Temptation of the Bad Boy

"You're mine."

"You can't just own me!"

"Oh princess, you don't have a choice."
Winter didn't exactly have the "Rich" and "Perfect" life everyone thought she did. Her mom and dad passed away when she was young, her twin brother ran off somewhere with his girlfriend and to top it all off, her step dad is an abusive drinker. Then, she met an emerald green eyed boy who tried to change her world around, and it worked. But it wasn't him who changed it, it was an unknown number,

Unknown number:
Hello beautiful, I love how you don't have to even try to look beautiful and you look better than any girl I've ever met.

She thought she knew who the bad guy was, and made all the wrong decisions.


5. |Chapter 5|

From the outside, Camille High looked almost normal. A lot nicer than most public school. Okay, nicer than any public school I've ever been to. But it was just the outside. Only the outside.

And what I saw inside made the outside look like scum. There were black marble pillars and red marble floors and walls. There were crystal chandeliers scattered all above us on the ceiling. We went through the first door on our left, at the top of the door it read,

"Bad people are among us." Wow, okay rude. I looked at the lady at the desk, she wore a black guardian with some black jeans, and you could see she had a cross tattoo on her neck. She was turned around, I coughed awkwardly and she jumped a turned around. I stuck out my hand, "Winter Adams." I smiled but it then turned into a frown as she just stared at my hand, "MY pleasure." She said, looking ay my step dad and shaking his hand, leaving me hanging. "My daughter is her today to attend your discipline high school. I know she's already going to love it here, It's a beauty. Isn't it?" I stared at her and my dad, mouth a gap. "Isn't it, Winter?" I rolled my eyes and nodded my head yes.

"Your schedule is ready to go and as of right now your in second period. So you better hurry. Move along." She rushed me out of the door and slammed the door in my face.

She forgot to give me my schedule. I knocked back on the door and she opened it, "What?"

"Uhm, you forgot to give me my schedule?" She rolled her eyes and walked off. I stepped in and she handed it to me and pushed me back out. Dad smiled at me from the lobby chair, "Have a good day, child dearest." The door slammed in my face another time. I looked down at my schedule:

1st Period: ELA | Mrs. Relay | Room 206 |

2nd Period: Math | Mr. Tredller | Room 1104 |

3rd Period: Free period

4th Period: World History | Mr. Johnson | Room 1306 |

Lunch: 12:06 - 12:32

5th Period: Science | Mr. Eller | Room 402 |

6th Period: Music appreciation | Mrs. Trentful | Room 509 |

7th period: Art | Mrs. Wert | Room 114 |

You know I really could go for McDonalds right now, I sighed. Alright room 1104.. I walked down the hall looking at the numbers.. 100 hall.. 200.. 300.. AHAh elevator. You thought you could hide behind that big plant didn't you Mr. elevator? Well ill show you! I clicked the up button aggressively and the doors opened. And out came a blondie, "Ew, Lemme guess.. a newbie?" She sneered, still standing in the elevator, I looked at her, "Lemme guess, a Barbie?" She glared at me, "Are you gonna get in or not?"

"I'll take the next one, I wouldn't want to catch an STD on my first day here. Thanks though, blondie." I smiled and before she could say anything, I  pressed the button and the door closed. 

I spit my gum into the trashcan behind me and started walking. You know what?

I think I'll take the McDonalds offer right about now, I crumbled my schedule and threw it into the trash bin behind me.

"Littering isn't good, newbie." I whipped around to see a guy- a really hot guy at that- holding my schedule and de-crumbling it. "Hot diggity dayum." I slapped my hand over my mouth, that wasn't suppose to come out like that. He chuckled, but it was the strangest thing, his mouth didn't move. And then something else strange happened, out came another one of him from behind him.

"Hot diggity double dayum."

"She's funny, I like her." The one that popped out said. "Can we keep her?" Keep me? What?

"That's how we got in here, you twat." I giggled, and the one in front looked at me and stuck out his hand, "Mason. " I took his hand into mine, "Winter. Winter Adams."

"And this is my twin brother.." The second one stepped forward,  "Fall." He smiled and stuck out his hand. I chuckled, "Real name would be nice."

"Ashton. But you can call me Ash." He winked. Mason rolled his eyes, "Ashton you should get to class."

"But-" Mason glared at him and he turned around and walked down the hall, kicking the lockers.

 "So newbie," Mason said, "What class are you trying to skip?" He opened my schedule, "Ah, Mr. Tredller. Now I see why you're skipping. Here, allow me to assist you to the classroom?" I chuckled, the way he said thinks made it sound so old fashioned. He pressed the up arrow on the elevator and this time,

There were now barbies.



Left is Ashton

Right is Mason




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