Terminally Capricious

Sup, Want some Faygo?
The names Gamzee Makara.
I'm one of the 24 trolls,
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you.

0h plea2e,
D0nt miind hiim.
Hii my name ii2 20llux, 20llux Capt0r.
iit was niice kn0wiing y0u,
And y0ure g0iing two need 20me help iif y0u want to 2urviive ar0und here.
G00d luck, ii gue22.


8. Crap

After a while, Karkat ran off looking for Gamzee.

"I did warn him to be careful..." Sollux says,

I was getting late and the moon was out,  covered by clouds, the stars shining around.

"You look tired." Sollux smiles weakly, and brushes the hair out of my eyes. "I'm going to bed. You coming?" He then says getting up,

"Yeah, I'll be there in a minute." I say smiling at him as he leaves,

- A few moments later- ( Do this in the spongebob voice)

I slowly get up and walk through Sollux's hive, He keeps a huge pile of honeycomb in one corner of the room, with the bees all sleeping around it. Then at the other side of the room he has a huge array of computers and wires splayed all over the place.

I walk over to his bedroom door, trying to dodge around the sleeping bees, and enter his bedroom.

He has a bed in one corner and another computer, and yet another pile of honeycomb,

He stands behind the honeycomb, I think he's mumbling to himself.

"Sollux?" I ask nervously, 

"Y-yeah?" He asks back, I sigh, he is okay after all.

He steps out from behind the honeycomb, he has his glasses off so his red and blue eyes glisten, and he is wearing only his boxers.

"U-um." I can't speak when I see him, Jesus Christ he's attractive.


I close my eyes tightly so all I can see is black,

"S-sorry." He says, He doesn't sound that far away...

Suddenly I feel something warm press against my body, and I open my eyes.

It's Sollux, he has his hands around my waist and his nearly naked body pressed against me. 

I stare at his neck, not knowing what to do, and he picks me up and sits me on his bed.

He then gulps and lets go of me. 

"S-sorry!" He says like he didn't know what he was doing,

I sit in silence on the end of his bed as he clambers under the covers, he must sleep in just his boxers.

"You'll get cold just sitting there like that." He says patting the duvet.

I grin and lie next to him, under the covers.

He then kisses me on the forehead and turns over so his back is facing me.

"Goodnight." He says sleepily,

"Night." I say back, but I don't think he heard me.

He was already asleep.




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