Tattoos and Porcelaine

Eliza wasn't much of a school person. She didn't do well in her classes and would much rather just not go. That is, until she met the new kid in school.


2. All is Fair in Art & War

A week passed and Eliza hadn't bumped into Brandon again. She had, however, seen him a few times. In the library and at lunch. Sometimes she would catch him looking at her.


Eliza found release in art and music. After each day she would go to the art room to paint to her hearts content. She turned the corner to the art room, much as she did the day she bumped into Brandon. Eliza didn't expect to see Brandon standing in the art room in a tank top with a white apron on to protect his clothing as he let the brush glide against the canvas.


Brandon wasn't much expecting the beautiful girl that he bumped into a few days before to be back again, she had shown up earlier than normal. He looked up from the canvas and straight into the mossy green eyes of Eliza, taken aback by the sight of her. She had changed out of her school clothes, a knee length white dress with black converse and a brown jacket that stopped just below her chest, and into black skinny jeans and a white shirt with the same black converse. She looked as beautiful as ever.


Eliza didn't say a word to him as she walked towards the small closet at the back of the room, grabbing some paints and her canvas that she had been working on. She sat her things up next to the boy with the tattoos up his arms, as she thought they would be, and snuck a glance at his painting. She saw scarlet red drawn into swirls the developed into the single pedal of a rose floating away from the flower in itself.


The painting gave her a chill, causing Brandon to look at her with a smug smile and back at his finished piece. They locked eyes in that second before they both looked away. She turned back to her own painting, suddenly insecure of it. She traced her fingers over the painted swirls that created a heart made out of the treble clef and the bass clef, trying to figure out what to do next. What surprised her was when she heard that velvety deep voice next to her say "splatter paint." As he grabbed her brush and stood behind her, brushing his fingers over the paint on the brush, causing droplets to land around the heart.


"I love it.." Eliza said as she grabbed another color and did the same as he did. They went back and forth doing this until paint landed on Eliza and some on Brandon and they started to paint each other instead of the canvas. "Oh my god, stop!" Eliza laughed as Brandon got some blue in her hair.


"You started it!" Brandon laughs as he drops the brush into the bucket of paint and looks around the room. "Wow.. We made a mess. We should clean." He says, grabbing a rag and Eliza does the same.


"Let's get to it.."

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