Erika's Revenge part 1

About a girl that gets magical powers to save lives but then something bad happens will she learn how to control her powers


1. How it all began

My name is Erika i'm a bit different then other people.This is how i became different it's also how i got my crush to like me.It was the first day of middle school i was nervous i went to the gym.I started to see a couple people i didn't know then i saw a freind from a year ago.Well two freinds actually it was Abby and Kira and i saw one more Eathen.Eathen was a good guy he was popular too i walked to Abby and Kira.Hey Erika they scream at me come sit with us i thought to myself ok their old freinds why not.Then Eathen walks up to me i'm like oh jeez then all he says to me is hi i haven't seen you in a while Erika.Then he asked me to sit with him at lunch i said yes proudly.Abby and kira was sitting at the same table i kind of felt relived that they were.I finally got my class schedual my mom couldn't get it at the meeting for some reason.I went to my first class witch was math class in my head i said why.Why in the world did 1st period have to be math class.I only came to this school to make freinds and attend music class.


I went to my math class i dont see Eathen or Abby or Kira i was a bit down then this girl walks up to me.She asks do you like Harry Potter i said no i love Harry Potter.She pulls out a box that says Harry Potters wand on it.She opens the box it has a wand in it.Wow where did you get that wand? I asked she said from Universal Studios i got this on sale.I'm Courtney whats your name i say Erika thats a good name she says.I say we should pay attention  to Mrs Brown or we'll get in alot of trouble then class ends.I head to lunch i get my tray of food Abby and Kira are already there but were was Eathen.Then i hear footsteps then i hear ahhhh did he seriously just jumpscare me.I'm serious he just scared me Abby and Kira start laughing i shout FINE I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN WITH HIM!


After school i go get an ice cream with Abby and Kira i text my dad what i'm doing.He said be home before dark i love you i text i love you to back.Then i say how about you guys meet me there i'll be there soon.Thats when i hear bullying he dosen't deserve to be popular he only cares about himself.I peek aroud a corner i see Eathen standing still in a corner against a wall.Then they called him fat and stupid thats when i got a bit stupid.I shouted' how dare you speak to him that way.They said hey look another chump lets beat them up.EATHEN RUN AWAY i shouted".Eathen actually bit one of them thats when i started to glow.I got lifted up into the air with bright light surrounding me i felt something growing on my back.Then the light stopped i don't know why i was still in the air then i heard something flapping.I had wings i was suprized why in the world did i have wings.That's when i held out my hands there was alot of white beams comeing out of my hands.Erika what are you doing said Eathen i dont know all of a sudden this is happening.Then it ended then the bullies ran away.What was that then i went to the ice cream place where everyone was looking at me.




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