Erika's Revenge part 1

About a girl that gets magical powers to save lives but then something bad happens will she learn how to control her powers


2. A new freind

Abby sees me with my wings and so does Kira and everyone in that place was looking at me.What is up with you Erika you got wings this better not be a prank.They even saw my bloddy arm they got me a chocolate ice cream and then we left with everyone looking at me.My dad about flipped out when he saw my wings my mom dropped my dinner of the floor.And my sisters Emma and Eva screamed and Eathen stared at them.Dad told them to go into the other room while he talked to me.I explained everything to dad Abby and Kira had to leave.But Eathen stayed becuse i said no please stay i'm scared.He actually stayed for me.I don't know why he ussually is emotional and says no all the time.I think he did because he felt bad for me then he gave me a hug.My dad came back and i explaind everything.And Eathen told him that he bit one of the bullies.


Dad told me to be careful about my wings hopeing no one would hate me.I dont hate her said Eathen i really like her i think she's a good freind.I blushed and gave a little smile.But i wasn't really in the mood to smile.Because of what was going on i was suprized of my sparkely purple wings.Dad gave me a slice of cake that said i'm proud of you thats when i was really confused.Daddy said thanks to you everybody will know your know your name my dear i love you.I love you to daddy aren't you mad at me.My dad said no but as he pointed to Eathen can you try to teach her how to use her powers.Sure i think i can said Eathen then i told daddy i was going on a journey to try out my powers.I said goodbye to my parents and sisters and left


We stopped at a hotel then Abby called she's probly worried about me.Abby said hey Erika you didnt show up for school today neither did Eathen are you two okay.Then i told her about our journey and the wings.WHAT Abby shouted no you can't leave were bffs i'll come visit i promise we'll be fine Abby tell Kira i said hi bye Abby.Then i heard a noise outside it was a slight ....char..i went outside.It was a injured Charmander i took it inside and i put antibiotic oitment on it then i took it to a room with band aids to strap up the wounds.The next day it was fully healed Eathen said we can't just leave him here good idea.I asked him how would you like to come with us char char he awnsered come on.We have a new freind in the group now

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