Temptation of the Bad Boy

"You're mine."

"You can't just own me!"

"Oh princess, you don't have a choice."
Winter didn't exactly have the "Rich" and "Perfect" life everyone thought she did. Her mom and dad passed away when she was young, her twin brother ran off somewhere with his girlfriend and to top it all off, her step dad is an abusive drinker. Then, she met an emerald green eyed boy who tried to change her world around, and it worked. But it wasn't him who changed it, it was an unknown number,

Unknown number:
Hello beautiful, I love how you don't have to even try to look beautiful and you look better than any girl I've ever met.

She thought she knew who the bad guy was, and made all the wrong decisions.


9. |Chapter 9|



Jake was the first to make a move. He charged forward and swung at Stephan, but Stephan dodged and backed up. Stephan was bouncing on his toes, waiting for Jake to make another move, but surprising Jake's shoulders relaxed. Stephan saw this and relaxed. But that wasn't such a good idea because as soon as Jake saw Stephan relax he slashed him. Stephan staggered back clutching his stomach. He looked down at his shirt, blood seeping through it. Before Stephan could react, I grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the shack.

The cold air of the night hit my face. Behind me, Stephan was moaning and groaning, as I reached my car, I threw my back pack in the backseat and helped Stephan get into the truck. I slammed the door and hopped into the drivers seat. I started the car, and for a second I just sat there. Staring out at all the people coming out of the shack, pilling into there cars, probably going home to there loved ones.


"Don't, Steph." I started the car and started to back out of the shack's parking lot.

"Gosh dang it, Winter! You always do this! Just listen to me for once!" He slammed his fist on the dashboard and I jumped, making us swerve a little.

"Listen, I Have to tell you something but i know you'll hate me after.."

"You know you can tell me anything, I may be mad now but later I won't, Ill always love you.." I took my hand and intertwined with his.

"That's what this is about.." He let go of my hand, and looked at me.

"idontdovu." He mumbled, under his breath. "what?" I laughed at little, but no smile came from him. He breathed and then spoke,

"I Don't love you."

"What?" I looked over at him, that couldn't be true..

"I'm sorry, It all started with a dare.."

"No, no... You're lying to me..Please tell me you're lying.."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry for everything but I'm mostly sorry for what I'm about to do.."

"What-"  Before I could finish, his hand came in contact with the steering wheel and he drove of straight into another car.

That night, he tried to kill us but instead he killed a mother and her two children...

// End of flashback //

"Hello?" I look up to see my dad and Stephan looking at me, I let go of my scar that has been there for so long since that night, my dad never knew it about him because I wasn't allowed to date anyone. "As I was saying, Winter meet Stephan, Stephan meet Winter." Stephan stuck his hand out, "Nice to meet you."

Oh, so this is how its gonna be? Two can play at that game.

I Stuck my hand out to meet his, "Pleasure." I smiled and let go of his hand. "So no offense but why are you here?"

"Well, He's going to be staying here for 3 months be-"

"No!" Oops, I covered my mouth. He looked at me, confused, "What?"

"No, that's great I mean." I reply quickly. "As I was saying, he's going to be staying for 3 months, because you have been very undisciplined lately and he is here to help fix that problem." I mentally rolled my eyes, "Okay well I'm going to bed, night dad and new stranger."

"No IM going to bed, your staying down here to bond with him." Looking at me angrily. I roll my eyes in reply and don't speak, sitting in front of him.

He walks upstairs as we wait to hear his door shut. We sit there for what seemed like forever. I finally hear his door shut, standing up quickly. "Night!!" I say quickly, starting to walk upstairs. "WAIT!" He replays quickly, "Where am I suppose to sleep?" I roll my eyes and look back, "On the couch, duh?" I walk upstairs, leaving him behind. I think to myself, "This is going to be a long three months."


Sorry it's short! Hope you like it! -Val

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