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"All I want is a second chance."

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This story is an interracial story (black girl X white boy). Please don't put any negative comments on the story. If you don't like it, then don't read my book.


9. nine

It was one o'clock on a Monday afternoon. Angel helped Mia tie her hair up. "Ouch mummy. That hurts," Mia yelped in pain as she was sat in front of her mirror. Angel needed to get her daughter ready for ballet classes. Mia had an interest in ballet ever since she was very young.

"I might need to start braiding your hair if you keep complaining every time I do your hair," Angel tied Mia's hair into a bun.

"No! No braids," Mia placed her hand on hair as if she was shielding it from danger. Mia never liked it when her mum braided her hair. It hurts too much for her.

When Angel was done with Mia's hair, Mia admired herself in the mirror; she wore her pastel pink leotard with a pink tutu. She twirled in delight and jumped around the room.

"Come on we don't want to be late for ballet class," Angel entered the room holding Mia's coat. After the two of them were ready to leave the house. Angel opened the door and saw Harry standing out there. She didn't even know he was coming over that day. Harry has been visiting them almost every day for the past few weeks.

"Daddy!" Mia ran into his arms.

"How's my little munchkin?" Harry gave her lots of kisses.

"Good," Mia giggled.

"Where are you two going?" he asked.

"Mia's got ballet classes. Wanna come with us?" Angel said.

"Sure. By the way nice tutu you got there." Harry said.

"Thank you. I am a ballet fairy," Mia smiled. Angel locked the door and the three of them were off to Mia's ballet classes.


"Oh my God," Harry tried to hold in his laugh. Mia had tomato sauce all over her face as she ate her spaghetti very messy. The three of them went to 'Spaghetti House' right after ballet classes.

"Mia, look at what you've done," Angel chuckled as she got a napkin and wiped her daughter's face clean.

Angel and Harry talked as they ate their food. Mia was too busy in a conversation with another toddler at the table next to her.

"Remember back in Cheshire. When we were in Primary school, and Ms Gibson used to always tell you off for causing trouble in class?" Angel laughed as she remembered her childhood with Harry.

"Oh God, she was so annoying. Harry stop doing this. Stop doing that. Harry leave the girls alone. Harry I'm going to report this to your mother," he mimicked his Primary school teacher's accent. Angel couldn't help but laugh even more.

"You have to admit you were one cheeky boy. Especially the time when you ran in the girls toilets."

"Hey! Don't blame me. You went to hide in there when we were playing tag."

"You could have waited outside, till I was going to get out from there."

"But you didn't. You spent so long in there, so I had to go in and there you were, sitting by the hand dryers."

Time had gone fast as everyone was having lunch. Harry's phone beeped, interrupting him from his speech. He took out his phone from his pocket and looked at the screen. It was a message from Liam asking where he was. That's when Harry remembered he and the guys have an interview later that day. He placed his phone back in his pocket. He continued talking about the guys' career and tours.

"Our new album comes out in a few weeks."

"I can't wait to hear it. What's that new song I've been hearing on the radio lately? Perfect." Angel said.

"Ah I see you're a directioner as well," Harry wiggled his eyebrows.

"Am not. You guys suck. You're the worst band ever." Angel joked. Harry gasped and placed a hand on his chest pretending to be offended.

"I like your songs." Mia said.

"At least someone appreciates my songs," Harry held Mia close to him and stuck his tongue out at Angel.

"Whatever." Angel rolled her eyes at him and then took a bite of her food. She glanced up at Harry and noticed he was staring at her. He had been doing that for a while now.

"What?" Angel asked. "Do I have something on my face?"

"No. You're just beautiful to look at," he smiled. Angel felt her cheeks heat up and gave a shy grin. She felt butterflies in her stomach flapping their wings and her heart beat speed up. Why was she feeling shy in front of someone she's known for a long time? It seemed like Angel's feelings for Harry had grown but she didn't want to show it. She thought Harry was only with them to be a great dad for Mia. She wondered if Harry still has feelings for her. Maybe not. Angel had second thoughts on Harry's feelings. She knew about him changing girlfriends to girlfriends between the past three years. Angel didn't want Harry to do the same thing to her and break her heart all over again.

"Angel? Are you ok?" Harry waved his hands in front of her.


"You zoned out a bit."

"Sorry about that. What were you saying?"

"I'm going to go refill my drink, I'll be right back." Harry stood up from his seat and walked away. Angel's phone buzzed in her pocket. She took it out and looked on the screen. It was a message from Grace. Angel unlocked the phone and read it.

From Grace: Hey, Angel. Are you still going to Sammy's party this Friday?

"I totally forgot about this," Angel mumbled to herself.

"What's wrong mummy?" Mia asked.

"You remember Aunty Sammy the one who we visited in Sheffield?" Mia nodded her head. "Well her birthday is this Friday and I forgot about her birthday party she has been planning." Angel explained.

"Ooo I want to come to," Mia suddenly got really excited.

"You can't silly. It's for grownups. But I don't think I'll go." Angel said. Mia frowned and crossed her arms over her chest.

"I want to go," she mumbled annoyed. Harry walked back to the table after he had refilled his cup.

"What's wrong with Mia?" Harry sat down in his seat and scooted closer to the table.

"She's upset because she's not allowed to go to Sammy's birthday party. Grace just texted me it's this Friday but I'm not going."

"Why aren't you going? You used to love to always go out and party." Harry chuckled. He remembered back when they dated, Angel was a party kind of girl always dragging Harry along with her to parties.

"Well since I had Mia I haven't partied much." Angel shrugged. "I didn't like the idea of leaving her with a babysitter. You can't trust people these days."

"Can I babysit Mia? I don't have work on Friday and then you can go and party with your girls." Harry said. Angel though for a while before answering,


"Really? You trust me to look after her." Harry seemed a bit surprised that she agreed without hesitating. Angel thinks leaving Mia alone with Harry wasn't a bad idea. He had already shown proof of being a good dad anytime he came to visit them.

"I trust you, Harry. You want to be a good dad for our daughter so I'm letting you have a chance to take care of her on your own. Plus I have work this weekend; I needed someone to babysit her anyway."

"Thank you. I promise I won't let anything bad happen to her." Harry said.

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