A Shifters Tail

This girl who is a wolf and a human this is my 2ed book give me advice to make it better I hope you like it.


1. running

We were running through the forest as fast as we could from the hunters and trackers they were hunting our kind for years now they call us shape shifters,demons,beasts,monsters and all other kinds of mean names but it was not always like this no when I was younger we lived in a small cabin in the forest there was a small town that lived close by.I was 7 years old and I didn't have very many friends and we only came into town for food and for church but we go to a different church because we can't step foot on holy ground it hurts us.People in the town say that what we can do is a curse from the devil himself but my dad and mom say its a blessing from god himself my mama always side that if god wanted us to be human he would of made us human and that's why I don't have vary many friends because I am different then them.So let me tell you how we got on the run.There are good wolfs and there are bad wolfs the bad wolfs start out like us nice but once they are attacked and pinned to the ground to ware they cant move and there rage and anger and frustration builds up there luss there minds and their rage and anger and frustration takes over them and turns them evil.And they attack anything and everything that moves.One night my dad and mom were fighting and my dad lost all control over himself and attacked my mom and the town and destroyed everything in the town even the church I don't no how he could because he cant set foot on holy ground.And that evry last single pursion in the town gathered in the church but they all diyed.Mom side that he set the church on fire and burned the church and made everyone flee.mom knows this because she want to go find him and side that once she got there the town was destroyed. And every person was killed and ever seance then we have been on the run moving from town to town we don't stay in the same place very long.

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