Love You, sweetheart. (COMPLETE!!!!!!!)

Fauna Unwin was having a tough life. Her mother and father had a divorce...when she was 2 years old! Now....when she was 18. her father passed away and she was left alone. The best thing is that her father died at her 18th birthday! But....her father also left her an adventure to search for her gifts that was set up by her father. if you want to know more? Please read the story!


6. Chapter 6

6th Clue: It's in the house....basement! You have to search for it! Girls always wear it at their neck.

Good Luck! Love you, Sweetheart.


John Unwin.

This is too easy! Wait...basement....YIKES! I think I should do it tomorrow...MORNING! That would be better. It's already 8.00 p.m. We don't know what would happened. Maybe there would crazy crap down there. Maybe grandma's mom was there. I DON'T KNOW OKAy! Damn it! Why do I watch a lot of horror movies?

The next day,

My alarm clock was singing so loud and damnly annoying. I quickly turn it off. Disturbing my sleep! Who do it think it is? I shouldn't set the alarm clock. Wait why did I set the alarm clock? God, DAMN IT! I should search for my next gift that dad give me! Now...I need to get up from bed then...But sleeping is a wonderful thing. But solving problems is awesome too. Which should I pick? Sleep or gift? Sleep or...FINE I'll Choose Gift! I get up from bed. At first, I scratch my head because it was itchy. Then I rub my eyes. I stand up and fold my blankets and clean my bed so I could look neat. I took my towel that was hang at a suspension. I brush my teeth and take a bath. After taking a bath...I just wear a T-Shirt that says 'You Only Live Once' and wear skinny jeans. I hang the towel at the suspension and I went to the door and get out from my room. I went down stairs to have some breakfast. I only breakfast bread and Nutella. I went to a closet...where it keeps room keys and whatever keys that I don't care! It's really hard to search for the keys because... I don't have time to label them so I need to try one by one! I tried the first's light blue. I enter the key into the keyhole. The key is not in the keyhole at all! It's the wrong one then. The second key is only silver and not interesting looking and it's rusty! I guess this is must be the bathroom key...I know it sounds weird having a bathroom key because sometimes I confined in the bathroom...I have Claustrophobia so shut up then! The third key is pink in colour and it didn't work either. I already tried every key that is in the closet none of them work but the rusted key....I didn't try yet..maybe it's not the bathroom key...You know there are almost 50 keys in that closet! I try the 'FAKE' Bathroom key. I enter the key into the keyhole and it didn't work! I quickly kick the door! And guess what? It open just like that! After all this time...the door isn't locked? Damn you stupid door! I went downstairs. It was a long journey because the another basement is so deep down there. I finally saw a door. And I open it. Bunch of antique cool things in there. I saw a brown jacket, pictures that were beautifully in a frame, Jewelry and of course...Spider webs! NASTAYY!!! It's so smelly! Does anyone have a suit like people that work at honey whatever the hell bee company because this is ASAP! Because the basement is so smelly. More smellier than a trash can. I only continue walking with my right hand pinching my nose. There were a lot of things in the basement. So the basement is enormous..or maybe humongous.. Yeah humongous. It's impossible to search for a necklace. I know it's a necklace because dad said 'Girls always wear at their necks.' Too easy dad. Don't gave me such easy clues dad, just don't. I search everywhere for the necklace but no sign of it. I almost forgot...the basement doesn't have lights...It have chandeliers... I know weird right..People put chandeliers at the dining room...or at ball...or at fancy restaurants. hang the necklace at a chandelier. Thank god there are only two chandeliers in the basement. Two chandeliers already make the basement brighter than the sun! I look at the first chandelier with my eyes almost closed...because it's so bright! I wish I didn't become blind today...because I don't know there's a lot of things that I want to discover in this world. Like Rafflesias, Pelicans and whatever. Okay..back to topic, There was nothing at the chandelier. So, I went to the next chandelier. There was something hanging at the chandelier. It's silver, round and there's also a silver rope attach to it and a ribbon that is tied with a note...I think it is the necklace. I try to reach it but I can't! I should drink a lot of milk so I can become tall as a giraffe...or maybe TALLER!

There was a broom leaning against the wall. I took the broom and try to reach for the necklace. I gently took the necklace using the broom. I finally get it! VICTORY! It wasn't just all that suddenly a spider drop on my hand. I rolled my eyes and scream 'AAHHHHHHHHHHH!' I shake it off with panic. I went to the door...close the door and hold the necklace tightly at my hand. Oh my god! What if there's MAMA SPIDER??!?!?? Creepy! What if the mama spider turns out like in the movie 'Enemy' starring Jake Gyllenhaal? We don't know what would happened in the future. I went upstairs and closed the basement door. I put the keys in the closet and I sit down on the sofa.....happily!  


The can close open...So I open it. There's a picture of my family...all of us. Mom was standing beside dad and dad was holding me. The picture was placed at the right side. At the left side there's a picture of mom and dad at the hospital. Mom was at a bed and dad is sitting. Mom was holding a baby. And the baby is me..Tears start falling into my eyes. I really hate crying but I just can't stand it...

This is so sad....


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