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"All I want is a second chance."

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This story is an interracial story (black girl X white boy). Please don't put any negative comments on the story. If you don't like it, then don't read my book.


1. One

a/n: This story is an interracial story please do not hate on this story. If you don't like it I suggest you stop reading and go somewhere else without leaving negative comments, thank you.All events in this story are product of my imagination. Any similarities to other stories are purely coincidental.This story was published a long time ago but then I deleted it. Now I have decided to go back to it. My English isn't all that great, sorry for any spelling and/or grammar mistakes.

"Mia Rose Styles, get back here!" Angel chased after her three year old daughter whom was busy running round the apartment. A few minutes ago Angel had bathed her little girl. Mia never liked baths and made those times difficult for Angel; either she'd splash water all over the bathroom floor and walls or cry about not wanting to have a bath. After bath time Angel had asked Mia to get dressed in pyjamas. Mia however had other plans. Being the cheeky girl she is, she decided to have fun running round the apartment in her underwear while screaming at the top of her lungs.

Maybe giving Mia cake for tea time was a bad Idea, Angel thought. Mia climbed onto the sofa and jumped from the back part of the sofa.

"No!" Angel entered the living room with a worried look on her face as her daughter leaped from the furniture. She quickly ran over to where Mia was and caught her in her arms before Mia landed on the ground. It wasn't something new that Mia did. She always had a habit of jumping off furniture and landing on her feet even though Angel had always told her not to. Angel worries a lot about Mia getting hurt.

"Mummy, put me down!" Mia squealed and kicked her legs in the air.

"No, it's time to get ready for bed,'' Angel carried Mia to her bedroom. On the way Angel nearly tripped over one of the Barbie dolls that were left on the floor. She groaned and carried on walking.

When they entered the bedroom Angel placed Mia back on the ground.

"Don't even think of leaving the room," Angel said giving her a stern look. Mia pouted her lips and walked towards her bed and sitting down.

Life hasn't always been so easy for Angel ever since she became a single mum at a young age. Her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles had left her while she was pregnant with his baby but he knew nothing about the pregnancy. Angel was seventeen and Harry was eighteen. When the two of them dated, they never made their relationship public. The only people that knew were the friends, family members and management crew. The day the two of them had broken up, Harry revealed he was seeing someone else and didn't love Angel anymore.

During Angel's pregnancy, she was able to hide her baby bump because it was small. Some people assumed Angel had grown fat. She used that excuse to cover up her pregnancy. Even telling her parents was scary. Surprisingly her mum told her she saw it coming but dad however was extremely mad. He kicked Angel out of the house for a week. Angel stayed at her best friend's house until her dad let her back home. Being pregnant didn't stop Angel from finishing her education. She continued to finish studying her A-levels at home and now studies Accounting and Finance online for university while working.

Angel was scared but also excited to be a mum, even though she was very young. Mia was born prematurely, on the 7th month of the pregnancy. Her very small body and weight worried Angel and her parents, thinking something was wrong. The doctor and nurses told her, she would be fine as long as she stays in the incubator for a while. Mia was born with Harry's piercing green eyes and dark brown curly hair. Her skin was a very light caramel tone. She had a few of Angel's features, but mostly looked more like Harry.

Mia has asked a few times about whom her father is but Angel always responded with "He will come home soon." The fact she's lying to her daughter made her hate herself but at the same time she knew she couldn't tell the truth about him not coming home, or so she thinks.

"Mommy can you read me a story, please?" Mia asked after she was dressed in her onesie.

"Of course baby, which story would you like to read?" Angel walked over to the small pink shelf where Mia's collection of story books and toys were placed. "Snow white." Mia smiled while getting into bed. Angel picked up the story book, walked over to the bed and sat beside Mia.

Halfway through story time Mia had fallen asleep peacefully with her favourite teddy bear in her arms. Angel closed the book and placed it back on the shelf.

"Goodnight princess," she kissed her daughter's forehead and then walked her way out of the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

"Oh great," Angel said sarcastically as she was standing in the corridor. Toys were scattered all over the place. Angel sighed up all of the toys. After clearing up everything, she walked to her bedroom and sat on her bed.

Angel lifted up her jewellery box which was on the nightstand and opened it. She was about to close it after she had placed her bracelet inside but then glanced at one of her other jewellery in the box. She picked up and admired it. It was a necklace that had a heart shaped locket on it. It was the necklace Harry gave to her when they were dating. The heart shaped locket had their initials engraved on it, 'AL+ HS forever.' Angel smiled remembering all the good times they had together but that all ended 3 years ago.



Angel sat on her bed reading through her biology textbook, when all of a sudden a wave of nausea hit her. She dashed out of the room and made a run to the bathroom. As soon as she stood in front the toilet, all the food content crawled up to her throat and emptied out from her mouth. This is the third time she had gotten sick this week.

"Angel are you ok?" her older sister Vanessa walked in, with a worried look on her face.

She held onto Angel's hair while she threw up. After what seemed like forever, Angel had finished throwing up she coughed right after that and wiped her mouth.

Angel stayed crouched down on the floor, holding her upset stomach. "I feel awful." She the laid herself down on the bathroom floor, not caring how unhygienic it was to lay near the toilet. Vanessa looked helpless, not being able to help her younger sister.

"You've been getting sick a lot lately...I think you should see a doctor," she said.

Angel didn't say anything but groaned in discomfort and Vanessa sighed and helped her up. "Angel, don't just lie on the floor c'mon I'll drive you to the doctor's."

