The Meeting Of A Never Discovered

I take a deep breath as I walk onto the seventy fifth small little airplane on the cement pathway. I'm going to guardian school, the finest school in Germany to be exact. I'm going to Millington Castle. I'm Eveline Elise short for Elizabeth Evington. Yes, I'm a guardian, a real one. Not a flying happy angel. Discover my secrets.


1. Mt. Glen's

      I groan as I walk down the stairs. I'm tired from staying up late last night . Just then a letter slides under the door. This letter is on old parchment, and is very crinkled. The letter reads: Dear Miss McAllen, we are proud to ask you to come to Mt. Glens our school of underground wizardry this year. You will arrive to platform nineteen and seventeenth halves on August 31st, and will start school on September first, tomorrow. Your supply list is included. Your letter went out late because we have been running behind. Sorry for the inconvenience. Sincerely, Francis El Salvador

   Our family lives in a town called Auric. The town is small, almost as small as a village, but it's what I call home. My mom is busy on the phone and she now has it on full blast speaker. "Samantha, how are you?" Grandmas loud sweet voice rings through the phone.

"I'm good mom how are you?"

"Just fine and dandy" she replies in a southern accent. I hate having grandparents that live in Texas. 

     Just then my dad walks through the door and I rush over to him. "Dad, I'm going to Mt. Glen's, tomorrow " I smile. My dad tells me that we will go shopping for my supplies later tonight. My dad and I set off to the bank called " Quarters Of Thousands." When we arrive I look up, it looks gross. The bank looks old, but I look at the walls outside. They are made of stone, but moss is piled all over them. We step inside to see elves. These elves lead us down the hallway to my bank cell. 

      After we get the money we go into "Animals For Everybody." Animals For Everybody is a rustic building made of logs, and when you look at the door it's covered in scratched white paint. As we walk in I notice a lot of kids my age. Kids of size, then I notice Collin, Collin Drex. He's known for his snotty reputation. "Ah Emma I see your daddy came to help you" Colin coos. "Lay off me" I spit back. I turn on my heel, and I go over to the owl section. After about five minutes of exploring the different personality of owls I find a small snowy owl. I love her and eventually decide that she is going to be mine.

      The next store that we enter is  "Tons Of Magical Wanders." Its small, and has brick slabs all over the floor. The outside isn't presentable, it has scratching all over, and is being rebuilt. I  have good luck until a wand that has gold and had silver spirals flips around in my hand, and I'm positive that this wand is mine. The next store is for robes, the old underground shop. My dad gets me all black robes. Next, there is the book store. The book store is small, and is very musty smelling. I'm grateful my dad knows what books to get. Then, we walk home and I collapse on my bed because of exhaustion

      September first is tomorrow, and I now have everything packed. My stomach is tying up in knots which means I am super excited, and nervous. Its late and I'm currently staring at the ceiling nervous. I wake up the next morning by the voice of my mom shaking me. "Emma wake up, Emma wake up" my mom says. I jump out of bed, slowly climb down the stairs, and grab my trunk. I also grab a banana and lug my trunk to the car. 

As soon as we arrive at the station, we go through the platform, we see loads of people saying goodbye. I gasp as I see the breathtaking motor train ahead of us. It's so shiny, I'm afraid to even touch the handle bars. I hug my parents and my dad puts my trunk in the train. I hop on the train and continually look back and wave. I take my time to look around the train, there are red velvet seat covers, and I see the beautiful glass windows. This makes me feel like I'm in a fairy tale. It's beautiful, breathtaking, I can't even describe it. 

      A boy walks over to me and asks if he can sit by me. I say yes. "So, do you have any siblings" I ask.

"Yeah, I do, I actually have a sister name Ana, a brother named Blake, and Adam, and then I have another brother named Scott, two twin brothers named Joe and Paul, and then I have a sister," he replies.

"Wow, you must be so lucky" I say. "I actually don't have any siblings" I sigh. I sling my silky brown long hair over my shoulder and watch as we speed across the rocky terrain. 

      When the train finally comes to a screeching halt I hear Collin yell. "McAllen, I bet you'll be a sling shooter just like your mother" he choruses.

"You dummy, I will not be a sling shooter, anyways, that's not even a group to fit in idiot" I shoot back.

He grins evilly "wow, apparently you have Sam's temper as I have heard" he speaks. 

       "Dude, I've heard the rumor, that your dad got dumped by Sam, suck it up. Get used to this, because Emma and I are friends" Ben shoots at Collin. I grin at Collin and Ben and I get off of the train. We run up to the castle. I look up at the it, it's old, but pretty, we are told to follow a man. I continue to stare at the castle more, it's just like what mom and dad used to explain it to me as. The man tells us to sit at a table. 

      The man then talks in a gruffly voice " students will follow all of the rules, we will be taking you under ground to live, but your classes are upstairs, here. We will be patrolling the halls," he says and looks at Collin. "So, all of you are due to be in your dormitory so by eight o'clock sharp every night except on weekends," he says.

