Love You, sweetheart. (COMPLETE!!!!!!!)

Fauna Unwin was having a tough life. Her mother and father had a divorce...when she was 2 years old! Now....when she was 18. her father passed away and she was left alone. The best thing is that her father died at her 18th birthday! But....her father also left her an adventure to search for her gifts that was set up by her father. if you want to know more? Please read the story!


8. Chapter 8

'Haha! Very Funny FAYE!' I scream. Faye said 'People were making weird...Faces! When you climb at the Swan Fountain and it's....So HILARIOUS!' She continue laughing. I said 'You can laugh until Dawn so, I'm gonna leave you here.' I went away. Faye stop laughing and said 'WAIT for me! KNUCKLEHEAD!'  


We both went to the car. I started to drive. I'm really angry right now. Faye was not helping me. She knows that I'm an Emo clumsy girl! We've been friends like a long time since 3rd Grade! 'Come on, Fauna! How long are you going to be like this? It's Summer! It's sup post to be happy. Not sad!' Faye said. I stop the car with a big brake. 'why do you stop the car?' Faye ask. I look at her face slowly and said 'You don't understand how it feels having a mom and dad dead!!!' 'I know how it feels! I never even met my dad! He divorce with my mom when i'm in my mom's tummy! at least you can see their faces! My life is worse than yours. I live with a stepdad that don't talk much and a stepsister that can't stop bullying me!' Faye said. 'At least their not dead! Maybe your dad is alive!' I scream. 'If my best friend is so stubborn! I'm out of this car. No matter what! Maybe I shouldn't help you! You're the most useless friend that I have!' Faye said out loud she open the car door. She went out and slam the door when she want to close the door. 'Fine leave! I don't need you! You're not helping me of this treasure hunting gifts!' I scream. 

I was thinking about something then, I forgot. What is it! Hmmm.... Errr..... OH! The 8th Clue! I almost forgot about it!


 1 gift to go! Good job Sweetheart! This 8th clue is not hard but not easy! It's so-so!

8th Clue: It's at the 

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – San Francisco, Calif.


Good Luck! Love you, sweetheart.



John Unwin


Thank God, I stop here. San Francisco is this way. It's not that far! Thank you, dad because I hate driving far places! Especially going to grandma's and granpa's house. 


I continue to drive. 30 minutes later, I search for a nice parking spot!  It was right in front of the museum. I'm such a lucky girl....into...I mean about  ... parking spot! (AWKWARD!) I went out from my car and guess what...THERE'S A LOT OF PEOPLE....smoking... I hate smoking people. They look like drug addict people. And that's freaking gross. 

I went to the counter to get a ticket. I wasn't only to search for the gift. I can spend time looking at the beautiful and weird meaning paintings. WEIRD MEANINGS! I don't understand WHYYYYY??? there are weird paintings. And their sometime meaningless! There's a painting, there's only a big black dot on it! WHYY???? There's a lot of people surrounding it and flashing their cameras. And they always said 'IT'S PERFECT' God, damn it man! It's just a big black dot! Even the MonaLisa! People say it's expensive because the painting is looking at you. WHAT?!?!?! That doesn't make any sense! The chandelier - Sia music video! It's so weird! A lot of people said that is weird. It's MEANINGLESS! I'm like what in the hell is this crap? The older the world is, the weirder the world is.


I want to stop nagging! I walk to the elevator. I push the button that writes the number '3'. Like 56 seconds later, the elevator reach to the 3rd floor. I went out from the elevator. And I'm like....NOOOOOOO!!!!!!  I'm in the paintings and dancing floor/ section! There is a lot of people at the stage dancing like weirdos. Keep it together Fauna! Their not twerking... 

There's bunch of weird painting such as...some weird baby having damn big wings, holding a bow and there's a lot of heart - shape arrows and it's wearing a pink diaper. WHAT IN THE WORLD? And there's a picture of naked people. DA HELL??? This place is really not suitable for children. And the best thing is...there's a picture a man's head! the head really look like potato. PotatoMan! What am I talking about? Why am I so childish! And there is one painting....look very familiar. There's a picture of a little girl with black hair and styled her hair into TWO ponytails, there's a handsome guy standing behind her and a beautiful woman standing beside him. Oh My God! It's my family...I look at the back of the painting...there's a note and a ribbon. The picture is sooooooo beautiful. I really want to cry right now. I took the painting and went out from the Museum. Before I went home, I cry in the car because it's so sad. Why are they dead??? Can someone explain this to me??? Can someone???? I really want to see them so much! I miss them. Especially mom.                


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