Love You, sweetheart. (COMPLETE!!!!!!!)

Fauna Unwin was having a tough life. Her mother and father had a divorce...when she was 2 years old! Now....when she was 18. her father passed away and she was left alone. The best thing is that her father died at her 18th birthday! But....her father also left her an adventure to search for her gifts that was set up by her father. if you want to know more? Please read the story!


1. Chapter 1

‘No mommy! Please don’t go. Who’s going to take care of me?’ I said out loud while holding mom’s hand so tight. ‘I have to go honey. I did something wrong to daddy! Sorry, sweetheart.’ Mom said. She quickly let go of my hand. She took her bags and went to the door. Poor mom, she’s pregnant a baby girl. I don’t want her and my sister go. ‘Go away now Mariah! I’m enough seeing your face!’ dad said. ‘Yes John.’ Mom said slowly. She open the door and left. I chase her. But dad was holding my hand so tight so I would never follow her. ‘Daddy let me go!!!’ I scream while slapping his hand. ‘No! Fauna. You’re staying with me. We already agree in the court yesterday! Fauna calm down.’ Dad said. ‘Well I don’t! You’re a werewolf that love to smoke and than you’ll get cancer! I pray that you’ll get cancer!’ I scream. Dad slaps my face. He also let go of my hand. I chase mom. Mom was entering a Lamborghini car. ‘Mommy! Mommy!’ I scream her name. She only said ‘Love you, sweetheart!’ while crying. She went away. I kept chase the car until I fell down and sprint my wrist. It was the worst day of my life. I was only 2 and my family already divorce. My family isn’t that rich. They have a lot of debts. Whatever it is, my family divorce ‘cuz dad thinks mom cheated with another boy. 16 years later…dad got lung cancer and retired from being a writer. Mom…she’s dead. My neighbour said the Lamborghini car hit a tree. My neighbour said it was a rumour. I don’t know. I have a worst life. I’ve been bullied. People think I’m out of wedlock because I don’t have a mother. The teachers are bad at school. My dad has lung cancer. My mom is gone. I didn’t have a chance to see my sister and I still don’t know what mom planned to name her before the divorce.


How rude am I! I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Fauna Unwin. I’m 18 now. I live at San Andreas. I hate my life.


It summer right now, so I stay at home with dad. And I only read my novels. People say summer is awesome but for me it’s boring. I only can hang out with my friend Faye. She’s 2 years older than me. Cause people that are the same age as me in school are suckers! I hate them all especially Shailene…Faye’s sister. Faye’s sister is my age and she’s the first one who call me out of wedlock. My life…is bad. So bad, I also almost commit suicide. But dad says good words to me. And I didn’t kill myself. Why am I off topic? Sorry! Ok, I’m here to tell you a sad story. Enjoy crying. Let’s Flashback! POOOOF!


At school,

Of course…sucks! Shailene and her weirdos are having fun calling me ‘Out of wedlock’, the teacher always mad and Faye…she’s fine.

Faye was at the corridor I call her. She says ‘Fauna!’ she came to me. ‘How’s weekend?’ I asked her. ‘Like always been bullied by Shailene…’ she says. ‘I have to take care of my father. His cancer is almost stage 4! I’m worried. I wish…my mother is here if dad dies. I don’t know. I’m confident my dad is going to die sooner or couple of days.’ I said with sadness. ‘Hey! Is good to be confident…. IN GOOD THINGS!!!’ Faye shouts so loud. People at the corridor felt annoyed. ‘I know…I…wait! OMG! Class!’ I said. Then, both of us scream and quickly run to class.


After class,

‘Summer…Summer!!!’ I scream at Faye. ‘I know you’re excited but…you’ll feel bored.’ Faye said. ‘At least I’m not bullied by your sister again!’ I said. Faye only laughs.


The next Saturday,

‘Dad…want to go to the park?’ I asked. ‘Sure. But I want to walk!’ dad said while get up from his wheelchair. ‘Dad, no!’ I said. I run to the dad but I’m not a fast runner. Dad already fell down. I get him up and put him back to the wheelchair. Dad accidently cries. ‘Dad…what’s the matter?’ I asked while kneeling on the ground and patting his shoulder. ‘It’s just…I think you’re so tired taking care of me. If only your mother is here…you can continue your studies. Your strong Fauna! You also studied hard and take good care of me.  You’re the greatest daughter. I also dream to see your sister. Where is she? In heaven. Your mother also in heaven. Oh my god. Fauna if I die, don’t you ever forget me.’ Dad said while holding my hand. I cry. ‘I promise dad. You always in my heart. Our memories together will never fades! I love you. Don’t leave me dad. I’m still young to be an orphan. I really wish a lung cancer never exist. You’ll never be like this! You can walk and run together with me. It’s okay dad. I’ll never tired taking care of you. I’m your responsibility. If you’re still alive when I got a university. I’ll disagree it. I don’t care if I didn’t get a job or both of us are homeless. We don’t have a homeless love. I love you dad.’ I said while crying. Both of us hug. It was the saddest memory in my head. Mom…Mariah Unwin & little sis…how are you in heaven? Is it very wonderful? I hope it was great. Maybe someday dad will join with you there.

