Terminally Capricious

Sup, Want some Faygo?
The names Gamzee Makara.
I'm one of the 24 trolls,
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you.

0h plea2e,
D0nt miind hiim.
Hii my name ii2 20llux, 20llux Capt0r.
iit was niice kn0wiing y0u,
And y0ure g0iing two need 20me help iif y0u want to 2urviive ar0und here.
G00d luck, ii gue22.


11. Jennie's POV

That was about the time that Karkat fled from the room.

It was also the time that I followed him, despite Sollux's pleads and shouts.

He was lying on the grass, staring up at the starry sky, with red tears streaming down his pale grey face.

His breathing was still heavy, I could tell from the crude way his chest was rising and falling out of sync.

I sat down on the grass next to him, and he didn't even flinch.

We sat in silence for a good few minutes, his crying slowed and I heard his breathing calm.

"I'm not like the rest of them." He said while sighing.

"You're like me though." I replied.

He turned his head slightly, so he could look me straight in the eyes.

"That's not true."

I groaned, what was it going to take? I went back into his house and grabbed a small but sharp knife, and then ran back out into the garden.

Karkat hadn't moved.

I took the knife and slid the blade down my palm in a swift moment.

I cringed with pain as the crimson blood started flowing.

He looked at my hand, then back at my face with disbelief.

"You are like me."

Slowly he took the knife from my right hand and slid it across his own hand, drawing his crimson blood.

"Don't tell anyone about this."

He took a deep breath in, and quickly kissed me, leaving me stunned and then grabbed my cut hand with his own.

"Now we can be blood brothers, or whatever you humans called it."

"Yeah, I believe its blood brothers."

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