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"All I want is a second chance."

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This story is an interracial story (black girl X white boy). Please don't put any negative comments on the story. If you don't like it, then don't read my book.


6. Six

Angel was at the shopping centre with Mia. She had spent over an hour in 'H & M,' trying to find clothes for Mia and herself. After finding what they wanted they went to the other shops. Angel had spent another hour in 'Miss Selfridge'. Mia wasn't really enjoying the shopping trip as she just stood there watching Angel searching for something nice to buy. By lunchtime the two had gone to get something to eat and sat on the benches near the mall fountain.

"Don't go to close to the fountain," Angel told Mia. Mia watched the water shoot up and fall back into the fountain. She stood by the edge and saw coins at the bottom of the water.

"Mommy. I want to make a wish." Mia pointed at the coins. Angel searched through her bag and looked for 1p or 2p coins. She handed one to Mia and held one herself. Mia squeezed her eyes shut and made two wishes which were, to have a unicorn for Christmas and also have her dad come back. She threw her coin ad far as she could into the fountain.

"What did you wish for mummy?"

"You can't tell anyone your wish or it won't come true."

"Okay. I'm not telling you mine," Mia pretended to zip her mouth shut. She climbed up on Angel's lap and sat on her. The two of them had a nice time talking and playing 'I spy'. Not very long after Angel felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned round to see her cousin, Grace.

"Hey Angel," she sat beside her.

"Hey Grace. I didn't know you were at the mall today."

"Mia!" Grace smiled when she saw Mia sitting on Angel's lap.

"Aunty Grace," Mia squealed getting off Angel's lap and running into Grace's arms. Angel smiled as Mia was talking to Grace.

"What time did you get here?" Grace asked.

"I've been here since ten." Angel told her.

"Oh, I was going to come over to your place but then I told myself to come here and buy a few things before going."

"Well we were about to leave in a few minutes so you can come with us. Did you know Miss Selfridge is having a 40% off sale?"
"Yes, I just went there. I spend over £200 buying anything in there." Grace laughed.

"Yeah I can see that," Angel chuckled as she saw the amount of shopping bags Grace had near her. The two of them talked while Mia was watching people walk by and waving at them.

"Oh my God." Grace gasped. "Don't look behind you."

"What?" Angel looked at her confused. Grace didn't say anything but continued to stare at whatever was behind Angel. Angel turned herself round to see what Grace was looking at but regretted it. She saw harry walking to her direction. Angel shut her eyes and cursed under her breath. She tried to avoid seeing Harry but he won't leave her alone.

"We need to leave now," Angel said. "Grace, here are my keys you can wait for me in the car. It's parked right near the pay machine." Angel handed her the car keys. Grace nodded and walked away.

"Mia lets go," Angel lifted her up and walked away.

"Angel!" she heard Harry's name call her. She rolled her eyes and carried on walking, ignoring his calls. Harry walked a little faster, catching up with her. He stood in front of her making her stop walking.

"I've been trying to call you but you won't pick up," He said after he caught his breath after all that running.

"There's a reason why," Angel pushed past him and walked.

"Please listen to me." he held onto her arm.

"Harry let go off me. What is wrong with you?" Angel yanked her arm from him.

Harry glanced at the little girl, Angel was holding. He then remembered the day he was stalking Angel's profile and saw pictures of this little girl on a few of Angel's Instagram pictures. She looked just like him. Harry thought he was going crazy. He didn't know if she was his child or not. Harry glanced at Mia again, taking in her facial features. She had the same wild curly brown hair like him, the same green eyes as him. As crazy as it felt to him he knew that child is possibly his.

"Who's child is that?" Harry asked.

"Mine! Now move." Angel snapped at him. Mia watched her mum arguing at Harry but wasn't really paying attention to what was going on. She closed her eyes to nap and blocked out the sounds around her.

"Who's her dad?" Harry repeated the question.

"I told you she's mine and her who her dad is, is none of your business."

"I know she's mine. She looks just like me. The curly hair, green eyes and some facial features shows it." Harry said, even though he was more confused on if the child was actually his or not.

"So? There are many adults and kids that look like each other even though they're not related. Like I said before, Mia is not yours, so stop trying. Don't make me get a restraining order against you. Now leave us alone for God sake." Angel pushed past him and stomped away.


Later that evening, Angel was back in her apartment with Grace and Mia. Angel was busy preparing dinner with Grace.

"Mummy. I'm hungry," Mia walked into the kitchen.

"I know munchkin. Grace and I are nearly done cooking ok?" Angel told her. Mia nodded her head and walked out of the room. Just as Angel was about to add the vegetables into the saucepan, she heard her phone ring.

"You go take that call. I'll do the rest," Grace said. Angel walked to her room and grabbed her phone on the nightstand. It was a private number that showed on the screen.

"Hello?" Angel spoke on the phone.

"Please don't hang up on me," Harry said. Angel rolled her eyes. There was no way this boy was going to leave her alone.

"What the hell do you want Harry?" Angel whisper yelled.

"I know that girl is mine." Harry said.

"No she isn't. I already told you that." She said a spoke a little louder. The line went quiet for a while till Harry spoke again.

"Alright then. I want a paternity test done to prove it."

"You're really getting on my nerves. " Angel knew she couldn't do anything else than to either get the test done or tell Harry the truth.

"Fine if you must know, you are her dad." Angel admitted. "There I said it. Are you happy now?"

"Yes and no. Why did you never tell me?"

"Look, I'm very buy at the moment."

"Fine. Can we maybe meet up somewhere and discuss this? Maybe at the cafe?"

"Ok," Angel said without thinking. She mentally slapped herself. Now she was stuck with having to meetup with Harry. 

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