Love You, sweetheart. (COMPLETE!!!!!!!)

Fauna Unwin was having a tough life. Her mother and father had a divorce...when she was 2 years old! Now....when she was 18. her father passed away and she was left alone. The best thing is that her father died at her 18th birthday! But....her father also left her an adventure to search for her gifts that was set up by her father. if you want to know more? Please read the story!


2. Chapter 2


I went to Mall of America by using dad’s red car. I pick a place to park and went to the 7th Floor where there is a lot of make up stores! At first, I went to Make up Forever. I look at the foundation places and search for a make up thing that is tied with a red ribbon and letter. This is too hard. Wait…I don’t like foundations or contours or whatever to put on my skin. Dad always know what I like and what I like dislike! Because I’m his only child! I only love eye shadows, Lipsticks and nail polishes. So, I check at the eye shadow place. There’s no letter. Even at the lipsticks. I look at the nail polishes. There was a case of nail polishes! It’s Essie! I took it. There was also a ribbon and a letter. Wait! It’s dad’s gift! Yes!!! I went to the counter and talk to the cashier. ‘This is already paid, right?’ I asked her. She looks at the nail polish set and saw a letter and ribbon tied to it. She nodded her head. ‘Thanks’ I said. I went out from the place. I put the nail polish set in my backpack and took the letter and untie the ribbon. I read the letter.


Well done, sweetheart. You’re a really awesome at this. May I give you something harder?


2nd Clue: It’s at a roller coaster. Don’t ask how did I did that! Go to Crush Stomach Roller Coaster. All you have to the is raise up your hand. The is tied with a ribbon. When you found it, grab it quickly before someone else does.

Warning: Please bring your scissors

Good luck! Love you, sweetheart.


John Unwin


 A roller coaster??? My dad is incredibly insane! I guess it must be at Goofball Funfair.


I went there using dad’s car. I went out from the car and buy a token. I quickly went to the Crush Stomach Roller Coaster. There were a lot of people went there. I went to the seat and put on a seat belt. No one is sitting beside me. Maybe they’re scared to sit beside me or…they have friends. I’m just an EMO girl. I hate pink. I only love nail polish, lipstick and eye shadows. I only wear natural colour eye shadows. I hate girls taking selfies with cute or I’ll say ugly weird face. I hate girls think they look beautiful even waking up in the morning. I will punch someone if I lost my temper. I don’t have a lot of friends. I have a lot of enemies. Shailene hate me because she say I am a weirdo. The Diva girls hate me because I punch their leader’s face for calling me Miserable EMO girl. I love that day. I wish I can do that again. (My creepiness is coming). The roller coaster started to go up. Everyone raised all of his or her arms up. Their armpits are smelly as hell. I tried to hold my breath but I don’t mind about it. My armpits are smellier. I also raise my hands up. I think it was a long time to search for the gift. Suddenly I saw a mug, a red ribbon and a letter tied at the bar. The roller coaster is so fast and my arms are short. So…I need to…you know…die try. I need to unhook my seat belt and reach for the mug. I took a deep breath as hard as I could. I unhook the seat belt. Took out the scissors from my backpack. And getting ready to cut the ribbon. I’m getting closer and closer….I stand up and people at the back was screaming like freaking idiots. I already grab it! Someone scream so loud...until I trip and almost went out from the roller coaster! I only hold the seatbelt. I was a bird. People at the roller coaster was screaming again! Damn it! Can they just shut the hell up and freaking help me?? One of them was brave enough to take off her seatbelt and help me to get back to the roller coaster. More of me. Finally! I'm back in the roller coaster. I wear that seatbelt again. I took out a lot breath. 'Are you freaking crazy?' One of them asked. 'It's okay, Marilyn....Miserable Emo people wants to commit suicide! We shouldn't save her! We can just let her die! She also make our friends freaking scared! EMO!!!' she scream at me. I can't stand it anymore! I said 'You shut your damn mouth! You don't what the hell am I doing? You stupid diva! You're not natural! You wear a lot of makeup! If you wash it will look like Freddy Krueger or....even worst....Jason Voorhees without his mask on!'The girl felt shock when I say to her like that...without even look at her face. 'You look like a skeleton! Your face looks like a racoon!' she said while laughing but her friends are not laughing. I look at her. I said 'Maybe I do look like a racoon but when you wear waterproof mascara...and then you cry...You look exactly like Marilyn freaking Manson!!' I don't know why her friends are laughing but it's fine by me. She then try to choke but I slap her face quickly. The roller coaster was over but our fight is not over yet! I take off the seatbelt and went out from the roller coaster. I can feel someone is pushing me. I look back and it was that girl again...She punches me....very hard! I pull her hair and she was screaming so loud. 'Let go of me!!!!! Damn you, you little...' she scream. I let her go and said 'Stay the hell away from me! Remember you start this fight first....' I went away from her. I sit down at a bench and start to get some rest.


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