The Avengers Steve Rogers/OC/Tony Stark

Emma Clark is a SHIELD agent. She became a SHIELD agent when she was 16.

When Loki comes to earth and tries to rule it, SHIELD call the greatest superheroes to work together. They become the Avengers and Emma is going to help them defeat Loki.

But when she meets the super soldier Steve Rogers and the billionaire Tony Stark, she starts to develop feeling for both of them.

What happens if they both like her too and who does she choose.

I don't own any characters beside my own character, Emma Clark.


30. Bruce

I now stand in the lab with the scientists and making tests on the creature. Bruce is there as well. I’ve missed him so much. I haven’t seen him since we all parted in Central Park. Natasha and Clint is there as well along with Steve and then Tony who’s on his way.


I stand next to the tray with the body of my dad’s colleague. He was a really good colleague and a very good friend of ours. He meant a lot to all of us. So seeing him dead now, breaks my heart to pieces. It makes it all worse by thinking that I killed him by taking over his body.


I lean my hands on the tray and look down at him with a serious expression, wondering what he was doing in my family’s old neighborhood, you know before I overtook his body.


I all the time I think about and wonder what would’ve happened if I didn’t overtook his body. Would he had went inside our house to check it out? Or would he just walk by it to have a look from a distant? I’ll never find out now, because I’ve killed him and I feel so bad for it.


‘’It’s not your fault you know.’’ I hear Bruce’s voice next to me. I look towards the door and see him smiling at me. I force smile back to him. He then walks slowly towards me. I look back at the body. I then feel his hand on my shoulder.


‘’I know it’s not my fault, but I feel it, because I may have made a different decision than he would’ve, if I hadn’t overtaken his body.’’ I say with a harsh tone. Bruce squeezes my shoulder.


‘’You can’t decide who’s body you’re overtaking. This power controls itself and you have to learn how to control it. If you want I can put some tests on you.’’ He says to me. I shake my head at him.


‘’No, some other SHIELD scientists has already done tests on me. They may have the result. That was before I passed out a second time while Loki was still active. I know I have to control it. I have to learn how to use it right and how to choose a body myself and not just a coincidental and innocent person. I want to know if I can use it whenever I want and not only when I sleep. Don’t worry Bruce, I’ll find out what the power really is and I’ll learn to control it.’’ I say to him and hug him. He hugs me back.


‘’You called me Bruce. I like that. I like the new you.’’ he says before pulling away. I smile at him and walk out of the room to find Nick. When I get to the bridge I see Clint, Natasha and Steve sitting at the table, doing their own business. They all see me and stand from their chairs. I ignore them and walk towards Nick.


‘’Sir, I need to talk to you.’’ I say to him. Has his back towards me.


‘’About what, agent Clark?’’ he asks me. I sigh.


‘’About the tests that the doctors took on me when I discovered my new power.’’ I tell him. He keeps silent and then turns around to look at me.


‘’Follow me.’’ he says and walk towards the lab. I follow him and I see that three Avengers follow him as well. I feel someone’s eyes on me so I look up at Steve to see him turning his head away quickly. I look down again and keep walking.


We get into the lab with the body and the creature. A couple of scientists takes tests on the creature while another couple of scientists takes tests on the body. Nick walks over to a one of the scientists and whisper something in his ear. The scientist nods and walks over to a computer and start tapping. Suddenly something comes on the screen and looks like body shape of my body.


‘’This is your body and the green stuff inside you is the power of invisibility. The red is the power you seeing from a long distant. The blue is the power of you hearing good from a long distant. And the yellow colour is the power of you walking through things and people.’’ says the scientist to me. I nod at him in understanding. ‘’Since you don’t have more regular powers, I can only figure out that the purple colour is your power of overtake someone’s body while you sleep. You can see from the persons perspective and do what you want with the body you’re in. You’re in the control of the body until you wake up from your sleep.’’ he ends.


I cross my arms and look at the screen.


‘’Is there any particular way of controlling this power. I mean can I choose the body myself? Can I choose when I want to use the power? Can I do it in the past? Can I do it in the future. I need some answers.’’ I tell him. He fumbles around with his hands.


‘’I don’t quite know yet. This power you’ve got here is very unusual. I have to take more tests and look at it closer before I can give you truthful answers.’’ he explains with his hands. I nod and look at the screen again. I feel an arm around my waist and I see Clint next to me. I bury my head in his neck as he hugs me in support and comfort.


‘’Get away from my girl, Legolas.’’ I hear Tony behind us. I pull away from Clint and walk over to Tony who’s has his arms outstretched to a hug. I walk into his hug and hug him back. ‘’You okay, baby? Let me look at you.’’ he says and pulls away to look at me. He cups my face in his hands. ‘’What is that?’’ he asks me and points at the scar on my cheek. There’s now dry blood on it.


‘’That’s nothing to worry about. Just a scratch that a creature gave me. I was fighting against a disgusting creature when you called me earlier.’’ I tell him. He then looks over at Steve with an evil glare like it’s him I’m talking about. I roll my eyes at Tony. ‘’Not him. The creature that lies over there.’’ I point towards the tray with the creature’s body on.


He nods and kisses me. He pulls away and look at the others. They look at us with a weird face before going out of the lab to do their own business. Steve gives us a glare before leaving the lab.

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