. The figure slightly shook his head and stopped moving. Aela kicked some dirt at the figure blinding him. She then cautiously made her way to the figure. She grunting noises so she knew she got him in the eyes. As the dust began to settle she could see the figure was bent over his side to her. his hands covered his face so she couldn't see who it was. Aela put the tip of her dagger on the man's neck. "Who ar-" Aela started to say. The man spun around on his leg knocking her feet out from under with his other leg. The dagger wasn't close enough to really hurt him (maybe a scratch). He put his foot on her arm with the dagger holding it down. The dust settled completely allowing them both to see clearly. It was the man who had helped her that was holding her down. Upon seeing who it was he immediately removed his foot and held out his hand to her. Aela was both frightened and confused. Why didn't he say it was him? Maybe he wanted to see if I could fight. Aela gently took his hand. He pulled her to her feet with ease. The man slipped the dagger out of her hand and stabbed it in a nearby tree. He pulled it out to see a small hole in the tree. Sap began to slowly pour out. He scooped some of it on his fingers and walked back over to Aela. She was watching him curious. He gently rubbed the sap on her bruised arm. Within a few seconds of coming into contact with her skin the bruise was gone. "How is-" The man put his two fingers on her lips making her stop talking. He removed his fingers slowly. Aela licked her lips clean. The sap was sweet but the after taste was bitter. She couldn't help but make a face. the man laughed a little. Aela glared at him and rolled her eyes. He shrugged and removed his head cover so his face was visible. He had sapphire  blue eyes and black hair. He wasn't as intimidating to her anymore. He licked his fingers clean and made no expression. "Shut up..." Aela said. She reached for the dagger but he moved it out of her reach. "Hey come on give it back." Aela pouted. He smiled at her but shook his head. Aela reached for it again but he put it behind his back. He put his other hand behind his back. Aela crossed her arms. "Come on give it back." He nodded and pulled his hands back to the front. Only there was no dagger in them. It was a sword. "How did...." Aela started to ask. He handed her the sword hilt to her. She took it careful not to cut him. It was light in hand and the blade was sharp. She spun the sword a few times getting used to its movements. "I won't even ask." She said. He nodded and tossed her its sheath. She caught it with ease and buckled it around her waist. Aela sheathed the sword. the sudden weight on her waist made her feel heavier. "Do you ever talk?" she asked him. He nodded. "Without nodding your head?" He nodded again. Aela adjusted the sword at her waist again. "I need to find my dad so thanks for the help and all but I think i'll be on my way." Aela turned to walk away. The man grabbed her arm stopping her. "I can help." he said. Aela looked back at him surprised. "So you really can talk." she teased. he let go of her arm and smiled faintly."I know where your father is don't ask how and don't ask me why i'm helping those reasons will remain mine and mine alone." Aela was about to protest but he covered her mouth with his hand. Aela glared at him but all he did was put a finger to his lips. His eyes darted around scanning the shadows for movement. His eyes widened slightly before turning back to Aela. Pointing to the horses he pushed her in their direction. Aela was confused but listened to his directions. grabbing the reins of the horse she mounted and settled herself on the saddle. before she had time to him her horse was bolting off. She clutched the reins keeping herself on the horse. "Come on easy now!" Aela pulled on the reins slowing her horse. they had gone really far from where the camp was. The horse neighed and snorted as it slowed to a stop. "What the hell happened back there?" Aela turned to look back but he wasn't behind her. He was no where in sight. 

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