The Avengers Steve Rogers/OC/Tony Stark

Emma Clark is a SHIELD agent. She became a SHIELD agent when she was 16.

When Loki comes to earth and tries to rule it, SHIELD call the greatest superheroes to work together. They become the Avengers and Emma is going to help them defeat Loki.

But when she meets the super soldier Steve Rogers and the billionaire Tony Stark, she starts to develop feeling for both of them.

What happens if they both like her too and who does she choose.

I don't own any characters beside my own character, Emma Clark.


29. A creature in my old house



I walk in a street I’m very familiar with. I’m in the London streets, more exact, my old street. It’s the middle of the night. I look down at myself to see that I’m wearing a black suit with a tie. So I’m a man this time, but I don’t know who.


I suddenly see my old house, the one I lived in when my parent’s were alive. It looks like it’s been bombarded. I walk trough the place where a door once were. Everything is shattered to pieces and it’s all black like it’s been on fire.


Suddenly I step on something with glass, because I could here the shatter of broken glass. I lift my foot and see a picture. I pick it up from the ground and wipe off the dust to see me with my parents. I gasp at the sight. I don’t look very small so I assume it’s 5 years at the most ago.


I suddenly hear a noise from upstairs. I freeze and wait for the sound to appear again, checking if I heard correctly. The noise appears again and I slowly walk upstairs to see what causes the noise.


When I get upstairs I see nothing. I frown and keep looking. The noise appears again and it’s getting louder. It sounds like someone’s fumbling with the stuff. I hear the noise again and I can now hear that it comes from the toilet. I can’t make myself invisible, since I’m not in my own body, so I take a bat from the floor and sneak like an assassin so the person can’t hear me.


I get to the toilet and see nothing. WTF! I know I heard something. The question is; have I misunderstood the noise and it’s something totally different than what I thought? I then hear the noise behind me and by an instantly it attacks me. I fall to the ground and I hear the picture fall to the ground before I see black.


~~Vision end~~


I wake up with a jerk while breathing small and fast breaths. I sweat all over my body and I can’t see clearly. I look over at the clock and I can just see that it’s only 4 AM in the morning. I look next to me and see Tony sleep peacefully next to me. I eventually calm down my breathing and I can see clearly again.


I get out of bed and take on one of Tony’s sweatshirts before walking out of the room. I wonder who I was in my vision. Who could've been in London right now? And what creature was killing the person I was?


I quickly remind myself that while I have the vision, the vision happens on the same time as I have the vision. So if I go to London now, the creature will still be there? I think about it, because it’ll only take about an hour and I can call after Tony’s help if something goes wrong. But on that hour he can have an anxiety attack again. If I’m not there with him, when he gets the anxiety attack he can get killed. I don’t want that (no shit sherlock).


I decide to go, because this is very important to me. First, I have to know who I was, second, I want to find the creature and kill it as soon as possible and, third, I want the picture here with me as a memory. I leave Tony a note and go to my room. I take on my suit and open a window before flying outside towards London.


It’s a long journey, but then I also got time to learn to know my suit better than I already do. I have now learned to control the flying and the repulsers. I still have a problem with the helmet that I got with me. It’s a helmet like Tony’s but it’s a helmet I can put on when I fly and use the laser from the eyes. It also has JARVIS inside it, so I can talk to him while I’m on missions.


‘’JARVIS, how far am I from London?’’ I ask him.


‘’About a hundred miles left. Do you want me to inform you when Mr. Stark is awake?’’ He asks me. That sounds like a good idea. I didn’t thought of that. Good job JARVIS.


‘’Might as well. Thank you JARVIS.’’


‘’Anything for you, Miss Clark.’’ he says. After the hundred miles I reach London. I fly pass the London Eye and Big Ben. I eventually find the street from my vision and I land steady. It’s totally light outside now, because London is 5 hours ahead of New York. So now it’ll also be easier to see what’s in the house.


I find the house and walk inside. I make myself invisible immediately, in case the creature is still here. I hope it is, because then I can kill it before it kills more people. I walk upstairs to see who the person was. I get upstairs and I see a man I recognise immediately.


It’s one of my dad’s colleagues from his company. He had his own company. It was a company who was against companies who produce and manifactures weapons, like SHIELD with the Tesseract or Stark Industries with the materials from the people who kept Tony captive.


Right next to the body I see the picture of my parents and I. I take it and put it to my room safer I have built in my suit. I suddenly hear the noise like from the vision I had earlier. I can hear that it’s downstairs so I slowly walk downstairs while keeping the invisibility on.


As I’m walking down the stairs something attacks me from behind which causes me to fall down the stairs with something on my back, which makes me visible again. I quickly stand to see who or what attacked me and I see nothing. I frown to myself. I turn around myself a couple of times to find the creature but I can’t find it anywhere. I’m sorry for my language, but this creature starts to scare the scrap out of me.


‘’WHERE ARE YOU!?’’ I shout and immediately I get knocked down by something pushing me from behind. I roll on my back and I see a some sort of a weird rat creature. It has no fur at all and you can see it’s ribs and bones. It also has three times more teeth than a normal rat and it’s got a tail like a dragon. It looks disgusting.


It attacks me and pins me to the ground. It tries to bite me in the face but I keep the away from my face with my hand. It then scratches me with its claws on my cheek and gives me a scar so I bleed. I then hit it with my repulser in the face and stand so I can put on my helmet so it can’t bite me in the face and I can talk to JARVIS if I need help with something on my suit.


I see the creature is about to attack me so I use the repulsers on it, but it’s too quickly so I miss. I try again and again but I miss every time. I then decide to fight instead of shooting beams after it. 


I wait for it to attack me so I can hit it, but when it does it’s again too quick for me, so I land on my back and try to punch it in the face again. While I’m fighting with the creature I get a call up from JARVIS.


‘’Miss, Mr. Stark is now awake and is seeking for you.’’ he says as nothing is going on. I just keep fighting the disgusting creature while trying to concentrate on what JARVIS says to me.


‘’Is he having an anxiety attack?’’ I ask JARVIS.


‘’No Miss, he’s actually trying to call you right now.’’ And right after those words the built-in phone is calling and showing a picture of Tony. I find it hard to take it, because I still got a creature on top of me. I manage to answer it and Tony immediately starts to shout at me.


‘’Babe, where are you!? I was sick worried when I found the tower empty! I still am!’’ I keep punching the creature. Is not soon dead by all my punches? Is it immortal?


‘’I NEED A MINUTE HERE!’’ I shout back to him, but not because I’m mad at him, but because of the creature who’s keep trying to bite me in the face, even though I got the helmet on.


‘’What are you doing? You sound like you’re in a fight or something.’’ he says worried. I punch the creature in the face and it stops attacking me so I quickly kill it by putting a piece of wood through its heart. I breath heavily and stand from my spot.


‘’I’ll explain everything when I get back. Just stay calm and wait for me at the tower. I love you.’’ I tell him and hang up. I look down at the creature with a disgusted face. ‘’I’ll take you back to the tower. I need to know what you are.’’ I say to the dead creature, also means to myself.


I’m about to leave with the creature in my hands, but I remember that the body of my dad’s colleague is still here. I decide to take the body with me as well, but then I need more security, because I only brought myself with me.


I call SHIELD and asks for a Quinjet. It arrives after 15 minutes and lands steady right on the middle of the bridge. A couple of SHIELD agents is on board and helps me bringing the bodies inside. We then fly back to the Helicarrier to find out what creature it really is.

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