Realiy VS Fiction

Chloe was the most popular girl in school. Justin was the most popular boy in school. Popularity forced them to be together but pushed them apart. One day Chloe tried internet dating as did Justin. However there was a massive twist. Princess2003 and Ladbehindamask44 both fall in love only to figure out their true identities


4. My life gets turned up side down...

Justin tried to apoligise but i couldn't accept. He has fucked up my life to much. Eventually friday came. I was going to finally meet him. The boy who has made my life complete. Ever since he found out who i was i have gotten cute little notes in my locker and my books. He would message me everyday not giving me any clues to who he was. I felt myself falling in love. Friday came and i was ready. My mums eyes filled with tears as i walked down the stairs. As i saw her i started to cry.

Mum: Aww my baby!

Chloe: Mum, don't i need to go.

Mum: OK but don't forget your mask

My mum gave me a lilac coloured mask and place my brown hair over the string. My blue eyes shone throw. I had pictures with my family and finally we left. As i walked in all eyes turned on me. I could feel the girls getting jealous and the boys un dressing me with their eyes. As i walked in slowly the attention was lost. I walked over to the punch and as i went to grab the ladle and a hand pulled it and dripped the drink into my cup. Justin. 

Justin: You look beautiful.... Chloe.

Chloe: How di-

Justin: Lilac. It's your favorite colour, even though everyone else thinks it's pink.

Chloe: I have only told one person that. Your ladbehindamask44.

Justin: Surprise.

Chloe: You can't be. He is so nice and your so... dick like.

Justin: I know.

Chloe: I'm sorry i have to go.

Justin: Chloe, wait let me explain.

Before he could say anything i ran out the back door into the woods. I rn out to a lake. I sat there crying. I heard the leaves snap and i sobbed up under my breath. 

Justin: Princess?

Chloe: Urggh Justin, how you have fucked up my life! *laughs*

Justin: I know, You know out of all the years we have lived next door to each other you have never ever met my family. *laughs*

Chloe: Well, to be honest i was scared they are all like you. Dicks *laughs*

Justin: Yep i desserved that.

He put his arm around my shoulder.

Justin: Chloe?

Chloe Yeah?

Justin: I'm sorry, if i knew that it was your sister i wouldn't have done it. The truth is i was frustrated. I lost you and i know you think i only went out with you to keep up my popularity but no. I have loved you ever since I first laid eyes on you.

Chloe: Justin. We were 5. 

Justin: Well, i was i-

Bang! I turned to a dark figure standing behind Justin. H was holding a metal poll. He used one hand to grab my wrist and the other to cover my mouth he dragged me to a dark van and shoved me in the back.

Man 1: Justin owes me money so until he gives me my money he can't have you.

 Chloe: Please! I mean nothing to Justin. 

Man 2: Then what was that speech?

I sat there in silence. Once again Justin has fucked me up!

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