A dark time is coming to the Lake and the four cats from each of the clans are in the midst of all of it. A prophecy that tells of darkness coming, a forbidden power, outlawed by the first leaders of the clans, and a cat that seems to fall in love but has no hope of ever finding the one who he truly loves.


3. WindClan (Alligencies)


Onestar-brown tabby tom with blue eyes



Snowfeather-large white tom


Medicine cat:

Brairwing-light brown tabby she-cat

apprentice: Ivorypaw


Warriors: (toms and she-cats without kits)

Mothflight-white she-cat with green eyes

apprentice: Spikepaw

Reedthorn-dark gray tom

apprentice: Crowpaw

Fallowclaw-dark brown tabby she-cat

Dawnfall-brown she-cat

apprentice: Heatherpaw

Stripepelt-pale tabby tom

Darkwhisker-black tom with silver tabby stripes

Goldenwhisker-golden and black tom

Silvertail-silver tabby she-cat

apprentice: Bettlepaw

Rainfall-dark gray tabby tom

apprentice: Nightpaw

Poppybreeze-tortoiseshell and white she-cat

Morningbreeze-tortoiseshell she-cat


Apprentices: (more than six moons in training to become warriors)

Heatherpaw-light ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Breezepaw-black tom with amber eyes

Spikepaw-spikyy gray tom

Nightpaw-black she-cat

Crowpaw-smokey dark gray tom

Bettlepaw-brown tabby tom


Queens: (she-cats nursing or expecting kits) 

Swallowflight-pale gray tabby she-cat with amber eye

Flywing-pale gray tabby she-cat

Thorntail-black and white she-cat


Elders: (former warriors and queens, now retired)

Pinefur-dark ginger tabby tom

Weedtail-pale gray and white tabby tom

Swifttail-black and white tom

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