A Winters Wish

Hi, I'm Meg. This is a book all about me and my aspiration and dream to become a celebrity one day. You probably think I'm about four but I promise you I'm not. I'm not posh either.
I have a flat mate though, her names Rosalie, she's all neat and pristine. I'm the complete opposite, well not complete opposite but I'm pretty slouchy. I don't know. Anyway gotta run, read the book if you have time though!


2. Jobs


It had been four days since I had moved from my parents home, and frankly I was exhausted. I started work tomorrow for the first time since I had arrived and I was extremely nervous for my first day at my new job, I was becoming a helper at a make up store which was just around the corner from my shared apartment. It was one of the most nerve racking things I had ever experienced; even scarier than the time I had to stand at the top of the highest building when I was seven in Scouts Camp. 

"Meg?" I heard a girls soft voice titter through the crack in my doorway,

"yeah Rose, just come straight in," I replied, acknowledging her and permitting her to enter, I was wrapped rather cosily in my patterned duvet and tucked neatly up in my bed, the blinds all snapped shut and the lights having no flicker of life. "Kinda dark, babe. Want me to put on a light or open a blind or something?" Rose offered, strolling to the window, "no, I don't mind. I like the dark...so, my first day tomorrow, eh?" 


"Undeniably," I quivered, huddling lower in the duvet,

"no need to be pet, wanna go on a shopping spree? You know, calm the nerves and all, plus, I do need a new handbag and you'd be the perfect person to help me pick it, might even get you a little something," Rosalie requested, turning over my wardrobe for T-shirts and jeans, "sure, give me time though. I'm gonna go jump in the shower,"

"no problem," giggled Rosalie, slipping out of my room and leaving me cuddled up with my duvet. 


Speeding down the highway, blasting out Katy Perry tunes; I and Rosalie sat comfortably with shades over our eyes and out hair flowing delicately in the wind, our fragile arms tapping and flailing in the wind to the beat of the music. We pulled up on a corner of the highway; caught in traffic, "hey, this is great!" I yelled enthusiastically over the music, "sure is, and you haven't seen the best of it yet," winked Rose, giving me an optimistic smile, "can't wait to see what's coming up then," I cried, returning the friendly smile. We travelled further on until we reached our destination.

"We're here, this is one of the best malls in town, everyone shops here," Rose hooted, parking the car as I stared at the large building in awe, "it's beautiful, magnificent even,"

"meh, they could do better I guess, maybe that's because I'm used to it, though. You'll get sick of the sight of this place in a few weeks, I tell ya," 

"I'm not sure that could ever happen, not even after fifty weeks, a hundred weeks, a thousand weeks. It's so architectural. Mind if I get a few snaps before we enter?"

"Be my guest baby, I gotta go get a parking ticket anyway," Rosalie strode the opposite direction from the large shopping mall and over to a parking meter. I whipped my phone out in a flash and started to capture some of the buildings detail at its most flattering angles, of course.

"Lets get a move on, can't spend all day gawking," Rosalie chuckled, sliding her arm through mine and locking her car. "I wish!" I sighed, almost awkwardly over dramatic.

"Come on," she urged, hauling me inside.

The inside was beautiful, paintings and murals hung from every corner, the ceiling was raised high above our heads, paintings and images of ballet dancers conducted on the erected, dome roof. "MAC is this way, better get you fixed up for tomorrow," nudged Rosalie, dragging me along to the left of the centre.

Once in MAC I was swivelled round on a high chair, being stripped of my make up with a strawberry scented wipe and then being re-make-upped with all these new, expensive products, a decade and full face application later, the woman whom had been polishing me for the past hour or so finally announced that she was finished. "Ah, thank you," I said kindly, climbing from the chair, 

"now, if you want to buy all products just applied, that will be over one hundred dollars, the lipstick just fifteen dollars ninety nine cents, everything else ranges from twenty to forty dollars, and the brushes are not currently available in store due to a supplying demand. So, what will it be?" The lady babbled confidently, tidying away what she had used, "Noth-"

"We'll take it all." Stated Rose, just as confident as the lady and interrupting me quickly,

"Rose, I can't afford for all this, and the bills and food and necessities!" I cried, slightly embarrassed, slightly rushed,

"ah, chill. Think of this as a...house-warming gift or slightly late Christmas gift, whatever you fancy,"

"no Rose I couldn't,"

"hey, sh! Thanks, could we have a bag pleases? Thank you, that would be great," Rose paid for the make up and sauntered nonchalantly out of the store.

The day passed by as Rose hollered at me and dashed in and out of different stores, Kiko, Walmart and Topshop, buying brushes from Kiko and groceries from Walmart but only a camel coloured purse from Topshop, very flashy. "Come on Meg, treat yourself. How about that striped top? I always liked stripes on you," Rose held up a cropped stripy shirt which was slightly thicker than your average shirt but thinner than a sweatshirt. "No, really I'm fine-" I was stopped by a boy which I had just scrambled right into, throwing cream from my bagel all down him along with splashes of coffee, "sorry," I apologised frantically, grabbing the bagel from the ground along with the coffee cup,

"hey, no problem." The boy smiled at me with twinkling teeth and angelic eyes; a perfect baby face, "I'm Jake,"

"Meg," I offered my hand as a warm gesture,

"thanks, for the coffee I mean, was really a wake up call," he winked, taking my hand. "I'll see you around Meg,"

"yeah, right. Okay, bye," we waved each other off.


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