Love You, sweetheart. (COMPLETE!!!!!!!)

Fauna Unwin was having a tough life. Her mother and father had a divorce...when she was 2 years old! Now....when she was 18. her father passed away and she was left alone. The best thing is that her father died at her 18th birthday! But....her father also left her an adventure to search for her gifts that was set up by her father. if you want to know more? Please read the story!


9. Chapter 9

I sit at the sofa and put the painting beside me. I can't look at it anymore. Because I can cause flood to this  house. I only hold the next clue. I untied the ribbon and un fold the paper. 

Oh my god, Fauna! You're almost to the end! Okay let's get straight to the point

9th Clue: This thing is at the attic. Because I know that you're tired going here and going I put it at the attic. It's simple...woman really like to buy these and carry them everywhere. Our attic is not that big and the thing is the only one looks new!

Good Luck! Love you, sweetheart.


John Unwin

The attic??? Maybe I'll do it tomorrow because I'm so tired today. Sleeping is not tiring....hehe.

The next day,

I accidently sleep at the sofa. At least, the attic door is near me. I stand up and walk towards a ladder. I put the ladder at the attic door. I pull the knob and the door opened. I went in to the attic. It was so dusty and dirty. I'm not gonna clean that crap. I check at the things and everything looks old. Until...I saw a handbag! I knew it! It's a handbag! The handbag was only on top of some boxes. I took the bag and went out from the attic. I put the bag at the sofa. It's sooo cute! it's green-seafoam colour. It's so cute! I really want this bag and it's channel!!!!!!! Yeah! I open the zip of the bag...There's a ribbon and a paper!!!!! I can't believe it! It's the last gift!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! 



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