Temptation of the Bad Boy

"You're mine."

"You can't just own me!"

"Oh princess, you don't have a choice."
Winter didn't exactly have the "Rich" and "Perfect" life everyone thought she did. Her mom and dad passed away when she was young, her twin brother ran off somewhere with his girlfriend and to top it all off, her step dad is an abusive drinker. Then, she met an emerald green eyed boy who tried to change her world around, and it worked. But it wasn't him who changed it, it was an unknown number,

Unknown number:
Hello beautiful, I love how you don't have to even try to look beautiful and you look better than any girl I've ever met.

She thought she knew who the bad guy was, and made all the wrong decisions.


3. |Chapter 3|

After everyone went home, me and James sat together on the bench.
"Do you ever just wanna pack a suitcase and just run away and just never stop running?" I mumble. 
"Doesn't everyone?" He smiles. "Yes but do you?"
"Only with you." He leans closer. 
A honk beside us scares us apart and we look to see who the driver is.

My eyes widened when I realized that I was about to kiss James, who I've only known for a couple of hours. I looked at who honked,

My dad.

"Jesus! There you are. I have been looking everywhere for you, young lady!" He yells getting out of the car. "Get in the car now! You are gonna get such a beating when we get home!" He yells grabbing me and shoving me into the car. He turns toward James.
"And you!" He growls.
Oh no.

"Shut up! You're already in enough trouble." He barks and grabs James up by his collar.
I try opening the door but it's locked. "Don't you ever touch her. She is so useless." He growls into his face.

James gets enough room to release his hand and punches dad. Then James goes running as soon as my dad lets go of him. 
He slams the door and starts the car.
"How DARE you disobey me. I work my butt off-"

"YOU work your butt off? HA!" He sits on the couch all day, how is that working his butt off?
He slams on the break so hard my head slams into the dashboard. He slammed the car into park and got out. He took several strides to my side of the car and jerked my door open, reached in and grabbed my shoulder with incredible force, and yanked me out. 
I yelped and stumbled in the gravel.

He pulled me close to his face, his fingers digging into my shoulder.
"Listen here, young lady," he said through clenched teeth. "It's time you understood something. You've had a good life, you spoiled brat, and I'm sick-" he shook when he said the word 'Sick' and spit flew from between his teeth and landed on my chin.

"Sick of you ruining everyone else's life. You pull your crap together or your butt will be on the street before you can say "unappreciative brat" do you hear me?"

"Unappreciated brat" I mumbled, hoping he wouldn't hear me. But my luck, he snapped his neck towards be and lowered his eyes. My eyes were wide and I was breathing in short gasps. He walked to his side and got in.

I leaned up against dad's car, shaking. My heart was pounding and I felt nauseated. I put my hand on the handle to open my door, but only then did I realize, the door was locked. I knocked on the window to signal to my dad to open the door, but instead he shook his head and drove off.

I stood there in silence, What just happened?


I rang my father another time before it went to his voicemail again and sighed as I looked around. Honestly I have no idea where I'm at, I looked around and realized I was only about 4 blocks from my house. I stood up and started walking towards my house.
Now you understand why Peter Pan didn't want to grow up.

Shut up.

I grumbled to myself, why does my conscious have to be stupid sometimes?

I'm your conscious, so technically you're calling yourself stupid.

Don't be such a-

I paused when I realized I was talking to myself, when something caught my eye. It was a sign, it was hidden by trees, I noticed when I walked up to it. I pushes a few tree limps out of the way, and looked closer to read it-

"Keep out" Well that totally doesn't make me want me to go in there more. I looked passed the sign and saw a path leading to a brown shack. Hmm.. It's now or never. I looked back down at the sign and saw more white letters behind a few tree limbs, "What are you trying to hide from me, Mr. big red sign?"

"Or enter. I'm a sign, NOT A COP." Well in that case..

I pushed back a few loose sticks and made my way down the path.


"I'm funny right?" I said, after the 14th joke I made tonight, at the door.

"What do you know? You're a door." I groaned, "You only like knock knock jokes." The door started laughing and I giggled a little-

Wait what? "Jesus?" I shook the door handle, knowing darn well that it was still locked, but instead, it opened. Showing a doubled-over Shawn. Shawn's my best friend, I love him to death but he can be stupid.. a lot.

"Close enough. Are you talking to a door? How long have you been in this place?" Behind him, A police officer emerged, and stared at me. "You said you would be gone for like 10 minutes? It's been 3 hours." I growled and stood up from the office chair. "Yes, but-" He pulled a donut from his pocket and bit into it, "3 hours of bloody good donuts!"

"Can I see that for a second?" I stuck out my hand waiting for the donut. "Yeah sure, but wh-" I shoved the whole thing in my mouth and immediately regretted it. It tasted like lint and over-used gum. I swallowed it, despite the taste. "You have no donuts left, now can I go?" He smiled and without looking down he picked up a box of donuts, "I have more." He smiled sheepishly. 

Oh wait, you're probably wondering why I'm in here, right? By now, you probably know it's a jail.


*FLASH BACK / 4 hours earlier*

I pushed back a few loose sticks and made my way down the path. Keeping my eye on the brown shack, I knocked on the door. I patiently waited for an answer, nothing. In fact, this was stupid. If I wasn't allowed here in the first place, why would I knock? I opened the door and was immediately met with the smell of.. syrup? I looked around, it was dark. Even though, it's not that late, and there are a bunch of windows, it was still somehow really dark. Which kind of made everything else look really creepy, even more so than it already did.

I walked through what seemed like a kitchen, food was splattered against the walls, the microwave was handing from a part of the ceiling and the fridge was tipped on it's side. the kitchen led to another door, which I opened. As I walked in, I noticed the space ship drawing on the wall, it must've been a boys room, clothes were thrown all over the place and the bed was unmade. Typical boys, of course nothing was odd about this room.

I went back into the hall and opened another door, which led to a bathroom. The sing was filled with mud and so was the bathtub and the floor was wet, as if somebody just mopped it. The toilet seat was twisted off the toilet itself, and it smelled bloody disgusting. I went back out and into the last room. Man, for a shack this is like a house. I entered the living room, and it was as if whatever happened in this house, totally missed the whole living room. I don't even know how it was even possible, the couch was a black leather, the television was a flat screen hanging on the wall and under it was a white marble fireplace. The walls were a bright white, that almost made your eyes hurt and the floor was also marble. I picked up a picture frame from a side table and looked closely at it. It was a little boy and a women, I'm assuming his mother. But something in the background caught my eye, it was a shadow-like figure. Kind of blended in with the trees, but still able to notice if you look close enough- The picture frame dropped from my hands and shattered to the floor at the sound of the front door busted open and a bright light shone in my face, I put my hand in front of my face.



And that's how I ended up in Mr. Biggs office, sitting in his office chair as he went on a donut run.

I flipped the box out of his hands and watched his face fall from a smile to a frown as the box hit the floor, all the donuts fallen out. He looked at me and glared, "You can't go. We found evidence."

"Evidence? Evidence of what?" He walked over to his desk and opened the drawer and pulled out a bag. Inside the bag was a knife and a photograph, He flipped the picture towards me. As I looked closer, it was a women laying on the ground stained with blood, it looked as if it was token in a closet. but then I noticed a figure in the background, admiring the clothes, I noticed it was me.

When I was admiring the painted rocket on the little boys wall.

"We just received this in the mail about 10 minutes ago. You see that girl? That's you."

I looked over at Shawn, who I forgot was in here, he was sitting with his head in his hands.

"Miss Adams, You're being convicted of murder."


Top picture is Winter's father.

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