‘Okay dad come on. Let’s go to the park.’ I said. Dad only nodded his head while wiping his tears. I push his wheelchair. It was very heavy but dad is not that fat. Who cares about his weight or size? Stop getting off topic Fauna! Okay, then we went to the park and went to a table. We play board games and also watching the kids playing with their bikes and kites. ‘You know, I remember when your mother and me play together at the park. We both we’re only 10 years old!’ dad said with a laugh. I only smile. Mom and dad are great friends when they’re little but husband and wife when they grow up. ‘Happy Birthday, sweetheart.’ Dad suddenly said. ‘My birthday is tomorrow dad!’ I said. ‘What if I didn’t make it tomorrow?’ dad said. ‘Dad! Stop thinking like that!’ I said. Dad only smile.


‘Let’s go home. It’s getting dark.’ Dad said. I nodded my head. I went take a bath, have dinner with dad and went to sleep. I was dreaming. A woman wearing a white dress and there’s a yellow halo on top of her head. It’s an angel! I was also at a rose garden. I don’t know why. ‘Come here Fauna.’ She said. I went to her while making a weird face. ‘I’m an angel…. of Death!’ suddenly she didn’t turn into a woman, she turn into a light. ‘I’m Izrail.’ The angel said. ‘Am I going to die?’ I asked. ‘No, I’m just going to say you are a wonderful kid. Taking care of your father. But it’s time to say bye-bye to your father. Now, WAKE UP!!!!’ it screams at me. I quickly wake up. I run to dad’s room. I didn’t open the door yet. ‘Is it true…it’s just a dream Fauna Unwin.’ I said. I was going to my room but I change my mind. I quickly went to dad’s room and open the door. Dad was lying on the floor. I went to dad. ‘Dad? Wake up, dad?’ He wasn’t breathing! I check his heartbeat. It isn’t beating! His pulse it’s not racing! He’s…he’s…de….dead. ‘It’s okay dad. I’m here don’t you worry. I’ll call someone to help burry you in a grave.’ I said while crying. I’m hugging him very tight. I feel don’t want to let him go. I lay him on a bed. I went to my neighbours house to ask some help from them.


Dad was finally buried in a grave. I only look at his grave, I didn’t move an inch. I put a lot of flowers on his grave. Tears can’t stop coming out from my eyes. ‘Dad…I’ll never forget you. Every time my birthday comes…I’ll remember you…cause you die at my 18th birthday! Dad. I love you. Maybe orphanage is a place for me to stay. Bye dad. I promise, everyday I’ll come to your grave and dad…thank you, for saying Happy Birthday to me yesterday. Bye.’ I said with a lot of tears at my cheeks. I went home…alone. I only stay in my room, crying. Do I realize that dad just leave me? Why, dad? You left me just like that! Your last words is also…love you sweetheart….yesterday. Just like mom’s last words. ‘Love you, sweetheart’. I don’t think I’m a sweetheart or I am? I don’t know. My heart is not sweet anymore…it’s broken. Maybe they should say, Love you brokenheart. I also stared at my family pictures. There’s picture dad, mom and me. I was little that day…maybe 1 year old because I didn’t smile. I laughed. Beside the picture, is the picture of me and dad. I was only 13 that day. I look like a nerd. Well dad, look handsome…like Matt Damon! I can’t watch The Bourne movies anymore…because I’ll remember dad. Mom? She’s so beautiful and has a beautiful heart. I still don’t understand why mom cheated. Or it was just a big-enormous-humungous mistake. I certainly need to know. Beside the picture, there was a light green envelope. It’s a gift from dad. I took it. I open the envelope and took out a sheet of paper in the envelope. It writes:


Dear Fauna,

I felt happy that I can type the words to you using my old typewriter…. okay let cut to the chase. I already know that I’m going to die on this week but I don’t know when. If I’m already dead, I just want to say sorry, because I didn’t make it to your birthday. I have a special thing to say that…I left you gifts but you need to search it. There are 10 gifts.


1st Clue: Is in makeup store at mall of America. If you want to know if it’s your gift…the gift have a red ribbon with another letter to find the next clues. Don’t you worry, I already paid it.

Good luck! Love you, sweetheart.


John Unwin


I’m crying of happiness. I can’t believe dad…do this for me. Why are you making me sadder? I love you, dad. Maybe that’s why people say just be grateful of what you have and what happened. Dad…how dare you make me cry again! He always knows that I like to read his adventure storybooks. Now, I’m having an adventure too. Bless you!!!!!! I freaking love you dad! No one can replace you! Okay, stop with the emotional things! I’m so excited. Wait…he said in the letter…MAKEUP STORE? There’s a lot of makeup store! Dang it! What am I talking bout? This is great because it’s an adventure. This going to go well. Maybe I start tomorrow, I’m tired already. Goodnight me.


My annoying digital clock ring so loud. I get up from bed and turn it off. I felt weird today. What am I exciting about? OH! Dad’s gifts for me! How can I forget! I quickly took a bath and pick my Favourite black short dress. I wear my brown snugs, (even though it’s summer.). I took my dark blue backpack to put the gifts in there.  I am now…ready to go!

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