The Avengers Steve Rogers/OC/Tony Stark

Emma Clark is a SHIELD agent. She became a SHIELD agent when she was 16.

When Loki comes to earth and tries to rule it, SHIELD call the greatest superheroes to work together. They become the Avengers and Emma is going to help them defeat Loki.

But when she meets the super soldier Steve Rogers and the billionaire Tony Stark, she starts to develop feeling for both of them.

What happens if they both like her too and who does she choose.

I don't own any characters beside my own character, Emma Clark.


16. I can take care of myself

''Right, we got Stark on top. He's going to need us to...'' Mr. Rogers continues but stops when we all suddenly hear a bike engine getting louder.

We see Doctor Banner on the bike and walk towards him. Inside I'm really happy to see Doctor Banner in good condition. Sure he's got bruises all over him and wears janitor clothes, but that's nothing compared to what he's use to.

He gets off the bike and takes a few steps towards us before stopping to look at us.

''So, this all seems horrible'' he says, showing around the city with his arms. When I hear his voice I get relieved. I thought his voice will be sour and sad, but it sounds like nothing happened to him at all.

''I've seen worse.'' Agent Romanoff says to him with a not showing confused expression, which makes Doctor Banner give her an apologetic look.

''Sorry'' he says to her.

''No, we could use a little worse'' she says to him in a forgiving tone. I smile at her choice of words, realising that she's totally right. Doctor Banner nods at her slightly and gives her a little smile.

''Stark, we got him.'' Mr. Rogers says in his earpiece to Mr. Stark. I get a bit nervous that Mr. Stark comes to us, because I don't want him to know I'm here. He will get so angry with me, because he doesn't want me to get hurt. ''Banner. Just like you said.'' He finishes.

''Then tell him to suit up. I'm brining the party to you.'' I hear Mr. Stark say in the earpiece. And I sigh in relief for him not mentioning me, but I'm too quickly. ''Oh, and tell Emma, to stay where she is. I need a serious talk with her.'' Damn it.

They all look at me but turn around again fast because of the giant alien that comes towards us. I see Mr. Stark in front of the alien, leading it towards us. I widen my eyes and make myself invisible for Mr. Stark so he can't find me, because I know he will bring me back to the Helicarrier as soon as he comes to us.

I see the others slightly jump by the monsters presence and Mr. Thor making himself ready to fight against it.

''I don't see how that's a party.'' Agent Romanoff says while looking at the big monster flying towards us.

Suddenly Doctor Banner walk towards the alien unafraid.

''Doctor Banner. Now might be a really good time for you to get angry'' Mr. Rogers says to him serious.

''That's my secret, Captain.'' He says while smiling back at him, still walking towards the alien that follows Mr. Stark like a sweet treat. ''I'm always angry.'' He finishes before turning into the Hulk and punching the alien in the front to stop it.

He comes with a bog roar and makes the aliens fall on the back. But before the alien falls down on us it explodes by a bomb from Mr. Stark's suit. I hide behind a car next to agent Barton while Mr. Thor just stands and covers his face (what a badass) and Mr. Rogers covers agent Romanoff and himself with his shield.

The explosion makes the alien monster tear apart and the face of it lands on a car. We can see all the small human aliens scream at us in anger. I plan on running away from them so they can't find me, but I suddenly get trapped in a circle with all the Avengers.

The Hulk makes a big roar at the aliens and not at us, which means that he can control himself while being the Hulk. As I thought they've actually forgotten about me, Mr. Stark notices my none-presence.

''Okay Emma, show yourself, you're going back to the Helicarrier'' Mr. Stark says turning around towards the middle of the circle. How does he know that I'm here? How does he know that I'm at exact this spot? I ignore him and tiptoeing away from the centre of the circle they created.

When I'm out of the circle I run away towards another street. I hear my name get called by all of them before turning to a corner out of their sight. They know I ran away. Suddenly I hear a roar coming from the portal that reveals more of human aliens and big alien monsters. The roar of the big monster makes me flinch and stop my running.

I hear a whooshing sound from the Iron Man suit and fear that Mr. Stark has founded me, but I see him holding agent Barton in one hand and dropping him off on top of a building before flying around for, what I assume, to find me.

Then I see lightning coming from another building that goes to the portal to slow down the aliens. I also see the Hulk jump on the building, fighting the aliens and destroying the alien's vehicles.

I decide to run back to who I assume is left on the ground, agent Romanoff and Mr. Rogers without my invisibility, which was a big mistake. On the way, a crowd of aliens starts to attack me. I fight them as hard as I can and I manage to kill them all before I continue the running.

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