The Avengers Steve Rogers/OC/Tony Stark

Emma Clark is a SHIELD agent. She became a SHIELD agent when she was 16.

When Loki comes to earth and tries to rule it, SHIELD call the greatest superheroes to work together. They become the Avengers and Emma is going to help them defeat Loki.

But when she meets the super soldier Steve Rogers and the billionaire Tony Stark, she starts to develop feeling for both of them.

What happens if they both like her too and who does she choose.

I don't own any characters beside my own character, Emma Clark.


23. Moving in and first name basis

I finally arrive at the tower and I walk to the entrance. The doors open and I let my self in.


‘’Mr. Stark.’’ I call out to him. ‘’Mr. Stark, I’m here with my stuff.’’ I call out again.


‘’Good afternoon, Miss Clark. Welcome to Stark Tower. I’m JARVIS, Mr. Stark’s personal AI computer system. I’m here to inform you that Mr. Stark will be here shortly to greet you.’’ A British voice suddenly appears in the room. I open my mouth in awe. That is so cool.


‘’Hello JARVIS, Thank you so much. It’s nice to meet you… if you can say that. It’s actually really nice to hear a Brit for once. Thank you for the information, can you tell him that I’m here with my stuff?’’ I ask him.


‘’Your welcome, Miss Clark. I have already told Mr. Stark about your arrival. He says that you’re welcome to have a seat while waiting.’’


‘’Thank you, JARVIS.’’ I say and sit down.


‘’At your service, Miss Clark.’’


I look around the room. I think I’m in the lobby and reception. It looks really good, really modern and fancy. 5 minutes later I hear an elevator open and I see Mr. Stark in daily clothes where you can see his arc reactor glow through the material. He smiles at me.


‘’Thanks J.’’ he says as he walks towards me.


‘’Your welcome, sir.’’ I smile back at Mr. Stark.


‘’Hey, sweetcheeks. You look lovely today.’’ He says to me. I blush. He chuckles at me blushing.


He opens his arms to hug me, but he kisses my cheek before hugging me. At that I don’t blush, because I’m now use to it.


‘’Thank you, Mr. Stark.’’ He pulls away quickly and looks at me serious.


‘’Ah ah. From now on, you call me Tony. Of course, it sounds sexy when you call me Mr. Stark, but it also makes me feel old. So now when you live here, it’s Tony. Got it, sweetcheeks?’’ he asks me. I frown at him.


‘’But I’m not used to that. I’m used to call people in a formal way.’’ I argue. He kisses me on the cheek again.


‘’Then you can try to get used to it. Come on, I’ll show you the room you’ll be staying in.’’ He takes my hand and pulls me towards the elevator. ‘’Are you hungry? We’re going to pass the kitchen on the way up.’’ I shake my head.


‘’No thank you, Mr. Stark.’’ I say to him. He clears his throat. I widen my eyes in realization. ‘’I’m sorry, Mr. Sta- I mean Tony. I forgot.’’ He smiles at me.


‘’You’re lucky that you’re beautiful.’’ He says and pushes on a button and it suddenly goes up. 



The ride is very quiet, almost uncomfortable. I can’t stop thinking about the day in the park. We almost kissed. If we just didn’t got interrupted by Mr. Rogers. By thinking of Mr. Rogers, makes me think about something else.


‘’Tony? If I have to call you by first name now, do I have to do that to the others as well?’’ He chuckles at me.


‘’That’s cute, sweetcheeks. I don’t care what you call the others. As long you call me Tony, I’m fine with it. But let me tell you something. Hearing you call me Tony, makes you sound more confident, in some way. So maybe it’ll be good for you to start doing that. Just so you can get more confident in yourself and not be so nervous all the time.’’ He says and winks at me. It makes me blush, but I take it all into me.


The elevator door opens and it reveals a hallway with doors on each side. He takes my hand and pulls me down the hall to a door where my name stands on it. I smile at the thought.


‘’As you can see, this is your room. The best thing about this is that it’s right next to mine. So whenever you need me, I’m right there.’’ He says and points at the door next to mine. I nod at him. ‘’You’re ready to look inside?’’ I nod again and he takes a grip on the handle to open it.


When we get in I see a big room with modern furniture. A kingsized bed, a big mirror on the wall and many pictures of me and the closest persons in my life. There’s many pictures of me alone and some of me and agent Barton. One that really catches my eyes is a picture of Tony and I. It’s a picture of him holding his arms around my waist and kisses my cheek. We’re in the lab. Who took that picture?


I look at him with a shocked expression.


‘’Who took that picture?’’ I ask him and point at the picture. He smiles and walks towards me. He wriggles his eyebrows at me. I chuckle at him, knowing that he’s not going to tell me. Whatever.


I pull him into a tight hug.


‘’Thank you so much, Tony. This is the best thing ever happened to me. The best thing anyone can ever give me.’’ As a present I think to myself, not daring to tell him about my birthday.


He takes his arms around me and hugs me back. He kisses me on cheek.


‘’You’re welcome, sweetcheeks. Anything for you. You deserve it.’’ I smile at him. He’s so sweet. I don’t know what Director Fury was so nervous about. Tony is the best thing that ever happened to me at the moment.


We pull away and look each other in the eyes. He starts to lean in and this time I think we’re going to kiss, because no one can interrupt us, but I was wrong.


‘’Tony?’’ A woman’s voice call out. Tony frustrates.


‘’Seriously? Even here!’’ I chuckle at him. Then a woman comes in the room. I see that it’s Pepper Potts, his ex-girlfriend and apparently still assistant. I thought she left him a while back. Have they gone back together? That makes me think of what Director Fury said to me. Maybe I should be more careful around him.

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