Cover by DanielleCullen


2. waking up

               i sat up fast in my bed,breathing hard, and my heart pounding out of my chest."About time you woke up."my 18 year old brother,Seth,said."Jake's gonna be here in a few minutes to pick you up for school."(Jake is Seth's best friend) "okay, sorry, just let me get ready." I stammered, and shoved him out my bedroom door. i ran my brush though my hair and put on a black skirt and white shirt with black slip-ons.

 I ran down stairs to see Jake eating a bowl of cereal and leaning against the kitchen counter."Bout time you got up.I've been waiting for a whole,"he looked at his phone,"six minutes and nineteen seconds" I laughed and snatched the bowl of cereal out of his hand,took a bite then dumped it down the sink."That,"Jake said"was very mean.i haven't eat since I got up this morning."

 "To bad,I don't want to be late.Again."I said pretending to be mad.

 Jake put him hand to his chest"your little sister is brutal,man." Seth smiled " Careful of who you call little, she'd have you down before you could say sorry." 

 " well, what ever. lets go" I said embarrassed as i walked out the door to the car 



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