Tattoos and Porcelaine

Eliza wasn't much of a school person. She didn't do well in her classes and would much rather just not go. That is, until she met the new kid in school.


1. Meeting

Eliza knew she was having a hard time in school, but failing all her classes? She worked so hard! She just couldn't get the work to stick in her head.


As she turned the corner to the art room in her school, tears pricking her eyes, she bumped into something... Somebody. A warm hard chest was what she was facing. Eliza looked up slowly to see a boy she didn't recognize. She looked at him, trying to remember a black haired boy with a fringe and a lip piercing, but she had no remembrance of him in her mind. She'd never met him. Being in her last year of high school she should know everybody there, but not this guy.


"Oh- Excuse me. Didn't see you there." The deep, velvety voice said. Eliza was shocked at how sweet yet mysteriously dark his voice sounded.


"N-no no.. It's my fault! I wasn't watching where I was going. I'm sorry." She replied to him as she took a step back, shyly tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "I was just um.. Trying to get to the art room." She tugged on the sleeves of her jumper and chewed on her bottom lip, something she tended to do when she was nervous.


The boy laughed and extended a hand to her "Name's Brandon." He didn't say much more, but stood there watching her with his royal blue eyes.


Eliza took his hand, shaking it softly as she whispered "Eliza.." She noticed, as she shook the newly named boy's hand, that his jacket slipped up on his arm to reveal a quote tattooed onto his wrist that stated 'Be you' in a beautiful cursive print. She could imagine many more tattoos under those sleeves.


Brandon nodded at her in acknowledgment before stepping sideways and walking past her. Eliza looked after him until he turned the corner and disappeared. She walked into the art room, not able to shake the awkward feeling of curiousness about the new boy whom she'd just met.

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