Terminally Capricious

Sup, Want some Faygo?
The names Gamzee Makara.
I'm one of the 24 trolls,
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you.

0h plea2e,
D0nt miind hiim.
Hii my name ii2 20llux, 20llux Capt0r.
iit was niice kn0wiing y0u,
And y0ure g0iing two need 20me help iif y0u want to 2urviive ar0und here.
G00d luck, ii gue22.


2. Trapped

I sit up in my king-size bed.

Before you ask, my parents aren't rich, we inherited most of the money from my great-great gran-mama.

Which kind of makes us rich I guess...

The nightmare wasn't scary, just freaky. Everything seems so real, like the boy, if they actually were a boy, was right behind me.

I wipe the sweat from my forehead, and sigh, Then I re-close my eyes.

I gasp as I feel something wrap around my wrists,

"Shhhhhhhh." A voice sounds, echoing around my room. I try and move my hands, but something cuts into my wrists, stopping me.


"W-what do you want? Are you here to k-kill me?"

The reply is a rough laugh, "Nope."

"W-why, w-why me? A-are you here to R-rape me?"

The laughing stops, "Heavens! No!" 

I let out a sigh of relief, as the stranger gets rid of the handcuffs, and I turn around reveling my suspect.

It's a boy. He's tall but he doesn't look much older than me, he has jet black hair and sharp teeth that look like fangs, he wears blue and red glasses that look like those 3d glasses I used to get at the cinema.

Protruding from his hair are four yellow and orange... horns?

But the thing that startles me the most is when he takes off his blue and red glasses, his eyes are the exact same colour. The one on the right, red and the left one, blue.

He grins when he sees me staring, baring his sharp teeth.

Then he sticks out his tongue, which is bright yellow.

"My names Sollux." He says, introducing himself, "Sollox Captor."


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