Cover by DanielleCullen


1. get ready



   "Cassandra,"i heard a voice say"get ready."

               i turned around,i was in the forest, there were trees and the air was moist.i looked down at what i was wearing,a white silk dress that fell to my feet and my hair was down.

      "what am i getting ready for!?" i yelled.

       "get ready,Cass,just get ready." it was a male voice.

        i saw a small blue light from behind a tree so i followed it.the light was getting faster so i started running."wait!"i yelled. great,Cass,i thought,your talking to a light.

                   it stopped and made a noise that sounded like a hum of a sweet nursery song that you would sing to a baby.

"hello,"i said it turned around and floated toward me."hi,i'm-"

     "Cassandra,"it laughed"meaning unheeded prophetess.very pretty name"

   "what's your name?" i asked

     "trixy" she said and held out a hand and i held mine up to her"it means brings great joy"

   "if you don't mind me asking, what are you?"i asked

 "i'm a tellers fairy"she smiled and her glow went down but her sparkle stayed but i could see her face,she was beautiful her eyes were a bright blue like her glow and sparkle and her hair was dirty blonde.

  "what is a teller fairy?"i asked,she floated around me so i spun around to watch her.

  "a teller fairy noise stuff.lots of stuff.like the meaning of names for example.you can ask me anything and ill know the answers."

    "okay"i thought for a second"what is the meaning of life?"

    "there are two answer that i like best.One; ,the boring one i might add,is the existence of an individual human being or animal.my favorite is number two;it really depends on the person, the meaning of life for you is the unexpected,the excitement,true love is the meaning of life for you even if you don't know it." she said 

  "Do you know where the voice is coming from?"i asked, when i asked trixy began to shake

  "you needed to wake up.wake up,cass, wake up." she said still shaking.

  "what?" i asked

       the ground rumbled and the male voice came back''WAKE UP!!!! NOW!!!!" 

              everything melted away,it was all black.i began to fall and fall fast. i screamed.

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