Temptation of the Bad Boy

"You're mine."

"You can't just own me!"

"Oh princess, you don't have a choice."
Winter didn't exactly have the "Rich" and "Perfect" life everyone thought she did. Her mom and dad passed away when she was young, her twin brother ran off somewhere with his girlfriend and to top it all off, her step dad is an abusive drinker. Then, she met an emerald green eyed boy who tried to change her world around, and it worked. But it wasn't him who changed it, it was an unknown number,

Unknown number:
Hello beautiful, I love how you don't have to even try to look beautiful and you look better than any girl I've ever met.

She thought she knew who the bad guy was, and made all the wrong decisions.


2. |Chapter 2|

"ARE YOU DONE IN THERE YET?" I heard my stepdad yell, coming closer to the door. I stuffed the pictures in my pocket, not realizing how much time had passed.Slamming the little door shut, he barged in. Looking around he mumbled some...not so nice things.

"You didn't even do any Anything! Get out. I need to sleep. You can do it later." He grumbled and I walked out the door with no question. I walked into my room and looked at my phone. Dang it's already 5:33. I put it down but got a text.


Can you come over? All of us are gonna hang out at the park. Can you get past your dad? xoxo

I slowly opened my door and looked down the hall to my dad's room. His door is shut so I assume he's sleeping.


Dads sleeping. Be there in 10. xoxo

Putting down my cell phone, I walked into my closet and picked out a black t-shirt and some white skinny jeans. I grabbed my phone and my shoes and slowly walked down the hall to the stairs. I sat on one of the steps and put on my shoes.

I got up and walked outside and headed toward the park.


Once I was close to the park I saw my friends all playing and running around the park being stupid, Riley saw me and ran over.

"Finally! It took you forever!" He said dragging me the rest of the way. I said hey to everyone there and we talked for awhile.

Riley came running back up to me, breathing heavy.

"Swing..*Breathe*..Over...*Breathe*..There.." He said pointing, and bending over to breathe, And I looked over to where he was pointing. I squealed and ran over there dragging him along with me. We used to go crazy with swings, that was probably our best childhood memory.

"I bet I can jump farther!" I yelled laughing.

"No way!" He yelled.

"Oh really? On the count of three. 1. 2. 3." I yelled jumping. But I jumped to far and everything was a blur for a minute before I landed on someone with a 'oof'.

"Sorry!" I yelled, trying to get up and Riley made his way over here and stuck out his hand. I took it and stood up.

"I'm so sorry!" I said to the boy i landed on and finally looked at him.

Oh my god. He was beautiful.

His pale skin was perfect. His eyes..

I shook me head. No! Bad Winter! Don't think that. you just met him, and he just is so...- No!

"Don't worry 'bout it. I don't mind getting squished by a beautiful girl." He smiled and took my hand. I blushed and pulled him up. And he's sweet! Bonus! Riley laughed,

"Yeah. Winter this is James, he's new to our group. James this is Winter." I smiled and shook his hand.

"A beautiful name for a beautiful women." He smiled, kissing my hand.

"You're beautiful." I said without realizing I actually said it. Heat rushed to my cheeks.

Stupid! You're embarrassing yourself!

"Why thank you!" He smiled.

"Well imma let y'all get to know each other." Riley winked at me and walked away. I squeezed my eyes shut and turned toward James.

"You are really beautiful." He smiled. I blushed. This guy really knows how to get a girl, doesn't he? "Thanks.." I said, hiding my face with my hair, because by now I probably looked like a tomato.

He took his hand and raised it to my face. I flinched back in surprise of how cold his hand was. I slowly looked up at him while he put his hand to my face.

"You're cute when you blush." He chuckled even more because I blushed again.

"So how old are you?" He smiled, letting go of my face.


"I'm 18." He chuckled.

I sat down under the tree next to the slide. "That isn't fair that you're older!' I laughed.

"Well I'm new here and i'm starting your school on Monday." He said with a small smile, as if he didn't wanna go and honestly, I don't either. "Where did you move from?" He hesitated before answering, "Chicago, Illinois." I nodded, "I've been there before to visit my grandma, it's so busy." 

He nodded,"So are you and Riley dating?" He asked calmly while writing random stuff on the side of the slide with a sharpie.

"No, not dating. I mean, that one night we met, it seemed liked we were going to but it didn't work out as planned." I signed.

I looked away feeling tears in my eyes. "It's okay. Don't cry. Look." I looked up and he was writing

Winter & James= BFFS ❤️

I mean, I know we just met but how bad could the guy be? I felt like I've known him for a long time.



Top picture is James.

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