Realiy VS Fiction

Chloe was the most popular girl in school. Justin was the most popular boy in school. Popularity forced them to be together but pushed them apart. One day Chloe tried internet dating as did Justin. However there was a massive twist. Princess2003 and Ladbehindamask44 both fall in love only to figure out their true identities


2. LADBEHINDAMASK44 Princess2003


I was left stood in the bathroom stall. I know I didn't really love her but it still hurt me seeing she was upset. I did care for her I went looking for her in the car park but she wasn't there. I had to get home. I jumped in my black SUV and drove i tried to text Chloe but I knew she was to made at me. Everyone seeing our arugemeant earlier could ruin both of our reputation. However part of my mind did know that it really was over. For good. I ran upstairs to my laptop and opened it up to an add. Internet dating. What was the harm? I filled out he questions and instantly regretted it. Ladbehindamask44. Chessey as fuck but there it was for people to see. About 5 minutes later there was already a match. Princess2003. She sounded like i already knew her but i couldn't have surely.

Me: Hello there Princess

Princess2003: Hey ;)

Me: So... How come you are Princess? ;p

Princess2003: How come your hide behind a mask?

Me: Well you have me there ;)

Princess2003: Let's ask some useful questions, Are you a douchebag?

Me: Well, that is where i hide behind a mask. At school i guess i am forced to act like that. To keep the image of what they think i should be like. I guess sometimes i get caught up in it. That's probably why my ex is now my ex.

Princess2003: Wow. You are so different to my ex. All he care's about is sex. I coouldn't cope with it so i left him.

Me: Well My Princess, He should have treated you better. I know this is weird but where do you live?

There wasn't a reply for a while. I found this amazing girl. Tears fillied my eyes. Noo. I'm Justin Biebier. I don't cry over girls. Then *Pling* The smile reformed on my face. 

 Princess2003: Ontraio Canada you?

Me: Same! What school?

Princess2003: Strattford high!

Me: Same, Do i know you?

Princess2003 is offline


The first time i tried internet dating and i find someone from my school. Who was it though? The next Justin was leant against his locker. I walked by trying to ignore him. He grabbed my arm and pulled me in and just hugged me. No ass grabbing just a normal genuine hug.

Chloe: Justin, what happened?

Justin: I'm sorry. I have said a million times but i am really really sorry. I met someone and they taught me something. I am the biggest idiot, twat, ridiculous and horrible human being ever created. So to make it up to you come round mine tonight.

Chloe: Really! You really just said that and want s-

Justin: No not sex. To met my family, to have dinner!

Chloe: But we are broken up.

Justin: As friends. PLeasee!!

He gave me his biggest puppy dog eyes.

Chloe: Fine but only as friends.

Justin: Fineeee *laughs*

By the time lunch came all i could think about was the guy i met last night. He is here. Somewhere in this room. I was lost in my own world when i heard clattering. I turned to see Justin laughing at a girl on the floor. She tried to pick up her books but every-time she would Justin and His friends Ryan and Chaz would all kick her, slap her, punch her and spit at her. I grabbed my bag and ran over.

Chloe: JUSTIN!

Justin: What girl?

Chloe: If you even touch her one more time i swear to good i will make your life a living hell.

Justin: What is she to you anyway baby girl?

Chloe: I'm not your baby girl and after this i never will be again.

Everyone: ohhhhhh

Justin: Why do you even care about some love life slag two years below us?

Chloe: That LowLife slag two years below happens to be my little sister. So are you going to continue like the jackass you are or are you going to stop but still be a jackass.

Justin: Chloe......

Chloe: Oh and if it wasn't that ovbious for your tiny brain, dinner is off friends and more.

I pulled up my sister of the ground, her lip was cut in sevreal different places. wrists were swallon and eyes black and the rest of her body black and blue. Who was this person who doid this to my sister? And who was Ladbehindamask44?



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