The Avengers Steve Rogers/OC/Tony Stark

Emma Clark is a SHIELD agent. She became a SHIELD agent when she was 16.

When Loki comes to earth and tries to rule it, SHIELD call the greatest superheroes to work together. They become the Avengers and Emma is going to help them defeat Loki.

But when she meets the super soldier Steve Rogers and the billionaire Tony Stark, she starts to develop feeling for both of them.

What happens if they both like her too and who does she choose.

I don't own any characters beside my own character, Emma Clark.


3. Germany

We finally arrive in Stuttgart and we see many people on gathered together on the square, kneeling before him. Loki stands in front of them with his arms stretched out. I can see with my super vision that he starts to talk. I then use my super hearing to hear what he says.

‘’What does he say?’’ Mr. Rogers asks me. He has his Captain America uniform on.

‘’Just some shit about humanity and how we humans should be ruled.’’ I say before realising that it’s the Captain America I speak to. I look up at him. ‘’I’m sorry Mr. Rogers, I know how you feel about that sort of language.’’ I say to him and look down again.

‘’It’s all right ma’am.’’ He says truly. I nod at look back at the scene on the square I see Loki now stand in the middle of the crowd of human that he has created, talking with an old man, who has chosen to stand up against Loki. He suddenly raises his sceptre and I can predict what he’s about to do.

‘’Mr. Rogers you need to get down there now, Loki is going to kill the man. Use your shield to cover the man. It will send the power back at Loki.’’ I say before he takes his arm around my waist and jumps.

I make myself invisible before he lands so Loki doesn’t see me. When we land he covers the old man and us both behind his shield. The power from Loki’s sceptre hits the shield and then hits back at him, which makes him, fall on his stomach.

We stand and Mr. Rogers walk towards Loki while I stay behind to protect the people.

‘’You know, the last time I was in Germany, and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing.’’ Loki stands from the ground and laughs slightly.

‘’The solider. The man out of time.’’

‘’I’m not the one who’s out of time.’’ Mr. Rogers says and the S.H.I.E.L.D. jet flies above us and takes out a gun.

‘’Loki, drop the weapon and stand down.’’ I hear agent Romanoff say in a speaker. Loki stands still like he’s going to stand down, but then shoots the blue energy at the jet, but luckily agent Romanoff is faster than Loki.

It also helped Mr. Rogers to hit Loki on the chest with his shield since the jet distracted Loki. People then start to freak out and run away from the square. I got pushed of the people land on my stomach in pain.

Mr. Rogers and Loki fight against each other and at a point Mr. Rogers is down for the second time. Loki takes the soft end of his sceptre and puts it in Mr. Rogers’ head.

‘’Kneel’’ Loki says.

‘’Not today!’’ Mr. Rogers says while pushing the sceptre away and kick Loki in the face. Then when Mr. Rogers is down for the third time I see him not moving, so I choose to ignore my own pain and attack Loki, but I failed.

When I’m about hit Loki in the face he takes my arm and turns me around to I have my back against his chest, which makes me visible again. How could he see me? How did he know that I was even here?

‘’Nice try darling, but you have to try harder than that. Although, I do admire your bravery. Normally a kid wouldn’t dare to fight against a God.’’ He says in my ear and throws me on the ground like he did to Mr. Rogers. Then he walks towards me while I lie on the ground in pain again. ‘’A silly little mortal, just like you.’’ he says and points the sceptre at me.

He’s about to, what I assume, kill me but the next thing I see is Loki lie on the stairs in pain. I feel a pair of arms grab my upper arms to get me stand up again. I see Mr. Rogers in front of me.

‘’Are you okay ma’am?’’ I nod at him and hear a familiar voice.

‘’Make your move, Reindeer Games.’’ The famous Iron Man says while threatening Loki with all his Iron Man weapons on his hands. Loki gives in by putting his hands in the air and making some of his amour and horns disappear. Mr. Rogers and I walk over next to Mr. Stark to look at Loki.

‘’Good move’’ Mr. Stark says and lower his weapon hands.

‘’Mr. Stark’’ Mr. Rogers says to Mr. Stark.

‘’Captain’’ Mr. Stark replies and nods.

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