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"All I want is a second chance."

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This story is an interracial story (black girl X white boy). Please don't put any negative comments on the story. If you don't like it, then don't read my book.


8. Eight

Harry glanced at the large building in front of him. "This looks like the right place. I think," Harry looked at the piece of paper in front of him with Angel's address on it. Finally this day is the day he gets to meet his daughter. Harry opened the boot of his car and brought out the shopping bag containing gifts for both Angel and Mia. He then pulled out a large teddy bear hoping Mia would like it.

The last time Harry saw Angel was a month ago in the café. Harry then had to go back on tour and finish the last few shows of tour. He had to wait for longer before he could go back to London and be visiting Angel and their daughter. It was tough being away but Skyping and calling wasn't a problem. Harry was always told about how Mia is doing and how Angel is getting on with life. Harry loved to hear Angel's voice on the phone which made him fall in love with her even more. Sometimes he'd hear Mia's voice in the background which made him smile like crazy.

Harry walked into the building through the double sliding doors and took the lift to the 13th floor. Harry became more excited as he was steps away from Angel's apartment. He walked along the long corridor and finally stood in front of apartment 13B. He took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

On the other side of the door Angel was busy helping Mia clear all her toys that were scattered on the floor.

"Place your toys in the box." Angel told her daughter. Mia nodded and ran to her room with a handful of toys. Angel then heard knocking at her door. She knew exactly who was standing at the opposite side of the door. She made her way to the door and opened it.

"Hey Angel," Harry smiled.

"Hey, Harry. Come in." she allowed him to enter the apartment. Harry took of his shoe and turned to Angel.

"I brought you something." He handed over a Debenhams shopping bag to Angel. "And there's one more thing outside." He stepped out the door.

"You didn't have to." Angel took a look inside the bag. Harry came back with a large teddy bear in his arms. Angel gasped at the size of the bear. It was almost as big as her.

"I wanted to get you both something. The toys and bear for Mia and I got you a new phone since I accidently cracked the old one." Harry said.

"This is too much. Honestly I don't need the phone." Angel took out the box from the bag and insisted Harry to take it back. She was ok with using her old phone.

"Sorry I gave it away to you I'm not taking it back." Harry scooted away and lifted his hands up not wanting to hold the box. Angel rolled her eyes and set it aside.

"So where's Mia?" Harry set the large bear aside on a chair.

"In her room. I'll go call her." Angel walked towards the bedroom.

Harry's pov

As I waited for Angel to get our daughter I was getting nervous. Will this go well when I tell her that I'm her dad? Angel came back with our daughter in her arms. She was leaning her head against Angel's chest, hiding away her face.

"Don't be shy and say hi," Angel said to her as she placed her on the floor. Mia walked over to me.

"Hi," she said shyly, she then glanced at Angel and back at me.

"Hi Mia. I'm Harry your dad," I held onto her hands. Her mouth formed an O shape but she didn't say anything. What if she didn't like me? Was this the wrong time to say this?

"You're my daddy?" She finally spoke. I nodded.

"Yay I have a daddy," she hugged me. "I missed you," she said as she leaned her head on my shoulder. She pulled away from our hug and smiled at me. For the first time I got to hold my daughter.

"Our daughter, she is so...beautiful," I whispered as I touched her soft brown curly hair and looked into her emerald green eyes just like mine. I held her close to me again. Angel stood there, tears trickling down her cheeks. I knew they were tears of happiness. I motioned her to come and join the hug. We all stood there hugging for a while. Mia giggled as she was squashed between Angel and I. I'm willing to make a change. I want to be there for Angel and Mia always. I want to win Angel's heart back too but I'll have to prove it to her.

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