After Vanessa had helped her walk to the bedroom, Angel grabbed a pair of jeans and top from her closet.

She stripped down to her underwear and tried wearing her jeans. For some odd reason it didn't fit her. Angel stared at her figure in the mirror and realised she'd gained weight. She took off her jeans and decided to wear black leggings and a baggy jumper.

"Let's go,'' Vanessa said holding onto her car keys, then they left the house.




Angel was waiting nervously in the waiting room. What could possibly be wrong with me? She thought.

"Miss Angel Lewis," the nurse called. Angel stood up from her seat and followed the nurse to the doctor's room. Vanessa stayed in the waiting room.

"What seems to be the problem?" The doctor asked, typing information in the computer system. "I've not been feeling well lately and I have been feeling tired more often..." Angel carried on explaining all of the symptoms she's been getting.

"Have you had your period this month?" she asked.

"No, but my period is irregular," Angel answered. Her cycles are very irregular, so she never knew what day she'd start each month.

"Well since you have symptoms of nausea and feeling tired more often, it could mean you're pregnant."

"Pregnant?" Angel's eyes widened. No this should not be happening. I'm too young to be a mum. I have school to focus on, she thought.

"Let's run some tests before we jump to conclusions." The doctor said.

After they had done the test, Angel had to wait for five minutes. Have you any idea how long five minutes last? For Angel it felt like hours rather than five minutes. She sat there waiting nervously while looking at the clock which looked like it didn't move at all. She tried to remain calm. Maybe she isn't pregnant. Maybe it was just some bad food she ate from a fast food truck.

Few minutes later the doctor came back with the results.

"Well we have run the test and I can now confirm that you are four weeks pregnant." The doctor confirmed.

Angel froze when the doctor read out the result. Pregnant at seventeen with Harry's baby, that doesn't speak well of her. She thought back to the night the she had sex with Harry. She knew they used protection when doing it. Questions were running through her head. How will Harry react if I tell him? How will my parents react? What if this ruins Harry's and the guys' singing career? And what will everyone else say about this?

After the appointment Angel walked out into the waiting room but didn't see Vanessa there. Her phone beeped indicating she had a message. It was a text from Vanessa saying she was waiting in the car. Angel sighed and put her phone back in her pocket before leaving the building.

"So what happened?" Vanessa asked, as Angel got into the car. Angel looked down and fumbled with her fingers, too scared to tell Vanessa the news. After a minute of silence Angel sighed and told her what happened.

"I-I'm...pregnant," I mumbled. It became silent again for a while. Vanessa didn't know what to say. Never did she think her younger sister would get into a situation like this at a young age. Angel was known as a good girl, never did Vanessa ever think of her not being a virgin.

"It's Harry's isn't it?" she sighed. Angel nodded and had tears form in her eyes.

"What am I going to do?"

"You have to tell him,"

"But what if he doesn't want it?" Angel panicked. "And what are mum and dad going to say? Ugh why is this happening to me? How am I going to tell him? Tonight we're supposed to go on a date and if I tell him he would probably dump Me." she cried. Vanessa hugged her and tried to calm her down.

"We'll find a way through this," she said.




It was awkward silence during Angel and Harry's date. The two were at Prezzo's having a meal. Angel barely ate her food. All this pregnancy stuff kept bothering her. She glanced at Harry and noticed something was bothering him too. She cleared my throat and spoke.

"Babe," Angel called out to Harry who was busy staring at his meal. She waved my hands in front of his face.

"Huh?" he snapped out of his thoughts.

"Are you ok?" she asked. Of course he's not ok. He's barely spoken to you. Not once has he glanced at you and said you look very beautiful like always, she mentally told herself.

"Yeah I'm fine, I was just thinking," Harry said. The two have dated over three years but lately, Harry's behaving differently, not really caring that much about Angel anymore.

"What are you thinking of?" Angel asked, thinking it was probably being stressed from band rehearsals. Harry stayed silent for a while and then let out a sigh.

"Um Angel, there is something I have to tell you," he said while scratching the back of his head.

"I have something to say too, but you can go first."

''I...think we should...break up." He avoided making eye contact with her, not wanting to see how hurt she was. Her heart shattered into millions of pieces when I heard the word break up.

"W-w-hat? W-why? " her voice shaking and her big brown eyes becoming glossy from the tears forming.

''I don't love you anymore and I have kinda been cheating on you,'' he admitted .He didn't love her anymore and he's cheating behind her back. So all those years he said he loved me, was it all a lie? Wait, he said he's been cheating too. What the hell? Angel thought.

''You've been cheating behind my back? How could you Harry?" Angel said in disbelieve. Harry didn't know what else to say so he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Sorry I just don't love you anymore," he stood up from his seat. He pulled out his wallet and took out some money before placing it on the table. "Here, use this to pay for dinner," and with that he just left, walking out of Angel's life. Angel didn't even get a chance to tell him she was pregnant.

She leaned her head in her arms and cried. Few minutes later she stood up and went to pay for the meals. After that she walked out of the restaurant.

"You're going to be ok baby," she rubbed her flat stomach. Angel felt water droplet hit her nose. She glanced up into the night sky which was covered with grey clouds. Now she had to walk home by herself in the pouring rain. Harry was supposed to be her ride home but now plans have changed.

-End of Flashback-


Angel had tears running down her face when she remembered that day. She quickly wiped them away and put the necklace back into the jewellery box before placing it back on the nightstand. She checked the time, it reads 20:45.

Angel had nothing else to do for the night other than getting some good sleep.


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