Love You, sweetheart. (COMPLETE!!!!!!!)

Fauna Unwin was having a tough life. Her mother and father had a divorce...when she was 2 years old! Now....when she was 18. her father passed away and she was left alone. The best thing is that her father died at her 18th birthday! But....her father also left her an adventure to search for her gifts that was set up by her father. if you want to know more? Please read the story!


5. Chapter 5

 I went to my room and lay down on the bed. I took the next clue..and read it.

 Well done, honey! You're so good at this! Okay...let me give you something harder! 

5th Clue: It's an instruments for music. Just go to a music instrument store at Antique Mall of America.

Good luck! Love you, sweetheart.


John Unwin.

I need to go to Antique Mall Of America at Las Vegas?? AH!!! So far from here. Why do I have to wait, for? I need to go now! I hope it's a violin or a ukulele. Because those are the only musical instruments that I can I play....

I went out from the room. I went down stairs and take my car keys. I went out from the house and I saw Mr. Jobs still looking at me. 'What?' I said. 'You said my son smoking?' he said. 'Yes' I answered shortly. 'He did.' he said. 'Okay...'I said awkwardly. I quickly went into the car. I close the car's window. I lock the door. I turn up the engine. I turn on the radio. I started to drive the car. 'Man, that guy is freaking creepy.' I said. On the way to Antique Mall Of america!


When I arrived there,

There was a lot of empty space to park my car and of course, I pick a parking that is near the shopping mall. I get out from the car and walk to the mall. I know there's a music instrument store at the 3rd floor. I went to the elevator and press the button '3'. I went out from the elevator and search for the instrument store. I found the store. In front of the store ...there was a guy, he wears a black sunglasses, black shirt, black pants and black cardigan. He looks creepy....I quickly went in to the store. There were a lot of violins but there's no note tied to it. I look at the ukulele. There was a note at the ukulele...that is in a plastic with painting things. gave me a ukulele that I can decorate...AWESOME! I just went out from the store because dad already paid it. Suddenly the creepy guy, snatch my ukulele. 'Hey!' I scream. He then run away. 'Hey!!!! Come here you freaking moron!I scream. I chase him. He didn't take the note, though. I stop for awhile. I open the note. There was also a thing in the note. It was a medium sized  rock. I think dad plan this. That guy must be a FAKE evil guy. I continue chasing him. I quickly throw that thing at his head. He fell down. It must be really painful. I went to him. I take the ukulele and take off his sunglasses. 'Damien?' I said. Damien is my best friend when I was 16...then he move some where else and now his back here?!?!? I don't understand. Damien stand up. 'You're sup post to throw the rock at my back not at my head! That was a real fall you now. It sup post to be fake! My head still freaking hurts! Thank YOU!' he said while rubbing his head. 'What are you doing here?' I asked. 'I decide to come back here to help your father doing this adventure thingy for you.' he said. 'Oh..' I said. 'Sorry about your dad...I can't believe..' he didn't finish his sentence..I already said 'Stop it! Don't talk about it!' 'Okay, bye. I need to go home.' He said. I didn't say a word. I only look at the floor. I went back home.


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