Love You, sweetheart. (COMPLETE!!!!!!!)

Fauna Unwin was having a tough life. Her mother and father had a divorce...when she was 2 years old! Now....when she was 18. her father passed away and she was left alone. The best thing is that her father died at her 18th birthday! But....her father also left her an adventure to search for her gifts that was set up by her father. if you want to know more? Please read the story!


3. Chapter 3

 I can't believe....I went to sleep! I just want to get some rest. Glad, I just sleep for 5 to 10 minutes. I almost forgot! The next clue! I took the mug out from my backpack. There was a note in the mug so I took it out. I put the mug back into the backpack. I read the note.


So how does it go?? Very scary right? I don't know where to hide it... So did you notice a ladder that I put beside at the bar?? Of course you did! If you didn't then how will you get it??

'Oh no! dad only ask me to take a ladder and just take it like that??? Why am I so blur?' I said. I continue reading.

3rd Clue: it's at the park, it's pink and big! This is easier... 

Good luck! Love you, sweetheart. 


John Unwin

This is easier than I thought it will be....Well I have no time to waste! I need to search for this 3rd gift.

I went to the park by dad's car. When I arrived there, I quickly get out from the car and search for 'the thing'. I saw a guy selling a lot of big kites...some of them are I went there. There's no letter attach to it. So it's not. There is just one weird thing that I've been questioning about...why is there a big pink teddy bear hanging at a tree. Maybe...It's from dad!!! I quickly went to the tree. The teddy bear's tummy was tied to the tree and it's hand was holding a note that has with a red ribbon. I took my backpack and took out a pair of scissors. I cut the ribbon that is at the teddy bear's tummy. I took the teddy bear. My hand felt weird....I look at my hand...There was a weird insect...IT'S BITING ME!!!! It really hurts. I kill it with only one smack. There was a bruise at my hand now. Damn it! Stupid insect. I'm really glad that this one is easier. At least, I just need to put some antiseptic on my hand....just to heal the bruise.


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