I lean over to Ben and say "I wouldn't have researched the groups if I knew I wouldn't have been put in the one I wanted." Ben just laughs. The man then lets us talk.

      I scan the crowd of kids, and notice that even the famous Mason Corley is here. My parents have always talked about him, our parent are good friends, so we have became good friends already. After a couple of minutes we are told to follow the man and sit down at these tall white tables. We are all sitting impatiently, but we all know we need to listen. When the sorting of the groups comes, we are all curious. Professor Salani, the headmistress, answers our questions.

      She explains we will be separated into four groups called Dragons, Beavers, Salamanders, and Eels. Then she starts into her famous long speech of rules. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to welcome you all back to Mt. Glen's this year. We now have changed in the school grounds, all students will live underground, classes are above ground. Also, all students have a curfew, at eight o'clock you need to be in your dorms. Mr. Drex, you will follow these rules" she point to him,  he waves, and I look at him. 

      I then drown out the rest of the speech by braiding my hair, I always do this. Then all of the sudden she says something about electric Iimi's, I know what they are. Electric Iimi's are dangerous, they are born once every ten years, and have the power to control the four elements, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions. 

      I realize that she's talking about me, I'm the elemental, and I know this. When I was five I made a tornado appear, just a small one, and then when I was eight I did the same thing. It's obvious to me because my family is the special family, and elementals are almost always born to our family. I'm the next elemental, I'm the powerful wizard, and I'm going  to be trained to my best ability. I feel disoriented, my training as a wizard is going o be different, I'm the powerful witch of my age. I know that I shouldn't worry, but this is my life. I powerful, and I cannot keep that in my head. I then pay attention to Professor Salani.

       There is a long pause and then Professor Salani starts calling out our names. This means we are supposed to go up and stand by her. "Alissa Gringo, Ronald Salons, and Elyse McDonald," says Professor Salani. Alissa Gringo joins the Dragons, Ronald Salons joins the Salamanders, and Elyse McDonald joins the Beavers. The next names that she calls are, James Kiolento, Lindsey Tonally, Zoey Fisher, Ben Dracins and Mason Corley. 

      James Kiolento, and Lindsey Tonally join the Dragons, Ben Dracins, and Mason Corley join the Eels, and Zoey Fisher joins the Beavers. Next, Julia Smith, Hannah Slin, Anna Miles, and Casein McAllen. Julia Smith, and Hannah Slin join the Salamanders, and Anna Miles, and Casein McAllen join the Beavers. Next Emma McAllen, Alissa Diccer, and Katherine Smiths are all sent to the Eels. Adam Lenin, and Allen Samui are sent to the Salamanders. Their are a couple other people but I drown out their names. Then the feast began.

      As Ben is patted on the back by Joe and Paul the twins, Mason walks over. The Eels are all excited to have him in the group. The feast is full of turkey, beef stew, cornbread, spaghetti, corn, carrots, cheese, coleslaw, and banana cream pie for desert. I decide on turkey, coleslaw, corn, and banana cream pie. Ben is busy getting seconds on everything while I'm just starting to start my first course of food. I laugh, shake my head and start eating slowly.

        I am now down eating, and I part from the group and go up to the girls dormitory. I find my trunk full of what I need. To my luck, not that I care who I share a room with, I sleep with Alissa Diccer, Katherine Smiths, Haylee Whites, and Riley Addison. Really the last thing I care about is looking presentable. My body is shaking and I burst into tears, I miss my family. Haylee Whites comes up and tried to comfort me but it doesn't work. Riley feels sorry for me, or at least it looks like it. 

      I sit on my bed losing my temper as Haylee tries to cheer me up. Finally I ask if Ben is down stairs and Haylee says yes. Sluggishly I go down stairs and find him in a corner talking to Mason. Ben notices my tear stained face and motions me over. I can tell he is trying to be nice. He asks me what is wrong and I tell him. "I know what you are feeling" is his response. I decide to go upstairs to bed with the thought of the boys on my mind.

      A long sleepless night later I walk down from the girls dormitory when Ben and Mason appear. All of us go down to breakfast together. Just as we walk down the hall Collin appears. "Are you guys from the Eels?" he asks. "What" asks Mason. "You heard me" he replies. "Who are you?" Mason asks. "I'm Collin Drex" he replies.

      "Yep we're from the Eels Collin, what do you want?" I speak up.

"Never mind" Collin replies, and he set off.

"Oh, and Collin next time try to recognize me will you?" I say in the sweetest voice ever. He glares at me and runs down the hall. 

The reason why we have this feud thing is one, my mom dated his dad, and dumped him for my dad, and two, his dad tells him stories that I'm a bad girl. Well, I guess that's not the only reason why, he knows that I'm the elemental, I'm sure of it.    "Thank goodness" Ben says. We continue on our way to breakfast.

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