The Avengers Steve Rogers/OC/Tony Stark

Emma Clark is a SHIELD agent. She became a SHIELD agent when she was 16.

When Loki comes to earth and tries to rule it, SHIELD call the greatest superheroes to work together. They become the Avengers and Emma is going to help them defeat Loki.

But when she meets the super soldier Steve Rogers and the billionaire Tony Stark, she starts to develop feeling for both of them.

What happens if they both like her too and who does she choose.

I don't own any characters beside my own character, Emma Clark.


21. Mr. Rogers' jealousy

I nod at Mr. Stark and go with him towards a private place for us to talk. As we walk I can feel Mr. Rogers’ eyes on me. I don’t understand. I thought they were fine with each other now. And when I looked at the others they looked like they know something that I don’t.


We get to a private place where there’s a bench we sit on. He looks at me with eyes that I can’t read. He sighs before speaking.


‘’Emma’’ he takes my hands in his. ‘’I want to ask you something very important. I heard from Barton that you live alone in your aunt’s old apartment. And I want to ask you if you want to move in to Stark Tower with me. I know it’s comes as a sudden, but it’ll save you so much trouble in your daily routine. And you’ll also save a lot money.’’ He says to me in desperate need.


I don’t know what to say in this situation. It’s not a surprise that I wanted to move out of the apartment, but I’ve only known Mr. Stark for not even a week. But he’s right. Moving into the tower, will save me a lot of daily problems and of course the money as well.


I smile at him and nod.


‘’Yes, I would’ve love to move into the tower. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Mr. Stark.’’ I say and hug him tight. He hugs me back.


‘’You’re welcome, Emma. You deserve it after what you’ve been through the last couple of days. You need someone who can look out for you and protect you.’’ he says in the hug. I pull away and frown at him.


‘’What do you mean? I already have that. Agent Barton comes to my apartment very often to check up on me.’’ I tell him.


‘’Yes Emma, but that’s not all the time. I want you protected 24/7. I don’t want you to get hurt again.’’ he says to me desperately.


‘’And you want to protect me?’’ I ask him. He sighs and gives me a kiss on the cheek.


‘’Of course. I have to protect the people I love.’’ He says, what I think, without thinking. I widen my eyes at him. He widens his eyes as well in shock by himself saying the word love.


It surprises me to hear these words from him. Yes, I did know that he has a thing for me, but I never thought that he actually loves me. Maybe it’s because of his backstory. I know how he is. He’s known for shagging girls in the night and then he dumps them the morning after.


That’s also why I’ve been really careful with him. Even though he told me the day in the lab that I would never be another girl on his list, I’ll still be careful. You can never know. I’ve only known him for a few days. I don’t know if he wants me the first day and then the next day he wants someone else.


‘’You love me?’’ I ask him in a low voice. He looks at me with big eyes, still shocked by what he said. He sighs and leans in to kiss me. But before his lips touch mine he fall backwards. I look up to see Mr. Rogers tackle Mr. Stark to the ground.


‘’Mr. Rogers, stop it!’’ I shout at him. He stops and looks at me. I stand and push him slightly away from Mr. Stark. I help Mr. Stark to stand again and brush the dirt off him. He looks angrily at Mr. Rogers.


‘’Why did you do that, Mr. Rogers?’’ I turn to him, slightly angry with him now. He ignores me and keeps looking at Mr. Stark. They’re now glaring at each other with glares of death. If eyes could kill, they’ll both explode with bombs… from inside their bodies. ‘’You know, I thought that you guys were over this. But apparently is impossible for you to grow up.’’ I snap at them and go back to find agent Barton.


I’m so pissed at them. They fight every time I’m near them. The only time they didn’t fight was right after the attack on the Helicarrier, when we talked in the room of the cell. I enjoyed that moment.


Tony’s POV


I’m about to kiss Emma for the first time, the moment I’ve been waiting for since the day in the lab. But apparently Spangles decides to ruin the moment. He attacks me to the ground, but luckily Emma shouts at him before he can do further. She pushes him away from me and helps me to stand. She’s so sweet and kind.


‘’Why did you do that, Mr. Rogers?’’ she asks him in an angry tone. He doesn’t answer her and keeps staring at me. What’s his problem? He can’t even answer her. I get really angry with him for being like this to Emma.


‘’You know, I thought that you guys were over this. But apparently is impossible for you to grow up.’’ Emma says to us both and leaves us alone. Now she’s angry with both of us. I hope she doesn’t change her mind about moving in with me in Stark Tower.


Emma’s POV


I see agent Barton and agent Romanoff talking and walk towards them. When I near them agent Barton sees my angry expression and frowns at me.


‘’Em, what’s wrong? What happened?’’ I shake my head and go to the car to wait to go home. Even though I’m a bit angry with Mr. Stark, I still want to move in with him because I really need this opportunity now. That sounds a bit selfish, I didn’t mean to sound selfish because I’m not selfish. That’s the last thing I am.


After about 10 minutes agent Barton gets in the car with agent Romanoff. As their doors are open, I hear a bike start and drive away. I mentally roll my eyes at Mr. Rogers. I’m really angry with him. He can’t just attack someone to the ground. I’m not going to talk to him for a while after this.


‘’Em sweetie, we heard what happened. Are you okay?’’ Agent Romanoff asks me. I nod slowly while looking out of the window.


‘’We also heard that you want to move in with Tony.’’ Agent Barton says kind of harsh. I mentally roll my eyes at him for being so protective of me, almost like a big brother.


‘’He offered and I said yes.’’ I say in my unusual cocky tone. He gives me a glare before starting the car. I reach my tongue out at him. Agent Romanoff sees it and chuckles. It catches agent Barton’s attention and he looks at her. He shrugs it off and looks back at the road.

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