A Trophy Dragon's Trophy Treasure

A skittering city-
A wildlife reserve-
Nothing normal-
Dragons everywhere-
and a stag.


2. 2- It

Oh, god.




Why had he followed that dragon?

Why had he stopped when he was going to attack it?

Why had he not the guts to stop passing out after a simple tail to his head?

Gods, whyyyyy....

“You’re mine now,” growled the black drake with the brown-tipped scales an air of foolish importance hanging around trying to scare him. Also, it worked.

So he could hear everything that the drake said... even though he couldn’t move at all like a paralyzed red admiral caterpillar after an ichneumon wasp had laid it’s eggs in it which would eat it alive from inside out....oh gods.

His finger twitched and he could almost taste the hope- and the dragon stepped on it.@#%@!! “Where did you come from, my sweet? I could go back over there and capture everyone that you love. That shall be fun.”


It thinks i’m a girl!

The horror!

The impotence....

I don’t look anything like a girl.


No,- wait.

Do i look like a girl?

Oh gods!

Now, he didn’t like dragons at all considering the scaly black-hearted reptile that attacked his home, every single day and now this thing captured poor old him who had done nothing at all except smack his head on a tree multiple times out of frustration.

This was ridiculous!

Why did dragons even had to snack on people all the time?

It didn’t help that this drake had just happened to walk out of the park and snatch him suddenly them walk back out as if it was of great nonchalance. Or that he had robot arms. Nice strong now very useless robot arms(himself, not the stupid dragon).


Not helping.

Or that-


The drake’s claws extended as he hit the boy upside the head with a paw coated in liquidly brilliant black scales.

He fainted.


His waking dreams told him:

A dragon with auburn eyes and green scales (the perfect combo!) tapped his forehead with a mock look of worry. It was the size of him with a haughty look and open wings.


“Excuse me, do i know you?” he asked.





“Oh, don’t i wish.” she sighed. “ It’s me, hello!”





“Uh...right. Oh yeah, i remember now.”





She raised her eyes to the heavens and back again. “Really, Stupid Big Feet, i cannot imagine a better show of intelligence.”


Why didn’t he remember her name?




“Oh,dear. What am i going to do with you?”


She broke off, started and turned back when he heard a ringing cry- and it felt like as if the sound set off a match inside the dragon, like a kitten’s mewling would.


“You have to wake,” she sighed again.


“It needs you.”






The sky stared back at him as he opened his eyes with some difficulty, the clouds moving steadily across the blue expanse blocked by leaves with gave the light a cool effect.

The dragon!

He bolted up to his feet so hard that he almost smacked into a tree with a deadly effect, and whipped around.


What about the-

A low note of growling and the unmistakable sound of scales rasping against one another made him stiffen and his spine straightened up and his two arms twitched as he looked over his shoulder.

His vision seemed to be corrupt as he stared at the two battling beasts...the black male was bigger than the rival, his spines and wings waving as if caught in the wind and he was glowing black all over- like evilness or something.

But the other....

He thought his head would burn up in flames if he stared too long and raised a hand to shield his eyes. It was so bright!

Her small slender, perfect figure, and lashed(?), slanted big green almond shaped eyes of the vixen obviously stated that she was a female and judging by the lump in her throat and her stiff pin straight tail she was in danger. She was giving the drake the evil eye and emitted a stronger, white glow while her spikes on the back of her head were in a slanted position, which he guessed conveyed emotion as a cat’s ears does.

This he was not going to tolerate.

First the humans, then it’s own kind!

He lowered his head like a bull (possibly looking stupid) and took a few leaping steps, then-


He staggered back, as the male dragon was bowled over then turned tail and fled without so much as a glance back. His head felt a phantom pain where he hit the big fat scaly reptile in its metallic side.

He turned to the vibria.

She was watching the male’s fleeing haunches with an atmosphere of reluctance- a reluctance to look at him. But she finally slid her eyes away from that undignified sight and stared, her clubbed eyelashes meeting briefly as she blinked obscuring that green orb for a heartbeat.

Her ‘why did you do that?’ look made him start to regret that knocking away of the other dragon, but it was just that he was standing do close, like a threatening tiger, so close to the vixen...

Dragons don’t have as many facial expressions as a human, but it can be told by their naked emotions reflected in their eyes. Gala black-rimmed eyes were round and starting to glitter at the ends as her pupils dilated in uncertainty and fear. With the enemy dragon, she could predict what it was going to do and where it came from and why it was attacking in the first place, but with him... she didn’t know.

If there was one thing that all people fear collectively it was the fear of the unknown, the things they can’t solve, what shouldn’t be there.

He really should not have interfered. What if the dragon was just having a slight argument over a family matter? Or if she had been sleeping and was shaken awake by her son or something similar? 

Humans cannot properly begin to understand what goes on in a dragon’s life or their head, how they live and what they experience. But their general fears could be discerned, and he had just struck one.

He really shouldn’t have interfered.

Her eyes narrowed and, in a random motion she shot out her shapely light leather wing in front of him as sudden as the blowing of a balloon. He was forced to start looking at it instead, and that one feature that came angrily to the forefront of his mind was three, long, clean cut wounds sliced across the skin like lines of carmine.

Was she trying to tell him something? Had this dragon been tamed before but run away, and was friendly to a human?

Possibly not.

The dragon he had ‘saved’ curled up her wing again,pressing it tight, watching him suspiciously. Few things were are drawing as an inquisitive dragon’s stare, which had certain hypnotic powers upon a person’s mind like how the stoat dances to the amazement of the rabbits.

She seemed to be willing him to go away- which actually did hurt a bit, coming from an animal. Her legs carefully moved to under her belly as if she was trying not to draw attention to them as she never broke her gaze and her wings half-opened as if in preparation to fly away. She leaned back from him, tucking her chin and arching her neck elegantly like a swan away from him like if he was the monster under her bed.



The last thing he saw was her eye looking down at him which the expression,

“Oh, dear. What am i going to do with you?”

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