Terminally Capricious

Sup, Want some Faygo?
The names Gamzee Makara.
I'm one of the 24 trolls,
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you.

0h plea2e,
D0nt miind hiim.
Hii my name ii2 20llux, 20llux Capt0r.
iit was niice kn0wiing y0u,
And y0ure g0iing two need 20me help iif y0u want to 2urviive ar0und here.
G00d luck, ii gue22.


1. Meeting with the Devil

I screamed, waking myself from a horrific nightmare.


Darkness covers everything, apart from a table in the center of the room, on the table are three items, a knife, a hammer and a can of... Faygo?
I hear a sudden raspy voice telling me to choose an item. I Dwell on taking the knife or the hammer, but Instinct takes over and I grab the can of Faygo.

"Good choice." The voice says suddenly behind me, but this time it sounds more friendly, more like a boy my age.

I turn my body around quickly to see nothing but black.

After a moment the black morphs into indigo, and one more thing is said before I wake:

"Watch your back Lilmama."

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